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Nolan Lewallen is a retired pilot of a major airline and lives near Stephenville, Texas, with his wife, Kim. Together, they have seven grown children and four grandchildren. Nolan’s two greatest passions are the Bible and politics. His new book, The Integration of Church & State: How We Transform “In God We Trust” From Motto to Reality, brings the two together. Nolan has appeared on several Christian television programs, including The Herman and Sharron Show (Christian Television Network), The Bridge (The Miracle Channel in Canada and the NRB channel in the United States), and The Harvest Show (LeSEA Broadcasting Network). Nolan’s other published works include Where’s My 100-Fold Return? A Troubleshooting Guide for the Discouraged Tither (2009), The Sports Edition of the Bible (1996), and The Cowboy Pictorial Edition of the Holy Bible (1981).

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Politics, Society, Technology, Law | 2 years ago

GoFundMe Becomes ‘GoFraudMe’

I want to piggy-back a few thoughts on a portion of Al Perrotta’s superb Morning Brew for Monday. It’s mind-boggling that GoFundMe would have the arrogance, dishonesty, and recklessness to freeze $10 million that belonged to the Freedom Convoy 2022…

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