The Trans Train Derails

By The Ruth Institute Published on March 15, 2024

“It’s about time people are pushing back against the trans train that is, among other things, ruining women’s sports and erasing women,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. “I applaud the brave souls who are speaking up on behalf of real women.”

Houghton University President Dr. Wayne D. Lewis Jr. issued a statement, “In Defense of Women’s Athletics,” after his female track and field athletes lost to a biological male. He wrote, “Biological males’ participation in women’s athletics is wrong … Enough is enough.”

“Simple, to the point, and sane,” remarked Morse. “It’s nice to see people not afraid to use common sense. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re punished for being logical and for doing the right thing to keep their players safe.”

High school girls’ basketball coach Chris Goodwin forfeited a game against a team with a biological male after three of his female players were injured. Rather than being applauded for protecting his players, the Vermont Principals’ Association kicked his school out of all sports events.

“Fortunately, Goodwin is not taking this lying down,” Morse said. “With the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, he is suing, in part because students are ‘irreparably harmed by being denied participation.’ Good for him.”

Both transgenderism and feminism are erasing real women. Transgenderism tries to make men into women. Feminism wants women to behave like men.

Another example is Nassau County, New York, where county official Bruce Blakeman issued an executive order effectively banning transgender men from participating in women’s and girls’ sports.

New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a cease and desist order against the ban, but Blakeman said he’s keeping the law in place because it “stops the bullying of women and girls by transgender males who have many outlets to compete without putting the safety and security of females in danger … . In Nassau, we will continue to fight for females’ right to be safe, secure, and have a level playing field to compete.”

“This is fantastic,” Morse said. “Transgender activists call men who identify as women ‘brave.’ But standing up to protect real women in a society that is happy to ‘cancel’ anyone who dares fight back? Now, that’s true bravery.

“The trans train is slowly coming off the rails,” Morse added. “An increasing number of detransitioners are speaking out in documentaries such as The Lost Boys, Dysconnected, and No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care, as well as suing their doctors for pushing them into transitioning.”

The U.K’s Tavistock gender clinic was shut down last year after a class action lawsuit by transitioned individuals. Germany recently released a study saying that research supporting puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors is “low quality” and probably “substantially different” from the “true effect.”

“More and more, around the world, people are waking up to reality,” Morse said. “And not a moment too soon. I agree with Nathanael Blake of the Ethics and Public Policy Center when he said, ‘Those opposed to gender ideology must not get cocky. Trans activists and their allies will keep fighting to the bitter end, especially those who have staked their reputations, livelihoods, and self-respect on radical gender ideology. Nonetheless, the end can now be envisioned, even if much work remains to achieve it.’”

The Truth About Feminist History: “This Is All About a War on God.”

Mallory Millett is “the single most important commentator on feminism in America,” according to conservative media pundit and author Ann Coulter. Human Life Alliance turned Mallory’s article, “Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives,” into a brochure and distributed a million copies throughout the U.S.

Mallory says: “Much of my work has been in response to the writings of my older sister, Kate Millett, who was a Marxist Feminist activist. Her 1970 Columbia University PhD thesis, Sexual Politics, became a runaway bestseller.” Time magazine made Kate a cover story in 1970.

Sexual Politics became not only the cornerstone of the ensuing Second Wave of Feminism, but also a trigger for the founding of National Organization for Women (NOW) and its successful demand for legalized abortion. Kate also traveled America founding gender and women’s studies departments in virtually every college and university.

“Kate wrote the exact right book at the exact right moment. It was as if it was chosen by Satan,” Mallory says. “This is all about a war on God. Kate stated categorically that the complete destruction of traditional marriage and the nuclear family is the revolutionary or utopian goal of feminism.

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“She was trying to indoctrinate me into all this. There was a moment when my eyes were really opened.” Mallory explains that Kate took her to a NOW meeting where Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were also present as founding members. She also recalled attending smaller meetings of committed feminists, some of whom came from privileged backgrounds.

They would start the meetings with a call/response sequence about being there to “make revolution… a sexual revolution… by destroying the family… by destroying marriage… by destroying monogamy… by promoting homosexuality, prostitution, promiscuity, and abortion.

“”We will promote those four things and that will destroy society,’” Mallory recalls them saying.

Watch more of this fascinating interview and learn about Kate Millett’s literal insanity on Locals, YouTube, Bitchute, or Odysee. 

Ruth Institute Celebrates Real Women This Women’s History Month

“March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate women, but what ‘women’ are being celebrated during our time in history?” asks Morse.

“Men who say they’re women are earning medals and winning records in women’s sports. A biological man entered a women’s mixed martial arts contest and broke a woman’s skull. In prisons, sex offender males are identifying as female and getting transferred to women’s prisons, rife with new victims for them to rape and abuse.”

“When did women’s empowerment suddenly become biological men taking over women’s sports, women’s prisons, women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and even, in Scotland, rape recovery spaces?”

“This is women’s erasure, and it needs to stop,” Morse said.

“Women’s History Month usually means feminist propaganda to boost their agenda. Feminists claim to speak for all women, but millions of women still want to get married and stay home with their babies. Millions of women want the reliable love of a good man who will care for them and their children.

“Feminists want to ‘smash the patriarchy’ that built our country. They call our husbands, sons, and brothers ‘male chauvinist pigs’ when they act like gentlemen. Now, they’d rather call Bruce Jenner a woman than treat our views with respect. The Ruth Institute celebrates women the feminists don’t want to even mention, much less champion. Women who know that birth control is risky, not empowering. Women who don’t want to abort their babies. Women who build pregnancy care centers, not burn them down. Our opponents rely on us being too scared of being called anti-feminist, or bigot, or transphobe to speak up. They want us to sit on our hands and stay quiet, but we at the Ruth Institute have an entire YouTube playlist the other side would hate. Author Carrie Gress explains true femininity. Doctors, therapists, and former transgender people attest to the fact that transgenderism is a farce. Once a man, always a man.”



The Ruth Institute is a global nonprofit organization leading an international interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love. Founder and President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village. Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel to get all our latest news.

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