The Brew: Anarcho-Tyranny in the USA. Hunter Biden vs. Peter Navarro

By John Zmirak Published on March 22, 2024

The United States of America is barely a liberal democracy in anything more than name. Our elites now openly rule by an entirely different ideology, about whose nature they are becoming ever more shamelessly explicit. We’ve written about it before, in reference to the Antifa and BLM rioters who brazenly looted our cities and then walked free (sometimes with court settlements rewarding their lawlessness), in contrast to peaceful January 6 election-integrity protestors who rot in prison for bloated misdemeanors.

Don’t let the wonkish name of this worldview put you off: “Anarcho-Tyranny.” Its meaning is actually simple: Anarchy for me, tyranny for thee. Instead of the Statue of Liberty, our national icon ought to be a 600-foot bronze bully, using a smaller kid’s own hand to smack him in the face. At the base, in 20-foot letters, it ought to read, “Why Don’t You Stop Hitting Yourself?”

But really, we ought to stop giving the Left ideas. I fear that my own satire from March 2020 comparing Drag Queen Story Hour in schools with Coronavirus Story Hour in nursing homes was studied by aides to blue-state governors, and adopted as a solid policy plan just three weeks later.

Anarcho-Tyranny isn’t a substantive worldview. It’s a technique for gaining power and holding it by intimidation and ruthlessness. It’s what the Nazis used to take over Germany without ever winning a majority. And it’s what our Gadarene Left is using openly, without even any pretense.

And that’s part of the plan: The first rule of Anarcho-Tyranny is you admit it’s Anarcho-Tyranny. You revel in it. You grind it like a grapefruit on weaker people’s faces. And since most people are risk-averse and unprepared to face down tyrants, they get the message: This is a Mafia neighborhood now. Or an Antifa corporation. Or a BLM-compliant church. Or a LGBTQIA2S+ university.

So lefties on social media are celebrating the imprisonment of courageous Trump aide (and Steve Bannon War Room regular) Peter Navarro for refusing the subpoena of the lawless, Stalinist purge-trial farce that was the partisan January 6 Committee. On December 20, 2023, Hunter Biden did exactly the same thing, knowing he’d go unpunished.

Likewise, according to Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, Biden apparently perjured himself on a massive scale when he actually did testify, covering up his father’s financial benefit from corrupt ties to Communist-controlled corporations in China. In Bobulinski’s sworn testimony, as reported by The New York Post: “The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period.” Read it and weep. (For much more of the rot Bobulinski revealed, read this from the stalwart Conservative Treehouse.)

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It seems likely that Hunter Biden will never see the inside of a jail cell. I will be thrilled (and perhaps surprised) if Navarro emerges alive from the one in which he is now held. And none of this is secret, or done with any shame. No, like a dominant male gorilla battering the betas in his troop, this kind of legal abuse is now how The System operates.

Will you let this stand, and leave your children behind to survive inside this gulag? Not if you (unlike the Left) still retain any sense of shame.

Elites Admit It’s Okay to Win Elections by Cheating

Maybe you thought the above analysis was a little overheated, the fruit of a short deadline and a large cup of coffee. Nope. Sorry folks. Read the latest results of a survey consulting our ruling class about their notions of freedom and fair play. According to The Daily Signal:

When veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen surveyed a group of Americans he calls the elite 1% earlier this year, he discovered a startling number who say it’s OK to win an election by cheating.

The elite 1% — individuals who make over $150,000 a year, live in densely populated areas, and have postgraduate degrees — are overwhelmingly liberal. They give President Joe Biden an 82% approval rating, compared to his 40% average from the rest of Americans. …

Among all Americans, just 7% said they would want their candidate to win by cheating. But that number rose to 35% among the elite 1% and skyrocketed to 69% among those who are part of the politically obsessed 1%, meaning they talk about politics every day.

“I’ve been polling for a very long time and the last finding is the most terrifying poll result I’ve ever seen,” Rasmussen told The Daily Signal.

They’re rubbing the grapefruit in our faces.

Letter From Freedom Activist in Chinese Prison Challenges Us All

Lifesitenews reports:

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has honored the fortitude and sanctity of jailed Catholic journalist and freedom advocate Jimmy Lai.

In his sermon during the “Requiem Mass for the Forgotten” celebrated in Miami, Florida, on March 15, Archbishop Cordileone read a letter he personally received from Lai to draw attention to his unwavering faith in the face of persecution from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Lai’s words should inspire and challenge us all, as we face down what are (for the moment) much lesser pressures and subtler threats:

Suffering, actually, I am not, though in prison. I am not free, but only externally. Prison is a place of simplicity and poverty, where desires and attachments are eliminated. It opens my heart to the voice of God. I live no longer; Christ lives in me. I take measure of my thoughts and actions from within and obey no external constraints. For God is within me. I no longer think and act according to external necessities and constraints. With essence and truth within, I can touch the infinite in the finite. Unite myself with God, who is within me. I shall go on with my life here in peace, certain of God’s hope and promise, and have joy praising God.


A Four-Republican Plan to Throw the Election to Biden?

The GOP majority in the U.S. House of Representatives is the “thin red line” separating us from one-party rule by the lawless left. And that majority keeps getting thinner every month, with bizarre events like the expulsion of Rep. George Santos (NJ) and the resignation of Rep. Ken Buck (CO). What’s going on? Revolver News has an unsettling theory: that dug-in enemies of Donald Trump within the GOP would rather see a Democrat majority in place before the 2024 election, to guarantee that he loses. Revolver cites analyst Vince Langman and Charlie Kirk:

The RINOs You Will Have Always With You

How is it that in a country with two political parties, the resistance to demonic policies is so feeble, half-hearted, and useless? That would be thanks to the ideological toxin that has poisoned the Republican Party at least since 1992, as I argued recently in a political obituary for Nikki Haley. (Is her career really dead? That may only be wishful thinking; expect to hear media elites repeating Haley’s name breathlessly for years.)

This is what happens to leaders who despise their voters and whose contempt for the culture, faith, and heritage of their people is palpable and overpowering — to the point that such leaders cannot contain themselves. Like abusive spouses or parents, they kick the proles in their faces even when it isn’t necessary, and they lie, even when the truth would sound better.

So it was that Nikki Haley called Trump a demagogic xenophobe in 2015, and then promptly went to work for him. Apparently invited to join the 25th Amendment conspiracy to lawlessly remove him from office, she hedged her bets — but she wouldn’t warn him. Sent to promote Trump’s pro-life policies at the United Nations, she simply refused — though she happily accepted speaking engagements for the Susan B. Anthony List. In her first 2023 debate, Haley would actually taunt pro-lifers, insisting that any federal efforts to protect the unborn were futile with her signature witchy grin, as if she were really running for president of Planned Parenthood. (A job she richly deserves, and which I hope she gets.)

Along The Stream

If you haven’t ever heard a woke Christian say the “sin of Sodom” wasn’t actually sodomy, but “unhospitality to strangers” right before they lecture you about immigration, you soon will. Christians across the West are being barraged with such toxic nonsense, which Scripture scholar Jules Gomes patiently dismantles.

For a heartwarming affirmation of the sanctity of life and beauty of each image-bearer whom God creates, read this piece by proud dad Tom Sileo on World Down Syndrome Day.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or coauthor of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. His upcoming book is No Second Amendment, No First.

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