Feminism Destroys Women

By The Ruth Institute Published on August 17, 2023

Dr. Carrie Gress is the author of several books, the latest being The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Destroyed Us. In this Dr. J Show interview, Gress explains how the origins of feminism were based on the occult, free love (end of monogamy and the nuclear family), and restructuring society (smashing the patriarchy).

“The questions [early] feminists were asking were, ‘how do we make women more like men?’ and we’re seeing the fruition of that,” Gress says.

“It felt like a betrayal of womanhood if you even spoke about enjoying your children or loving them, or that tenderness that’s solicited by that most special relationship on earth, that human bond of mother and child.”

“Women have been conquered because we’ve given the culture over to the Left … . We need to bring [homemaking] back and help people understand that there’s nothing wrong with that. This is actually an incredible gift that we can give to others. I think women are tired of fighting against it and are saying, ‘Why are we fighting against this? What is it that’s wrong with this again? We’ve been told it’s wrong, but why? It’s wonderful.’”

But instead, feminist propaganda spreads discontent and the idea of victimhood.

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We’re Watching Your Transgender Review, AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics announced plans to review evidence on “gender-affirming care” for minors. Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D, remarked, “The AAP should be on notice: We are watching. Will the re-assessment seriously examine the effects of cross-sex hormones and ‘gender reassignment surgery’ on children, or will it be just another cover-up?”

Morse noted: “A whistle-blower in MaineHealth, one of the largest health care systems in the state, revealed that children taking cross-sex drugs are increasingly showing up in emergency rooms with mental health crises, including psychotic breaks. Will such observers be among the witnesses in the ‘transparent and inclusive’ process the AAP promises?”

“Despite its name, there’s nothing academic about the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s essentially a trade association whose primary purpose is representing its members’ interests, not the welfare of patients.”

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Dr. Quentin Van Meter, immediate past president of the American College of Pediatricians, said, “The AAP will probably cherry-pick the research it likes and ignore the rest. It has dug a big hole which will become a sinkhole for years to come.”

The AAP may be reacting to the mounting evidence of harm the current gender dysphoria protocol has caused. In recent a congressional testimony, de-transitioner Chloe Cole spoke of the agony the medical establishment put her through, with puberty blockers starting at age 12, and later a double mastectomy — leaving scars on her body and psyche.

In a Ruth Institute interview, Cole revealed she was a “pretty happy kid” though with body image issues and normal adolescent insecurities. “I would have grown out of it,” she lamented. “It was just a phase, as cliché as that sounds.”

“Will the AAP hear from victims like Chloe? Or will they limit their testimonies to those with a vested interest in the status quo?” Morse asked.

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“Let’s face it, doctors and clinics are making huge amounts of money on ‘gender-affirming care.’ Once embarked on this path, the patient is hooked for life. He or she will need to keep taking hormones and may need more surgeries. That’s not cheap.”

“There’s a lot at stake here, besides money. The AAP has consistently assured policymakers and insurers that its recommendations are based on science. I sincerely hope the AAP will admit it was wrong,” Morse said. “But I’m not holding my breath.”

See also the Ruth Institute’s Transgender Resource Center and the Transgender Playlist for further science and testimonies against the trans ideology.

What “Gay Marriage” Has to Do with Transgenderism

By Jennifer Roback Morse August 7, 2023 at National Catholic Register.

In a twisted sort of way, U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley, D-Calif. isn’t wrong in seeking to replace the words “husband” and “wife”” with the word “spouse” throughout the Federal code.

Brownley calls her bill “common sense.” She thinks her bill is “common sense” because “gay marriage” really did de-gender the institution of marriage. This proposal, which so far hasn’t become law, may seem trivial. But it illustrates the connection between the enactment of “gay marriage” with “transgenderism.” Many people of good will who were enthusiastic supporters of redefinition of marriage are now appalled by the transgender juggernaut. I’d like to show that the two issues are more closely related than might be apparent at first glance.

I was a campaign spokeswoman for California’s winning Proposition 8, which defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman, back in 2008. At that time, I predicted that redefining marriage would redefine parenthood. Both would require the revision, and in effect, the falsification of public documents.

I would show people the birth certificates from Canada, where they had already redefined marriage to permit same sex couples to marry. At that time, the birth certificates had a place for the mothers’ name. But where the father’s name should have been, the form had a check-off box, for “father” or “co-parent.”

At that time, I was deeply concerned about family breakdown. I had already written two books about the importance of stable marriages for children, their flourishing and development. Neither of those books said a word about “gay marriage” or homosexuality. I was concerned about the negative impact of fatherlessness on kids and on society.

I remember representing the Prop 8 campaign to The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board. The meeting was pro forma: They had already made up their minds. I showed them the Canadian birth certificates and said that motherhood might survive the redefinition of marriage. But gay marriage would reduce fatherhood to a check-off box. In my mind, this would be a devastating disadvantage to a policy that was at best likely to benefit a very small number of same-sex couples who would want to get married.

The editor at the LA Times tossed the birth certificate aside. She said, “Lots of kids don’t have fathers. So what?” Her callousness shocked me. It shocks me still.

As it happened, neither motherhood nor fatherhood has survived.

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