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Dr. David Marshall (christthetao.blogspot.com) is author recently of The Trump Bible: Why No Christian Should Vote for Donald Trump, and How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test for Faith.

While living at present over a small hill from fields of lotus flowers in southern China, Dr. Marshall has also dwelt extensively in Japan, Taiwan and England, as well as his native Seattle and adopted Southeast Alaska. He speaks the languages of most those locations (if not of England). He has challenged the sex trade in East Asia, prayer-hiked across Taiwan and counted cod on a Russian fishing processor, but now prepares Chinese students for American universities. He holds a B.A. in “the Russian and Chinese Languages and Marxism” and an M.A. in Chinese religions from the University of Washington, as well as a Ph.D. in Christian thought and Chinese Tradition from the University of Wales, for which he proposed a revolutionary model for how world religions relate.

As author of one of the first books challenging the New Atheism, and of books on the historical Jesus, Dr. Marshall has debated publicly on atheism, the historical Jesus, the truth of Christianity and the future of China, and speaks in various forums on these and other topics.

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