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And NYC students forced to remote learning to make way for illegals to camp in their gymnasium.

By Al Perrotta Published on January 11, 2024

Happy Thursday.

Say hello to my little Brew.

But first, a shameless plug. You hear about Hunter Biden’s little stunt yesterday at the hearing to decide whether to charge him with contempt? How about Trump prosecutor Fani Willis paying $654K to her married, unqualified lover to be “special prosecutor” in the Trump case? I write on these stories and more in Resolute: Hunter Stages Circus at Hearing, His Art Dealer Exposes WH Con, as Fulton County D.A. Paid Boyfriend $654K to Hunt Trump.”

NYC Students Forced Into Remote Learning So Illegals Can Camp in Their Classrooms?

Students at James Madison High School in Brooklyn have been kept from their classrooms and forced into remote learning. Why? So 2,000 illegal immigrants could camp at their school. Oh, city officials say it was a one-time thing. A nasty storm was barreling toward the city and city officials were worried the massive migrant tent housing the illegals at a nearby field would collapse.

A local resident isn’t buying it. “It’s a litmus test,” the man identified only as Rob told the New York Post. “They’re using a storm, a legitimate situation, where they are testing this out. I guarantee you they’ll be here for the entire summer.”

A mom caught on camera the supplies being moved into the school. She was told to not film. “Why not?” she replied. “I gotta see where my tax dollars are going.”

Ah, New Yorkers.

Meanwhile, House Republicans have begun an impeachment inquiry against the man orchestrating this invasion of millions of illegal immigrants into our country, Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas. The first hearing was Wednesday and laid out the destruction Mayorkas has wrought our country.

Trump Denied Chance to Speak in His Own Defense During Closing Arguments in New York Case

Closing arguments are scheduled for today in Donald Trump’s New York civil trial. That’s the one where he’s accused of defrauding banks who say they weren’t defrauded. At stake are Trump’s New York business licenses and nearly $400 million. Trump was going to speak in his own defense as part of the closing arguments, but the judge who ruled Trump guilty before the trial is now prohibiting him from speaking because his lawyers would not agree to Judge Arthur Engoron’s request that Trump stick to “relevant” matters.

Engeron has made clear his idea of what’s “relevant.” During Trump’s testimony, Engeron would blow up whenever the former President said something that he didn’t want to hear. You can’t change the script of a show trial, man. Even if your life’s work is on the line.

By the way, Trump also asked for a delay in closing arguments so he could attend his mother-in-law’s funeral. DENIED. The email exchange between this judge and Trump’s lawyers is something to behold.

Did the FBI Miss the Iowa School Shooter Because They’re Too Busy Hunting J6 Attendees?

We mentioned the other day how U.S. District Attorney for D.C. Matthew Graves declared on the J6 anniversary that the DOJ was now hunting people who were simply on the U.S. Capitol grounds on J6.

You may be wondering, “What isn’t the FBI doing because its agents are busy rounding up Biden’s political opposition?” We have one possible answer: Stopping deranged gender-fluid punks from shooting up schools. Last week, Dylan Butler shot up Perry High School in Perry, Iowa. A six-grader was killed. Turns out, Butler was active on Discord, an internet chat platform, in a forum where people obsessed over school shootings.

The FBI knew about the group … and did nothing. NBC News reports:

The Discord user said they had flagged the chatroom to the FBI in November, after which an FBI agent reached out over email and asked for more information. The user emailed the FBI agent screenshots of the server but did not hear back.

NBC News did not hear back from the FBI when they asked about it.

Scotland Wants to Jail Parents Who Don’t Want Kids Dressing Contrary to Their Biological Sex. U.S. Senate Moves to Stop That Nonsense Here.

How many of us have heard Mom say, “You’re not going out dressed like THAT!”? Say that in Scotland, when you want to prevent your kid from “dressing in a way that reflects their sexual orientation or gender identity” and you can face years in jail, under a proposal released Tuesday. As Not the Bee reports, the proposal calls for up to seven years in prison for parents who don’t “affirm” their child’s gender identity. And that means anything that is “designed to ‘change or suppress’ another individual’s gender identity. In other words, try to treat underlying issues, and it’s “Sorry, McParent. Onto the rack with ye’.”

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Hoping to head off that sort of nonsense on this side of the pond, Sen. Tim Scott has introduced legislation to protect parents’ rights. It’s called The “Families Rights and Responsibilities Act.”

The Daily Caller reports the bill would “specifically prevent the federal government from getting involved in the rights of parents without first passing the strict scrutiny test and would also allow parents to use the violation of this right in judicial or administration proceedings, federally or on the state level.”

“Parents have a fundamental right to control the upbringing of their child, whether it’s in the classroom or at home,” Sen. Scott told the Caller. “Yet, far too often, parents are being pushed out of their child’s lives, and kids are paying the price. I’m fighting to put parents back in the driver’s seat and ensure they remain the lead decision maker in their child’s life.”

Court Strikes Down Biden Effort to Regulate Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Good news for those tiring of the White House messing with our appliances. A Federal appeals court has struck down a Biden effort to regulate water use in washing machines and dish washers. The court’s rational included a recognition that so-called “energy efficient” machines often need more cycles … thus more water and energy.

Speaking of Biden and laundering … you see how Hunter Biden’s art dealer revealed that most of the people buying Hunter’s vastly overpriced art were Biden donors? After the White House insisted nobody would know who was buying the paintings so as to avoid any ethics issues? We also talked about that in yesterday’s edition of Resolute.

USA Junior Hockey Team Wins World Championship, Sings Robust National Anthem

As Riley Gaines tweeted now-retired America-dissing soccer star Megan Rapinoe, “take notes.”

The U.S. junior hockey team took the gold at the world championships, defeating Sweden in the final 6-2. But they also took our hearts, belting out an enthusiastic Star-Spangled Banner after being award their medals.


“I would say just for us … just shows how much we love our country and … how we came together in such a short amount of time,” University of Michigan sophomore Rutger McGroarty told Fox News’ Steve Doocy Monday morning.



Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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