Vote the Bums Out! Ten Reasons to Clean House This Fall — and Senate, Too

By David Marshall Published on October 16, 2022

So you may be asking yourself: Should I vote for this Republican candidate? Is he too Never-Trumper or too much a Trumper? A little weird?  Not quite the personal life you’d wish for? Do I feel lucky? 

Here’s my rule this fall: come hell or high water, vote against anyone who dares align herself with the destructive progressives. And here are ten reasons, each more urgent than the last.


The president’s family cultivated extensive financial ties to China and other nations. How might these links compromise “the Big Guy,” as Joe Biden is apparently referred to in emails on his son’s laptop? Such matters should be honestly and thoroughly investigated.

The FBI, under Attorney General Merrick Garland, cannot be trusted to do so. If for no other reason, America should swallow the red pill by electing Republicans to Congress, to discover how deep this rabbit hole of First Family corruption goes.


Surely most Americans agree that women deserve a “league (or two) of their own.” Let those born male stay out of women’s bathrooms and compete with those similarly equipped in sporting events.

I may be called a bigot for saying so, but I think most Americans still recognize that sex is real and immutable, and that it is wrong to cut healthy organs off young people.


My family has lost tens of thousands of dollars thanks to Biden inflation, and we weren’t rich to start with. How much more will evaporate thanks to liberal policies?

“Inflation is not our fault!” say the Democrats in power. The president blames Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, the pandemic, and the chipmunk on the White House lawn. He claimed that inflation was worse in every other developed country. (Completely untrue.) Trillions of wild spending have had no effect on inflation, we are told.

What happened to Harry Truman’s “The buck stops here”? Dollars don’t even slow down in the modern Democratic Party: they are out chasing votes in vast swirling clouds like those of the Dust Bowl, our future blowing away to buy votes.


Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, said Lord Acton. The American Left now owns the White House, House, Senate, academia, Hollywood, and the FBI. Tech and Media routinely cover for their crimes, even censoring factual stories about First Family shenanigans.

The Democrats are children playing with matches in a munitions dump. It is time to take the matches from their foolish fingers.

Even if you buy woke ideology, even if you dismiss my other points, and even if you love critical theory, is not that concentration of power the very evil critical theory means to combat? Is privilege only dangerous when it’s someone else who’s enjoying it? The one thing social justice ideology gets right is the caution it raises against corruption that comes with power. It’s the one thing everyone should agree to be on the watch for. So bring political balance to the Force this fall.


Aren’t you tired of the shootings? Watch Democratic ads, and you might get the impression the party is lovey-dovey with the police. Does no one else remember 2020? Buildings burnt, “Kill the Cops” graffiti covered Capitol Hill, and police quit by the thousands, and The Seattle Times for one, ran numerous front-page articles scapegoating the police. It was all based on lies.

Michelle Obama gave her rich, privileged girls the “Talk” about how they’d get thrashed by racist police officers at the slightest provocation — even though the law is far more likely to kill any given white man in any given encounter. Black women, like all of us, are vastly more likely to be saved than shot by the police.

Murder rates skyrocketed in the wake of the witch hunt against police: up almost 5,000 in 2020 compared to 2019, and worse yet in 2021.

Vote the bums out. They are responsible for the destruction of American cities, and the deaths of thousands.


America should have a normal national border, with a gate that swings open or shut on our command! In my first book, I defended the Great Wall of China:

China sees walls as the defense of the civilized against the savage … China will never forget what happened when the Wall was breached: the Mongol and Manchu conquests or the Rape of Nanjing … In the 1840s, the British, with help from the French, laid waste to the Chinese coast and forced China to import opium … A gang of ‘outside country people’ had forced the gate, and it felt like rape.

Now fentanyl, traffickers, and terrorists pour across America’s border along with millions of undocumented migrants, and that, too, feels like rape.

The Great Wall was one of the most human things China ever built: Our homes, businesses, and every cell in our bodies are surrounded by a “great big beautiful wall.” All living organisms distinguish between “in” and “out.” Why can’t America?


Our Constitution matters. It is the law of our land: Let us tell the truth about what it says. The Democratic Party demands that we all pretend that it contains “rights” which it manifestly never affirms, mentions, or drops the faintest hint about. Let us tell the truth about our foundational laws.


Babies matter, too. Americans have been much deceived about the overthrow of Roe v. Wade. Abortion laws in Mississippi are not so very different from many in Europe. Sweden prohibits abortion after the 22nd week. Does that make it a fascist outpost of gender oppression?

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Not only are pro-life laws good for children, but America also needs a new generation of youth, if this country is to have a future. If we need more citizens (and we do), let’s make them the old-fashioned way, or at least check those that other countries make before they come.


If you have a family of four, you now owe America’s creditors some $330,000! I’m not talking personal debt here, but national debt. Yet the party in power thinks that’s not enough! They keep seeking new ways of spending trillions of dollars more.

This is not just bad policy, it is a crime that robs America of its future. It transfers the value of your home and other goods to rich Americans and foreigners you have never met.

Democrats claim they “reduced the deficit.” The House, under Nancy Pelosi, went along with Donald Trump’s emergency measures during the pandemic. After the pandemic some of those measures were bound to lapse. You want to credit Dems for that?

(But don’t underestimate the power of bureaucrats to hold to useless programs, like an extreme climber to the face of El Capitan, or a leech to a cow.) The Republicans are terribly wasteful spenders themselves, yet at least they’ve scaled back some of the maddest Democratic proposals.

It is amazing that young people, said to be rebellious by nature, who survived abortion and now face lifetimes of ponying up for their parent’s wild spending, have not rebelled against the Party of Eternal Bankruptcy.

So there you have it. Afghanistan! Gas prices! Food prices! National debt! Border security! The Constitution! Blood in the streets of cities also defaced by gang graffiti and homeless encampments! Yet all that is not the worst: not by far!


Under Joe Biden, talk of nuclear war has come back in style. You may say, “But that’s Vlad the Invader’s fault.” Yes, it is, at least mostly so. But what was this ambitious, angry tyrant to think when the president of the United States let the Taliban conquer Afghanistan, leaving behind billions of weapons to our enemies? When the president tut-tutted “minor incursions” by the Russians? His cataclysmic failure to defend our own border? Or all that hysterical nonsense about “Russia-gate?”

Weakness invites aggression. By early 2022, Vladimir Putin had taken Joe Biden’s measure, and was not impressed. Now, somehow, both sides are talking freely about nuclear war!

While Republicans are also, in my view, far too pugnacious, I cannot believe they will be so foolish. Under that pesky Constitution, Congress is supposed to have a say in how foreign policy goes.

These Democrats are children playing with matches in a munitions dump. It is time to take the matches from their foolish fingers. This fall, let’s vote the brats out!


David Marshall, an educator and writer, has a doctoral degree in Christian thought and Chinese tradition. His most recent book is The Case for Aslan: Evidence for Jesus in the Land of Narnia. 

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