Resolute: ‘What’s the Rush?’ Says Nikki, and What’s James Biden Going to Tell Congress About the Big Guy

And you thought politics was no game of "patty-cake."

By Al Perrotta Published on February 21, 2024

This November Americans will go to the polls to decide who gets to sit behind the famous Resolute desk in the Oval Office come January. It is promising to be a brutal campaign and in the face of fierce cultural forces, Big Tech manipulation and government machinations, we voters must remain resolute. 

Nikki swears she’s staying in, Biden banks on his State of the Union while his brother goes under oath in an impeachment investigation. It’s 258 days until Election 2024 and we are Resolute.

Nikki Haley: “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

Four days before the South Carolina primary, Nikki Haley held a press conference to insist “I’m not going anywhere.” Haley’s under intense pressure to drop out after her expected major loss this weekend in her home state. Emerson College/The Hill polling out Tuesday still shows Trump with a commanding 23% lead. And that’s her best poll. However Haley insists she’s in it for the duration. “What’s the rush?”

Given she’s spending more time recently echoing Democratic talking points and banking Democratic donations, the better question is “What’s the point?” She’s blown any shot at being Trump’s Vice President. Stormy Daniels has a better shot at this point than Haley does. Trump confirmed as much last night in his town hall with Laura Ingraham. She’s likely blown up her 2028 hopes by fully alienating Trump’s MAGA army. If Trump is forced out, DeSantis jumps back in the game and Tulsi’s back on the bench anyway.

Still, one can’t be too down on letting voters in states not named Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have choices for their nominee … even in polling shows a Trump clean sweep.

Joe Rogan: Dems Setting Up to Swap Joe Biden for Gavin Newsom

Podcast giant Joe Rogan is the latest to think the Democrats are setting the stage to swap Joe Biden out for California Governor Gavin Newsom. That’s long been the speculation. Biden was even asked about it Tuesday on his way to a California fund-raiser. His answer was Biden-esque.

How could the party of identity politics toss the first black and first female VP … for a rich white guy? Is there one way? Gavin shows up at the convention in drag insisting he be called Gavinia? After all, trans now trumps race or sex in the identity politics power ladder.

Sure, it’s unlikely. Then again, it’s 2024. Do you think weirder things won’t happen?

Biden in Trouble in NY?

Is Biden in trouble in New York State? Sounds far-fetched until you consider three points. One: Republican Lee Zeldin nearly won the governorship over Democratic incumbent Kathy Hochul and the GOP is gaining ground. Two: Illegal immigration is wrecking NYC even faster than it was being wrecked before. And three, according to a poll out Tuesday, fully 70% of New Yorkers believe Biden is unfit to serve another term. 

Biden is now polling under 50% in the deep blue state. He’s still up 12% on Trump, but Trump is so sure Biden is vulnerable, he is intending to make a serious play for the state. Last night, he talked about doing rallies in Brooklyn and at Madison Square Garden. And why not? After all, who doesn’t want to play Madison Square Garden? Seriously, he’ll be in court in NYC in the Alvin Bragg case anyway, why not hold rallies and gatherings around the Big Apple? And what an argument to make, “You can’t even safely walk the street or ride the subway. And the Democrats are wasting time prosecuting me instead of protecting you? And now they’re giving out 10 grand of your money to illegals?”

Biden in Trouble in Michigan?

Joe Biden is definitely in trouble in Michigan. A Fox News poll shows Trump up two in a state Biden won by three in 2020.

One sure sign Biden is losing in Michigan? He’s suddenly … if quietly … considering relaxing tailpipe admission standard timelines, slowing the forced transition to Electric Vehicles that have Michigan auto workers in legitimate concern for their jobs. Or so the New York Times reported over the weekend.  

Michigan’s large — and crucial to Biden— Muslim community is also very unhappy with Biden over his handling of Israel’s war against Hamas. Squad member Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) is calling on her community to vote “uncommitted” in the state’s primary. This comes after Muslim leaders in the state threatened to pull their support from Biden. Two weeks back, top White House officials rushed to Michigan to meet with Muslim and Arab leaders to try and win them back into the fold.

The question of the hour: Will Biden throw Jews and Israel aside to save his hide in Michigan? Or perhaps the question is “When?”

Axios: Biden Banking on State of the Union

Mark March 7th on the calendar. That’s the date Biden is scheduled to deliver the State of the Union. Axios is reporting that Biden is counting on the SOTU to be a “reset moment” for his failing campaign, a Hail Mary to show the public in the wake of the Hur report that he’s got the vigor to continue executing the office of president.

Last year’s SOTU gave Biden a shot in the arm and his team is hoping for a repeat. The problem is, Biden has deteriorated in the past year and if the scrutiny was intense before, it’ll be through the roof in the wake of Hur’s devastating mental assessment. Every pause, every gaffe, every mumble, every odd movement amplified like guitars at a heavy metal rock concert. And a major mental lapse? Talking to more dead leaders, confusing basic facts, heading off into some painful inexplicable bit of gibberish, yelling for no reason, or heaven forbid something worse at the State of the Union, and that’ll be the ballgame.

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It’s fortunate for Biden that Speaker Mike Johnson is unlike former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. If Pelosi were in Johnson’s shoes, she’d find ways to delay the start of the speech, so whatever Biden is given to pep him up will wear off before the end of the speech. But Speaker Johnson’s far too classy to pull any Pelosi-like SOTU stunts. Good guy that he is, he’s more likely to have a dish of Biden’s favorite chocolate chip ice cream waiting on the dais.

Brother James Testifying This Morning on Assorted Biden Inc. High-Jinx

Joe’s brother James, who’s been selling the Biden “Brand” for massive profit since the Carter years, is testifying this morning under oath behind closed doors in the House impeachment inquiry. They plan on probing the First Brother on all manner of dubious deals and “loans” cashing in on Joe and his access.

Sure, they’ll be lots of talk about China and “The Big Guy”’s cut. But one case that is particularly interesting is a failed rural hospital chain the Bidens were involved in called Americore. Americore collapsed in a $100 million Medicare fraud scandal. Politico reports all the seedy details about the case and James and Joe’s involvement.

James repeatedly invoked Joe’s name, citing his brother’s enthusiasm for Americore to gin up investment in the company. Even told one CEO during a phone call Joe was “sitting right next to me.” (Where have we heard that before?)

Did Joe benefit from Americore? Yup. The very day Americore dropped $200,000 in James’ private account, James cut Joe a personal check for exactly that same $200,000. They call it a “loan repayment.” Even if it was a “loan repayment,” that still means Joe got paid before Americore’s creditors.

One question for Joe: If you insist you were not involved in James’ Americore fraud where he pitched your name to generate investment, why haven’t you testified against your brother?

This is a real fraud case involving the President of the United States. Unlike the New York case against Trump. Real people defrauded real money, with Joe Biden walking away with a real benefit.

We’ll keep an ear on what James Biden has to say. In the meantime, stay Resolute.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.


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