A Challenge for Teens: Can You Watch This Video All the Way Through?

By The Stream Published on October 31, 2022

This video is graphic. It’s disturbing. It’s hard to watch all the way through. That’s just the kind of challenge young people like to set each other. “Do you DARE …?”

But this isn’t like eating a Tide Pod, or hacking and stealing a Hyundai. Instead this video faces head on, with shocking frankness, an issue that faces every human being of reproductive years. It’s an issue of life or death.

Voiced by actor Kevin Sorbo, produced by pro-life organization Choice42, The Procedure tells in animated but detailed form the true story of a hospital sonographer forced to watch an abortion. The short film is excruciating. Heartbreaking. Almost unbearable. Certainly unforgettable. It’s no accident that it has been released on Halloween. No haunted house can compare to this sterile operating room.

Try to watch it first yourself. Then share it with younger people (over puberty please!) whom you wish to immunize against the bland euphemisms and double-talk of our Culture of Death.

Also share it with friends who are lukewarm or wrong on the Life issue. Ask them as a personal favor to watch it through to the end.

They may thank you later. They might stop speaking to you. And you might just save a life … or even a soul.

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