The Brew: MS Society Apologizes for Booting 90-Year Old, While Manhattan Flooded by Letitia James’s Drool

By Al Perrotta Published on February 22, 2024

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Let’s kick off the Brew with good news.

Victory: Multiple Sclerosis Society Apologizes for Dumping 90-Year-Old Volunteer Who Asked About Pronouns

You’ve heard the story of 90-year-old Fran Itkoff. For sixty years, Fran has been volunteering for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society … that is until she was booted for not grasping the political importance of transgender pronouns. The MS society deemed her not “inclusive enough,” claiming she violated the “diversity, equity and inclusion policy. Well, good news to report.

The National MS Society has offered a full apology. “We realize we made a mistake, and we should have had more conversations with Fran before making this decision.” They admitted as an organization “we fell short” and have “reached out to her to find a way to continue working together.”

Thank you to Libs of TikTok for sharing the original story, and providing the update.

Didn’t You Just Say You Couldn’t Do Anything More About Illegal Immigration?

Perhaps the whole administration has short-term memory loss. Just days ago, Joe Biden declared “I’ve done all I can do” to stop the border crisis. Congress had to act on that Senate Immigration bill. Nobody believed him, but that’s what he said.

Now a source close to Biden told Axios the president was planning a “bold move,” an “executive order that would dramatically stanch the record flow of migrants into the Southwest.”

NBC News reports Biden is “considering taking action without Congress to make it harder for migrants to pass initial screening for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border and quickly deport recently arrived migrants who don’t meet the criteria.”

This isn’t because Americans are dying and cities are being overrun. The “bold move” is part of Biden’s effort to use the State of the Union to reboot his floundering campaign, Axios reported.

We talk about this more in yesterday’s Resolute: ‘Why the Rush?’ Says Nikki, and What’s James Biden Going to Tell Congress About the Big Guy.”

Illegals Attack NYPD … AGAIN

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants attacked NYPD at a migrant shelter, yet another “aliens gone wild” video that has gone viral.

That’s not Wrestlemania. That’s people here illegally smashing New York’s finest with bottles and backpacks.

No wonder NYPD officers would rather be dancing.

The NYPD Dance Team has gotten a load of criticism, including from AOC. Said it before. I’m married to a dancer. Never gonna begrudge anyone the boogie. Besides, it’s what they do for a living that makes them heroes. Check out this clip of NYPD officers rescuing children.

Scenes like that are why the nation is infuriated to see people in this country illegally laying their hands on officers in something other than prayer.

Cardone Capital CEO: Forget About Investing in NYC

Real estate mogul Grant Cardone is washing his hands of NYC in the wake of the unprecedented ruling against fellow real estate mogul (and former President) Donald Trump.

“I’ve been waiting for 40 years now to invest in that marketplace. I was completely confident this was the year to come,” Cardone told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “And when that ruling happened, it was like, pencils down. Don’t touch it. Don’t go there.”

“We invest for 14,000 investors at Cardone Capital that depend on cash flow. And if I can’t predict the cash flow because of some ruling, or because of the migrants, or because I can’t evict people, New York City just keeps doing every single thing they can to sell real estate in Florida, not sell real estate in New York,”

He has ordered his team to immediate stop all underwriting in NYC. And no wonder, given …

Letitia James, Our Own Antoine Fouquier-Tinville

New York Attorney General Letitia James is drooling enough to sink Manhattan Island over the prospect of seizing Trump Tower. James announced she will immediately move to seize Trump assets if he doesn’t fork over the $355 million (and counting) judgment against Trump within the allotted 30 days. James told ABC News she “look[s] at 40 Wall Street every day” … that is, The Trump Building, one of Trump’s primary NYC properties.

After listening to the venom coming off the Attorney General these years and days, thoughts drift to Antoine Fouquier-Tinville, chief prosecutor during the French Revolution’s “Reign of Terror.” Does this not describe Letitia James? And for that matter, Jack Smith? Alpha History says,

Fouquier-Tinville’s court hearings were not an attempt to find the truth or prove guilt, it was reported, but simply confirmations of a preordained death sentence, delivered with a legalised flourish.

Huh? Iran Sending Missiles to Russia After U.S. Lets Sanctions Preventing Such Transfers to Expire

Iran has been shipping hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia since the start of the year, Reuters reported Wednesday. Why? Because the U.S. let sanctions preventing such shipments expire.

So let’s get this straight. Tucker Carlson is a Putin stooge for interviewing the guy. Trump is owned by Putin for wanting to bring peace between Russia and Ukraine. But the White House teams with the U.N. to drop sanctions allowing Iran to load up Putin’s stockpiles … while insisting we have to give Ukraine $60 billion more tax-dollars to ward off Putin’s invasion?

Let your jaw drop further. In exchange for the missiles, Iran gets fighter jets and helicopters from Russia. Iran … the same people orchestrating attacks on our troops all across the Middle East. Plus, letting the sanctions expire allows Iran to sell weapons wherever they want.

Update: You Know That Story About Men’s Breast Milk Being as Good as Women’s Breast Milk? There’s Been a New … Hardly Surprising, Yet Somewhat Hysterical … Twist

Remember that research that claimed hormone-induced chest feeding from biological men was “compatible” with women’s breast milk?

Turns out there’s a massive problem with the research.

Emma Hilton has a must-read thread, laying how there was no control over the four samples of human milk supposedly from the trans man that were used in the study. Plus, the man had a lactating woman in the house. The researchers simply took his word for it that the milk was his. Her conclusion: “There is no evidence that the sample was his. That’s a problem.”

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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