The Brew: Cartels Use Kids as Pawns While Biden Naps and Bishops Cash the Checks

By John Zmirak Published on March 21, 2024

Al Perrotta is still drinking Shirley Temples and reading detective novels by the pool.

The Stream has reported frequently on how religious charities, especially those controlled by Catholic bishops, profit from each illegal immigrant they help coyotes and human traffickers smuggle into our country. They do this while moralistically preening about how they “welcome the stranger.” Maybe such Christian leaders ought to read this heartbreaking essay from The Federalist about how little brown kids are used as cheap, disposable pawns in the immigration game, objectified as “golden tickets” into the States. Many of those kids end up as victims in the sick underground sex trade depicted in Sound of Freedom — whose star, Eduardo Verastegui, wrote a piece here begging America to build the wall to protect those kids from our deviants.

From the piece:

The cartels worship their evil gods, and they put guns in the hands of children often enough that we leave them by when we find them on the water. They operate slave markets — we should call them what they are — in which children are bought and sold to increase the chances that the norteamericanos will admit a supposed family unit, and also to provide supply to the vile and ravenous market in sex.

They do this often enough that we find documentary evidence in the dirt.

We the People, In Order to Convict Donald Trump …

The irreplaceable Roger Kimball argues at The Spectator that New York State’s prosecution of Donald Trump is one of the few things explicitly forbidden by the text of the U.S. Constitution — a “bill of attainder” which lets the State declare somebody guilty, and frame him retroactively in order to punish him. Kimball writes:

What is a “bill of attainder”? We get the term from English law. A person or persons whom the people in charge don’t like is “attainted.” Forget about due process, presumption of innocence, or any such quaint ideas. Bills of attainder worked through the untrammeled deployment of state power. To be accused was tantamount to being found guilty; common penalties included the abrogation of the right to own property, and, not infrequently, the right to life itself.

The American colonists had plenty of experience of bills of attainder, which is why the Founders made sure to include in Article I of the Constitution the instruction that “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

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The New York attorney general ran for office promising to “get” Donald Trump. And via the absurd claims of E. Jean Carroll, she did exactly that. If we let it stand, it will happen again and again and again. Kimball further points out that

the conviction rate for people charged in connection with January 6 is 100 percent. True, some people were exonerated on some charges. But no one, not one grandmother or tourist from Terre Haute, has been fully exonerated. It is a record even Stalin would have been proud of.

The Second Catholic President and the First Atheist Pope

Three years ago I wrote that our second Catholic president was welcomed by our first atheist pope. Catholic scholar William Kilpatrick comments on the creepy, ominous parallels between Pope Francis and Joe Biden. One of the worst is this one (which The Stream noted in its article on the Vatican/China alliance):

both men are enablers of tyrannical ideologies. Biden has shown himself to be a good friend to China and Iran, and so has Francis. Indeed, Francis has become a defender not only of Iran, but of Islam itself, and he has frequently drawn a moral equivalence between Catholicism and Islam.

Escape From New York

I periodically email friends back in my lost, beloved native New York City news items whose not-so-subtle subtext is “Get OUT!” When the toilets start whispering that to the people in the first scene of a horror film, we all know what they should do. Here’s the latest I’ve sent in my effort to lure those whom I love down to the relative safety of Texas:

But this is not just a blue-state problem. The post below shows an immigrant teaching illegals how to weaponize our goofy laws to seize the homes of citizens … perfectly legally:

A Plan for Single-Party Rule

What is the game plan the Democrats have for enabling all this lawlessness and chaos via Biden’s open borders? Elon Musk calls it a plan for “single-party rule” in this powerful ad he shared:

I for One Welcome Monsieur Barbecue

Among the migrants pouring into the U.S. are “refugees” from Haiti. After years of the benevolence spilled out upon it by the Clinton Foundation and the Obama/Biden administrations, Haiti is now dominated by cannibal gangs led by a guy who calls himself “Barbecue.” Whatever could have gone amiss? Tucker Carlson asks someone who ought to know — a former prime minister of Haiti:

Indelible in the Hippocampus Is the Perjury

Christine “I can lie before Congress and you can’t sue me for slander” Blasey Ford has a new book out. Stream contributor Mark Judge was the drive-by victim of her effort to keep Kavanaugh off the court and Roe v. Wade on the books. That makes sense, since she was a highly paid employee at a company making the abortion pill. Judge dismantles Ford’s latest house of cards in his comments at Breitbart.

And Mollie Hemingway does a fun listicle of the top 20 ways in which we know that Ford was lying and ought to be prosecuted for perjury:

Along The Stream

Don’t miss scholar Jules Gomes’ surgical dissection of false readings of Scripture designed to justify sins against nature, coming up later today.

Why is God’s country, Israel, being treated as a “pariah among the nations”? Dennis Prager offers his thoughts, also up later today.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or coauthor of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. His upcoming book is No Second Amendment, No First.

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