The Brew: Gators Drop DEI, SCOTUS May Drop Huge Decision, and You’ll Never Guess Who’s Watching The Chosen

Plus this week brings Super Tuesday and the State of the Union.

By Al Perrotta Published on March 4, 2024

Happy Monday!

Is this going to be a week, or what?

Today might bring the Supreme Court ruling on whether states can disqualify Donald Trump from the ballot, the Associated Press is reporting. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and Thursday is the crucial State of the Union.

Will SCOTUS put an end to this 14th Amendment “insurrection” business once and for all? Will a Trump sweep finally sweep Nikki Haley out of the GOP race? Will Joe Biden show enough vim and vigor to counter the widespread perception his memory is shot and his gas tank is empty?

The President didn’t help matters by mixing up Ukraine and Gaza — in front of Italy’s prime minister — when discussing admin plans to airdrop relief supplies into Gaza.

Those humanitarian aid air drops began Saturday.

While we’re on the topic, Dr. Michael Brown dropped a powerful new article Sunday, “The Latest Despicable Anti-Israel Lie.” Propagandists spread the story that the IDF had massacred 100 Palestinians who had come to get relief supplies. Dr. Brown corrects the record.

Victory: University of Florida Boots DEI

Rogers and Hammerstein wrote “You’ve got to be carefully taught to hate.” DEI supporters responded, “Yeah, that’s why you need professional DEI activists to do it!”

Fortunately, nobody’s going to be pushing DEI’s woke-fueled hate at University of Florida anymore. The Gators announced Friday they’ve dissolved all Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, fired all DEI connected staff and canceled all DEI-focused contracts with outside vendors. The school didn’t have much choice. The Florida Board of Governors had banned any DEI expenditures at Florida’s public universities.

According to the Independent Florida Alligator, the Gators had 13 full-time DEI positions, plus 15 related administrative spots.

Victory: DeSantis Signs Bill to Release Grand Jury Findings in 2006 Epstein Case

Notch another W for Gov. Ron DeSantis. He signed a bill Thursday forcing the release of Grand Jury documents from a 2006 Florida investigation into child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.  

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” DeSantis said, with one of Epstein’s victims at his side, “I think in many respects this ordeal has proven that to be true.”

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A huge question in the case is why the grand jury brought back such minimal charges against the infamous pedophile and child sex trafficker with a client list of the rich and powerful and a long list of victims. (Maybe we just answered the question.) Through a sweetheart deal approved by the Feds, Epstein avoided federal charges and agreed to plead guilty to two state prostitution charges, including procuring a minor for sex.

The law ordering the release of the Grand Jury docs goes into effect July 1, so maybe we’ll have an answer this summer.

Meanwhile, let’s check to see how many Epstein’s clients have been charged for their sex crimes against minors.  The total is now up to … zero.

From the “Never Give Up” File: A Michigan Woman Rescued After Going Missing in 2017

A Michigan woman who went missing in 2017 has been rescued from a motel just outside Detroit, after police heard her crying and screaming.

Authorities were alerted to the unidentified woman after a caller “said that her stepdaughter, who had been missing since 2017, contacted her and was currently being held against her will at a motel in Inkster MI.”

The cops traced the woman to the Evergreen Motel, and upon hearing screaming, burst in. The woman was transported to a local hospital and has now been reunited with her family. Just the News reports she was physically unharmed and is receiving mental health assistance.

Praise God for this rescue, may God heal this woman from her ordeal and be with her family during this time of restoration.

Jennie Allen writes on the importance of never losing hope in a new inspiration piece, “We Have Hope Again.”

New San Francisco Giant Manager Insists All Players Come Out to Stand for National Anthem

New San Francisco Giant Manager Bob Melvin is ordering all his players come out onto the field to line up for the National Anthem. A few years ago, you’d say, “So? That’s like a baseball manager ordering his players to scratch and spit.” But then wokeness hit the majors. In fact, Melvin’s predecessor, Gape Kalpler refused to stand on the field for the National Anthem in the wake of the 2022 Uvalde, Texas school shootings.

Kapler insists his directive is not about politics. “It’s all about the perception that we’re out there ready to play,” he told The Athletic. “That’s it. You want your team ready to play and I want the other team to notice it, too. It’s really as simple as that.”

Giants outfielder Austin Slater supports the rule, telling the outlet:

Once the anthem starts, we’re locked in on the game as a unit. There’s an inherent respect level, and not only to the older guys, but to your entire team. You’re there to be supportive. The other big part, and this might be the biggest, is you’re staying and watching the game and learning from the game. I think that’s important.

Is this really just about team unity?  Or is disrespecting the National Anthem at sporting events getting sent back to the minors? How ironic if what started in San Francisco with Colin Kaepernick comes to an end in San Francisco.

Who Watches The Chosen? You’d Be Surprised

Quick. Who do you think is watching The Chosen?

Duh. Christians … and people forced to watch it by Christian relatives or romantic partners. “Okay. Fine. We’ll watch the Jesus show. But tomorrow we’re watching UFC.” 

Turns out, according to The Chosen Vice President Katherine Warnock, data indicates almost one-third of viewers are “either curious about Christianity or just no Christian faith. And we were deeply surprised about that.”

May the seeds dropped by the show grow and grow. 

The smash show dramatizing Jesus’ ministry is now in its fourth season. Warnock confirmed to Christian Headlines that season five will cover Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, while seasons six and seven will deal with Christ’s death and resurrection.

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Al Perrotta is managing editor of The Stream, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and coauthor of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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