Anarcho-Tyranny in the Vatican: President of Priests for Life Goes the Way of the J6 Dissidents

Defrocked for “blasphemy,” Fr. Frank Pavone is indeed guilty of profaning the globalist new gospel and outraging its antichrists.

By John Zmirak Published on December 19, 2022

Those who read me regularly will recognize the term “Anarcho-Tyranny.” In blunt, stark terms it means “Anarchy for me, but Tyranny for thee.” So the BLM rioters who trashed American cities nationwide and killed more than 12 Americans got off with slaps on the wrist, with the future Vice President raising bail money for them.

But the peaceful January 6 protestors who weren’t murdered by police rotted in solitary confinement for months awaiting charges, and remain in conditions so bad that some are now begging to be sent to Guantanamo Bay. They plead to be treated as well as actual terrorist members of ISIS.

Speaking strategically, Anarcho-Tyranny is a political technique for amassing and holding power, by selectively enforcing laws to terrorize your political opponents — first with the rage of mobs who fight on your side, then (if some fools defend themselves) with the punitive force of law, applied without mercy or context. It is one of the multiple techniques first employed by the Nazis, now adopted by our elites to crush dissent in America.

The High Priest of Caesar, Mammon, and Sodom

No surprise, then, that Anarcho-Tyranny is in full force at the Vatican, which became with Pope Francis’ election a blatant partisan of Globalist micromanagement, population control, and public health dictatorship. The Vatican now functions as the tame, complacent chaplain of Caesar, Mammon, and Sodom, as if the apostles after Pentecost had signed up to work as agents of Pontius Pilate.

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I don’t know what this implies for the grand claims of papal authority made at Vatican I in 1870. I agonized over that question until I finally … lost interest. That’s for theologians of the future to wrangle over. I do know it means that the human institutions of the Roman Catholic Church can no longer be trusted any further than I could throw hulking, degenerate cardinals such as Joseph Tobin of Newark.

Father Frank Pavone, Thrown Under the Bus

In light of all that, I can only sneer at the news that the courageous apostle of Life Fr. James Pavone has been stripped of his priesthood, in secret proceedings whose outcome was leaked to the press before he was informed. Some of the charges against him include unwarranted “disobedience” to his bishop — a charge he denies.

Now in a healthy church that’s not pimping for Mammon, such disobedience could be serious. Like the military, the church can only function if priests obey their superiors. But what if their superiors are ordering them to commit war crimes? Or if they’re colluding with the enemy? Then things get kind of muddled, don’t they? What should French soldiers have done when Marshal Petain’s government ordered them to start rounding up Jews for Hitler?


What’s a Little Parking Lot Sex Between Friends?

Are Catholic bishops worthy of obedience? A few are. Many others aren’t. Let’s look at the case of one American bishop, and a priest whose infractions weren’t deemed serious enough even to suspend him, much less to make him a layman, and kick him to the curb.

I’m speaking of Rev. Wayne Ball, who was caught and convicted in 2003 of public lewdness for having sex with another man in a car in a parking lot. As Catholic gadfly journalist George Neumayr reports, “In 2018, Knestout selected Fr. Wayne Ball pastor of St. Augustine parish in the Richmond diocese.” But the bishop and Ball hid his criminal record from parishioners. Neumayr writes:

I asked Ball if Bishop Knestout, who heads up the U.S. bishops’ “protection” committee against sexual abuse, had apprised Ball’s parishioners of his 2003 guilty plea for a public sexual offense. Ball confirmed that the congregation was left in the dark about that matter, but defiantly said that that didn’t matter given that the judge in the case later “dismissed” the guilty plea and “expunged” his record.

Don’t miss the priceless video of Neumayr confronting Bishop Knestout at the front door of his palace to ask why he promoted a sex offender, while colluding in the cover-up of his character.

Now I want to be scrupulously fair to everyone involved here. Since “disobedience” is apparently the worst crime a priest can commit, it’s possible that Ball was innocent of that. Maybe no bishop ever told him not to have sex with men in cars. I can totally believe that.

Don’t Mess with Our Friends in the White House

The Vatican is sending a blatant message to every priest in the world: Support Donald Trump, denounce Catholic abortion-supporters Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and hold our feet to the fire for neglecting the prolife cause (but doubling down on open borders)? We’ll pore over the lawbooks like one of Stalin’s prosecutors until we can toss you out of the priesthood.

For Biden, Pelosi, and their allies inside the church, an unborn child is just a bag of medical waste, to be exploited for vaccines or hair shampoo, or simply dumped and burned. It’s of no more moral significance than a bag of thigh fat from a liposuction clinic. And it certainly would be blasphemous for a Catholic to toss something like that up on the altar.

Have sex with men in cars? Just keep quiet and try to be more discreet, and you’ll get appointed to a cushy parish with a nice, comfy rectory.

Blaspheming Against Moloch

The other key charge against Fr. Pavone was a vague one of “blasphemous communications” on social media. Since no specifics were given, I must conclude that this refers to Fr. Pavone reportedly conducting a Mass for the unborn with the corpse of an aborted child up on the altar, then tweeting out video and pictures. Pro-choice Catholics worldwide were squealing about this when it happened, claiming that it was “blasphemy.”

For Biden, Pelosi, and their allies inside the church, an unborn child is just a bag of medical waste, to be exploited for vaccines or hair shampoo, or simply dumped and burned. It’s of no more moral significance than a bag of thigh fat from a liposuction clinic. And it certainly would be blasphemous for a Catholic to toss something like that up on the altar.

But Catholics and Orthodox have long employed the relics of saints on altars — bits of bones, or hair, or clothing that belonged to some heroic martyr or preacher. Some might find that practice “icky,” but it goes back to the days of the Roman persecution, when hidden Christians celebrated the Eucharist on top of martyrs’ tombs.

Martyrs don’t only include adults who calmly choose to die rather than renouncing Jesus. There’s another category in Catholic theology, which grants the status of “martyr” to anyone killed out of “hatred of the faith.” That’s why the church always considered the Holy Innocents of Bethlehem (feast day Dec. 28) to be the first Christian martyrs.

If you think as I do that legal abortion comes straight from the pit of Hell, and its practice is a counter-sacrament which defies Christ and scoffs at His Church, then you think of abortion’s victims as martyrs in that sense. Killed by a culture and government that hates Christ and His Church. And what Fr. Pavone did was perfectly fitting and apostolic. Even if his theology (and mine) is wrong here, the intent was clearly reverence for a murdered innocent, not blasphemy against God.

But his actions certainly did blaspheme the church of Caesar, the priesthood of Mammon, and the reigning world spirit of Sodom. No wonder this Vatican cracked down on him, as its secular allies in the Justice Department are rounding up pro-lifers for long terms in prison. They’re two corrupt faces of the same piece of silver, whose face bears the apostolic image of … Judas.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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