Ukrainians Deserve Better Than a Choice Among Satanists. Speak Up for Peace NOW

By Jason Scott Jones Published on October 3, 2023

The people of Ukraine are under siege, and Christian onlookers have a moral duty to call for a ceasefire and diplomacy before it’s too late. Why am I addressing Christians in particular? Because with the eyes of faith, Christians can find more motivation than anyone else to intervene on behalf of Ukraine in the right way.

After all, I’m not just talking about Russia’s unjust war of aggression. In addition to military threats, Ukrainians are in the crosshairs of two great spiritual invaders who aim to sap them of their Christian heritage.

Russia’s Satanists of the Proletariat

It’s becoming clearer every day that Vladimir Putin operates under the principles of the fraudulent philosopher Alexander Dugin. Widely known as “Putin’s brain” and a favorite thinker of the Russian leader, Dugin is open about creating a new “Eurasian Empire” characterized by godless, neo-pagan delusions of “destiny.”

Contrary to the absurd online chatter you may see among some on America’s political “right,” Putin’s Russia is no shining alternative to the immorality of Western elites. Dugin’s works include books like Templars of the Proletariat, in which he bows to a darkly spiritual politics and dabbles in black magic.

Thanks to the crank-occultic ideas of Dugin and his followers (reportedly including Putin) and the moral wasteland left in the wake of the USSR, you’ll find the same inhumane carnage and civilizational uprooting in the wake of Russia’s attacks in Ukraine as you find in the wake of any other godless modern ideology, from Nazism to Communism:

  • Soldiers firing on fleeing refugees.
  • Civilians assassinated.
  • Pastors exiled.
  • Churches transformed into “cultural centers” or “police stations” housing operatives of the government.
  • Catholic priests arrested and accused of treason for not submitting to the state or its approved church hierarchs.

It’s no surprise that other evil regimes have been discovered supplying the Russian effort with drones, including atheist China, and Iran – a leading sponsor of terror. And to top it all off, Russia is also currently enabling Azerbaijan’s aggression against Armenian Christians in what human rights groups are calling a new Armenian Genocide.

From a Christian point of view, there’s no mistaking the spiritual and moral undercurrent of Russia’s actions. And Dugin couldn’t deny it: he has openly credited Satanists like Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky as his influences.

Russian leaders like Dugin and Putin are no true advocates of the Russian people – let alone champions of Christianity against the “woke” West. Dugin is a dilettante and experimental Satanist who uses innocent lives haphazardly like pieces on a board game, and Putin is no better.

Transgenderist Luciferians of the West

But there’s also no mistaking the other, just-as-insidious invasion into the lives of the Ukrainian people: the invasion of Western ideology.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming clearer by the day that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not represent Ukraine’s interests against this second invasion. Instead, Zelenskyy’s regime stands firmly in the camp of the “transgender” Luciferians among our cynical Western elites.

When I visited the war-torn country in June, I spoke with officials in the Ukrainian government who told me of a Western pressure campaign that’s using the war as an opportunity to inject LGBTQ propaganda into Ukrainian society. “It all comes from the West,” one highly-placed official told me.

Zelenskyy Has Already Blown His 30 Pieces of Silver

But Zelenskyy has completely sold out in a tragic, bloody and finally hopeless Faustian bargain.

He appointed “transgender” American activist Sarah Ashton-Cirillo to serve as a spokesperson for the Ukrainian military. It didn’t take long for Ashton-Cirillo to prove himself a national embarrassment to Ukraine. The government was forced to suspend him after he delivered a rabidly violent speech threatening to “hunt down” all “criminal propagandists” who question the regime.

Meanwhile the Myrotvorets Centre, “a non-governmental organization based in Kiev with known ties to the Ukrainian government,” has similarly threatened American political commentator Jack Posobiec and others. As The American Conservative reported, the Centre publishes a “list” of targets

littered with calls for violent retribution not only against Russia or Russians, but anyone perceived to be against the Ukrainian war effort.

Jack Posobiec, Human Events senior editor, is the latest American citizen to be added to the Myrotvorets list. …World leaders have also found themselves on the Myrotvorets list from time to time, including Pope Francis.

Russian journalist Darya Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, is on the organization’s list. After she was killed by a car bomb, the Centre updated her entry by plastering the word “LIQUIDATED” over her photograph. However opposed the West might justifiably be to Dugin, there is no ethical justification for this blood-lust.

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But again, it’s no surprise to see such callous disregard for basic Christian principles among the Neoliberal meddlers who seek to colonize Ukraine. Last week, Marina Abramovic revealed that Zelenskyy had invited her to serve as an ambassador for Ukraine.

That’s right: Marina Abramovic, the occultist and confidante of American elite figures such as Hillary Clinton – the same Abramovic who invited Clinton and others in her circle to a pseudo-cannibalistic “spirit cooking” ritual ahead of the 2016 election.

None of this nonsense represents the true Ukraine – a nation of Christian farmers, churchgoers, and defenders of the family.

While in Ukraine this past June, I did not see one bumper sticker or T-shirt advertising the woke “Pride” agenda favored by Western elites.

More to the point, Zelenskyy has also repeatedly bowed to Western pressures and refused opportunities for diplomacy with Russia and an end to the carnage.

Zelenskyy is failing to defend and represent the values of the Ukrainian people during one of the darkest chapters in their history.

Christians Must Stand in Solidarity with the Real Ukraine

In the battle between the Satanists of the proletariat and the transgenderist Luciferians, it’s clear where Christians – the Mystical Body of Christ – should stand: with Christ, and with the “least of these brethren” whom He commanded us to treat as if they were Himself. We have a duty to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable people who don’t come under consideration by the powerful and the purely self-interested – especially when they are most under threat.

The Neoliberal and Russian invasions going on in Ukraine are no good to anyone except the war profiteers in Moscow and Falls Church, Virginia and the zombie LGBTQMYNAMEISLEGION imperialists.

They must be checked by a substantive real politics and diplomacy that puts the interests of the beleaguered Ukrainian people first.

In terms of concrete steps, for example:

  • American Christians should call for immediate ceasefire.
  • We should advocate that our leaders get out of the way and allow our energy producers to flood the world with American oil and gas – bringing Russia to its knees.
  • We should just as urgently call for an end of the LGBTQ pink washing of Ukraine in their moment of distress.

Ukrainians are a brave and free people whose only mission during this horrible war is to protect and honor their heritage and their national sovereignty.

Unless Western Christians rise up in solidarity with them, that mission may never succeed. Please join me in creating that movement. Believers in America owe it to our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Jason Jones is a senior contributor to The Stream. He is a film producer, author, activist and human rights worker.

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