Save Mexican and Central American Kids: Build the Wall

By Published on May 15, 2019

“Each child should carry a sign that reads: ‘Handle with Care, Contains Future Dreams’” — Mirko Badiale

In the last three years, Mexicans and Americans have heard and read many comments surrounding “the Wall.” Undoubtedly, this topic is very controversial. To some it is offensive and creates division. To others it connotes security and protection. A wall without doors is nothing but a prison cell. But a wall with doors can stand for progress and order. If we can emotionally detach the wall from its political trappings, we may be able to humanize it and begin to see its advantages for both sides.

Eduardo Verastegui

Eduardo Verastegui

Here is a sentence that you normally don’t read from a proud, educated and concerned Mexican: The building of a border wall offers greater benefits for Mexico than for the United States.

Why? Let’s first start with a horrendous fact. Americans remain among the largest producers and consumers of child pornography in the world. And among the largest consumers of child sex through human trafficking. These criminal enterprises generate more than $10 billion dollars a year. So they pose a serious danger to our Mexican and Central American children.

The “Wall” is undoubtedly an essential instrument to end child trafficking between Mexico and the US. It protects the dignity and future of uncounted thousands of children. It might be the only barrier that would stop them being illegally brought to the US by people claiming to be their “parents.” Then sold as sex slaves to pedophiles.

Great Evils Need Greater Solutions

To bring a phenomenon of such magnitude to a halt we need something like the Wall. So it could be a great defense of human rights and a great symbol of hope. We are facing one of the saddest and most perverse events in history. The use of children (boys and girls under 18 years of age) for the sexual gratification of abusers. According to UNICEF data the global statistics are unfathomable. More than 150 million girls and 73 million boys are victims.

This real-life horror film must end. And that’s partly within our reach, by securing the lawless border.

God’s Children Are Not for Sale

We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the immigrant child from Mexico and Central America with a suitcase full of dreams. As they advance towards the United States, such dreams often turn into terrible nightmares. Some die of thirst. Others get murdered (yes, this happens) by organ traffickers. Many others suffer sexual violence. Or get kidnapped and turned into slave laborers on American farms.

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Every sovereign nation has the responsibility and obligation to offer security and protection to innocent people. That starts with children and includes its borders. This is why the Wall project has to comprise a fully integrated plan with modern technologies and durable physical barriers. It must include the destruction of smuggling tunnels, and the creation of legal crossing points.

Every sovereign nation has the responsibility and obligation to offer security and protection to its people. That starts with its children and includes its borders.

Please let’s move this issue from politics to humanitarian concern. That way we might see it carried out by bipartisan and bi-national efforts. Everyone in his area of influence should do something about it. We can start by applying the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Let us treat children of every nation as we’d have liked to be treated when young. We must imagine every child as our own.

A Film to Expose the Horror

In my role as an actor and film producer, I will soon release a project that will break the terrible silence about human trafficking. The Sound of Freedom is a true story. It follows the life of Tim Ballard, a former agent of the Department of Homeland Security. He quit his job to start an international nonprofit. Its purpose? To rescue children kidnapped for sexual exploitation. When I met Tim, he told me, “I go to your country to rescue Mexican children from American pedophiles.” And from that moment on, we began working together against this terrible evil.

We hope that the Sound of Freedom (#soundoffreedommovie) launches a global movement. One that liberates hundreds of thousands of children from sexual exploitation. At the moment we are in post-production. We expect to be in theaters very soon. May this film lay the foundations for a wall which will protect the innocent in America and in Mexico.

In Mexico and the United States there are more things that unite us than those that divide us. We are sister nations. As such, we have to help each other reach our maximum potential for the good of humanity. Let us work to eradicate child trafficking once and for all. May God bless all the children and the whole world. May He help us attain the peace we all yearn for.

Eduardo Verastegui is a Mexico-based actor, producer, entrepreneur and human rights activist. He is best known for his starring role in the pro-life classic film Bella.

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