Some Atrocities Are More Equal Than Others: The Cases of Russia and China

Biden's call for war crimes trials of Putin is a ploy to keep the war going indefinitely.

By John Zmirak Published on April 5, 2022

For weeks I’ve been calling for Christians to back the peace negotiations that might end the war between Russia and Ukraine. Lately I’ve been pointing out the major players who don’t want peace, who don’t have skin in the game in the form of helpless civilians they care about. Instead, these globalist meddlers only stand to gain from a bloodthirsty, drawn-out, fratricidal conflict among European Christians.

Their endgame? A weakened Russia, ideally one where the government collapses and gives way to some limp Western puppet like Yeltsin, who’ll let the globalists’ cronies get back to looting the place. And these elites are willing to fight to the last dead Ukrainian till that happens.

I noted that liberal internationalists and neoconservatives alike are boosting the “quagmire” plan, which entails turning all Ukraine into No Man’s Land, a blasted and poisoned waste like the battlefield at Verdun, where Russia can bleed out its wealth until some colonel or other overthrows Putin. Or a Third World War erupts.

Biden Just Vetoed Peace

Now it’s clear that the Former Joe Biden is on board with “No Man’s Land” plan. That’s what it means to call (as he just has) for “war crimes trials” against the leader of a foreign nation like Russia. Insisting on such a demand means there will never be a negotiated peace. You only make such a demand if you want to put a stop to peace talks.

So that’s what Biden’s handlers told him to do.

I noted already that the U.S. invasion of Iraq — equally unprovoked, pointless, and illegal — killed many, many times the number of civilians who seem to have died so far in Ukraine. Imagine if the U.S. could not have extricated itself from that war without subjecting George W. Bush or Barack Obama to war crimes trials. We would still have our soldiers making the rubble bounce in Baghdad today, waiting for the place to turn into New Hampshire.

Trials for Everyone

Yes, it would be exquisite, in a perfect world, to see the callous, smirking dilettante Bush in the dock to answer for his futile war, and the genocide of Christians he enabled. And the smug empty suit Obama facing the music over his murderous drone program that butchered thousands of Muslim children worldwide. And the bloodthirsty Vladimir Putin forced to answer for his countless acts of brutality — starting with the monstrous campaign he led in Chechnya, which I denounced while it was happening in 2003.

But such moments of moral clarity only come at a price. And we must ask if it’s fair to ask millions of Ukrainians to pay it. Especially given the double standards we’re perfectly happy to enforce when it comes to our own unjustified wars.

Medical Cannibalism in China

Or our profitable Chinese business partners. Remember, the country where we willingly sent our athletes for the Olympics? Where “anti-racist” Nike makes its sneakers, and Apple makes it iPhones?

We know that China runs concentration camps for Uyghur Muslims, holding some 3 million captive. Did you also know that China practices Nazi-style medicine on those and other religious minorities, cutting them open alive and selling their organs for profit? The Vatican knew, when it sent Bishop Marcelo Sorondo to a gathering of China’s top organ thieves, where he flattered the same regime he’d praised as the model of “Catholic Social Teaching.” Forbes magazine knew, and reported courageously on it.

But now a new report dispels any doubt or ambiguity. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation just released this study, conducted by experts in the field of medical transplantation. They dug into research papers produced by Chinese doctors in China, and found at least 71 cases (from the small sampling they examined) where the transplant “donors” were cut open alive. 

The Dead Donor Rule

Here’s the abstract of the report:

The dead donor rule is fundamental to transplant ethics. The rule states that organ procurement must not commence until the donor is both dead and formally pronounced so, and by the same token, that procurement of organs must not cause the death of the donor. In a separate area of medical practice, there has been intense controversy around the participation of physicians in the execution of capital prisoners. These two apparently disparate topics converge in a unique case: the intimate involvement of transplant surgeons in China in the execution of prisoners via the procurement of organs. We use computational text analysis to conduct a forensic review of 2838 papers drawn from a dataset of 124 770 Chinese-language transplant publications.

Our algorithm searched for evidence of problematic declarations of brain death during organ procurement. We find evidence in 71 of these reports, spread nationwide, that brain death could not have properly been declared. In these cases, the removal of the heart during organ procurement must have been the proximate cause of the donor’s death. Because these organ donors could only have been prisoners, our findings strongly suggest that physicians in the People’s Republic of China have participated in executions by organ removal.

Read the report for yourself. China’s government makes hundreds of millions from its sale of human organs to willing recipients. And now we know for certain that it steals some of them from living political prisoners.

The Sounds of Crickets

You won’t read about this in Mainstream Media. The Former Joe Biden won’t call for China’s President Xi to be subject to human rights charges. Nike won’t stop using slave labor to make its sneakers. None of that will happen, because some human rights outrages are more equal than others.

I know that in the next few days you will be hosed down with manipulative news coverage about supposed Russian war crimes in Ukraine. It’s possible those crimes are real — put nothing past Putin after what he did in Chechnya. But it’s equally possible that they’re not Russia’s fault at all, but the crimes committed by one of the (swastika-waving) neo-Nazi militias that Ukraine has fighting on its side. Those forces were also present in the region. For balanced coverage with limited resources, go to

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There are no 100% trustworthy media reporting the facts. Instead, we have contrary claims from Russia’s (censored) RT News and from Mainstream Media hacks who have spent the past six years lying to us about everything from Hunter Biden to COVID. They are no more reliable than Putin’s hired flacks. 

Remember that, as their war propaganda spatters you from your TV set and radio. And listen closely for any news at all about the medical cannibalism in China.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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