Will the Remaining Decent Americans Drown in Denial?

By John Zmirak Published on July 9, 2021

We don’t want to admit it: The people we’re fighting are monsters. We desperately try to deny it: We’re governed by our enemies. Our soul shrinks at accepting it: We confront the doctrines of demons.

If you’re a nice, normal person you don’t want to admit that. It seems somehow “un-Christian.” But as St. Augustine once said, “God doesn’t need your lie.” Read this story, about a public school teacher coaching first-graders to masturbate. No, seriously, force yourself to go read it. 

That teacher is maybe two or three years ahead of the curve. Perhaps even less. Consider that we couldn’t get the Republican Governor of Texas to stop the chemical castration of kids. The hour is late, my friends.

When Your Opponents Are Actually Enemies 

Now it’s not polite or sociable to look across the political aisle and see our fellow citizens as initiates of evil. Most times it isn’t true. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats in Congress in (say) 1933 embraced profound, inhuman wickedness. They had their more ordinary sins, of course. Some of them were racists. Others were soft on Communism. A number of them were crooks. But you’d have been judged as hysterical for casting the other party in Manichean terms of sheer good and evil. And rightly so.

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What if you lived in Germany that year? If you sat in the middle of the Reichstag (let’s say with the moderate Catholic Center Party) you’d see something quite different. On the left, you’d count up the outright Communists who took their orders from Joseph Stalin. (Who was even then presiding over the genocidal artificial famine in Ukraine.)

On the right you’d see members of a new, fanatically militaristic totalitarian party that referred to your Jewish fellow citizens as “viruses.” And you’d hope with every cell in your body that the Center could hold. But you’d know on some level it wouldn’t. You’d know, for instance, that the Nazi brownshirt stormtroopers far outnumbered Germany’s enfeebled, post-Versailles army. If it came to a civil war, civil society might well lose, either to them or to the equally murder-happy Reds.

It’s Not Your Father’s America

Is America today more like the US in 1933, or like Germany? It’s crucial we answer that question, and order our lives accordingly. We don’t want to make the same grotesque mistakes as German conservatives who reckoned that the Nazis — political amateurs — were a lesser evil, maybe even a force that could be harnessed and controlled. Nor the tragic error of Jews who loved their Fatherland and wouldn’t leave. Watch the Ralph Fiennes movie Sunshine for a powerful depiction of sane, decent people who cannot accept how evil things are around them, until it’s too late.

Of course, we face a different set of evils today. There is thankfully no significant force on the radical “right.” Just a few cranks here and there. The phantoms of “white nationalism” (which barely exists) or “Christian nationalism” (the worldview of virtually every American president before George H.W. Bush) are just shadow puppets the left is using.

Anyone who tells you otherwise, who claims that there are significant numbers of “radicals” on the right? He’s lying, and he knows it. Stop trusting that person and lose his phone number. I don’t care if you’ve been pals since grammar school: He is not your friend. He’s probably the person who will end up turning you in to the FBI, via Facebook.

The Reichstag Riot on Capitol Hill

As we’re learning from Revolver News, the tiny cadre of actually violent protesters on January 6 were likely FBI instigators, or gullible patriots they’d duped. Think about that. To help seal a stolen election, the Deep State sent agents to infiltrate, goad, and discredit honest Americans holding a protest.

We had our Reichstag fire. Our enemies are drawing up plans to stifle the last voices of dissent. Senile von Hindenburg dodders in the executive suite, while his radical allies impatiently sketch out the camps where they plan to send us.

While the election theft was happening, all but two of the Supreme Court justices we’d fought to get on the court sat on their hands, smiling blandly. (I did try to warn people about Amy Coney Barrett.) And Fox News joined Facebook, Google, and the official news service of the Chinese Communist Party in telling us, “Move along, nothing to see here.” And most of our useless sock puppet Republicans in Congress hid under their desks. Or else aggressively joined the Democrats in stomping down on a populist movement they’d never liked in the first place.

They’re Coming to Our Front Doors

Now the administration sealed in place by ballot dumps, voter information suppression, and massive vote harvesting wants to send “workers” to knock on our doors. To ask if we’ve been good little Germans and taken the dead baby vaccine. The Secretary of Health and Human Services, who spent the last few years trying to imprison pro-life journalists, claims the Feds have the right to know our medical secrets.

The Enemy today has torn off his mask, and is parading right in front of us. What else can we honestly call the recently concluded “Pride Month”? Consider this Catholic church news: in San Francisco, where the bishop is supposedly one of the “soundest,” this festive event approaches:

The Whiffenpoofs of Yale University & HomoPhonics of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus are joining together for ONE NIGHT ONLY for a concert at the beautiful St. Ignatius Parish in San Francisco!

That would be the same San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus featured in this news blip:

The same Jesuit order that runs St. Ignatius coddles gay activist Fr. James Martin, SJ. It also has one of the worst track records in the Church on the sexual abuse of boys, and cover-ups thereof. But that’s just a coincidence I’m sure. Nothing to do with the order (as a whole) embracing the Sexual Revolution.

Are you alarmed yet? Will the San Francisco Registered Sex Offenders Chorus serenade the Jesuits with this song that vanished from their website:


Weaponizing Poverty to Further the March of Sodomy

The Woke activists who try to hijack our churches by blathering about “racism” are really just using black folks’ real problems and suffering as a wedge for degeneracy like this. Sodomy-themed choirs mounting the altars of our churches. Progressive Christians weaponize the poverty and misery spread in the ghetto by the Sexual Revolution … to advance the Sexual Revolution. And too many Christians are hapless dupes. We just want to get along and have nice, peaceful lives.

Well guess what, my friends? That option no longer exists. You may not be interested in totalitarianism, but it’s deeply interested in you. If you’re not paranoid by now, you’re just not paying attention.

Self-proclaimed “moderates” like to tell us that the Slippery Slope is a logical fallacy. But it’s not when your opponents are actually Gadarene Swine.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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