As you know, the mission of The Stream is to equip Christians to “think clearly about the political, economic and moral issues of our day.” Sadly, the very principles upon which the American Republic were founded are now being challenged. We fear that if these principles are lost and forgotten, so too liberty will be lost.

We believe that political, economic and religious freedom sprang from the cultural soil of the Christian West for a reason, and that it is unsustainable apart from that soil. Freedom divorced from virtue cannot long endure.

So to that end, we present this new Stream feature, a collection of articles defending these most foundational ideas. This is a tool for pastors, teachers, leaders and all people of faith to help them engage with the culture and inspire them to action.

What is the Christian view of things?

Our goal through these Foundations articles is to present a clear statement of solid Christian thinking on each topic. In many cases we’ve even called it “the Christian view.” We do not mean that these are views that all Christians and/or church leaders hold. That would be impossible, given the wide diversity of opinion among Christians. Rather we mean that these articles represent and defend what we see as the best thinking in the mainstream of historic, orthodox, believing Christianity, informed by other relevant disciplines including economics, history, politics, and philosophy.

What you see below is our first pass at the things we feel are most pressing today. Be sure to check back occasionally for new articles. And please let us know if there is a particular issue you believe we should address here.

Why Should Christians Be Involved in Government?Why Should Christians Support Limited Government?Why Should Christians Support Free Speech?Why Should Christians Support Gun Rights?How Should Christians View Taxation?What Role Should Government Have in Higher Education?What is ‘Court Packing’ and Why is it a Significant Issue?Why Should Christians Support Private Property?


Why Should Christians Support Traditional Marriage?Why is the Pro-Life Movement Central to Christians?What Role Should Government Have in Higher Education?


Why is the Pro-Life Movement Central to Christians?A Christian Perspective on the Issue of ImmigrationWhy Should Christians Support Free Speech?


What Should Christians Think About Climate Change?Why Should Christians Support Limited Government?How Should Christians View Taxation?Why Should Christians Support Private Property?
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