Why I’m Celebrating This Pride Month

By Published on June 21, 2023

Well, we’re more than half way through “Pride Month,” and I must confess — I feel like celebrating! Let me explain.

Just to be clear, “Pride” is nothing to celebrate. It is a sin. The Left’s idea of “pride” is a rejection of God. It puts man’s base desires above God’s design and Natural Law. As the Book of Proverbs tells us, pride goes before destruction and the fall. It’s not terribly surprising, therefore, that the militant homosexual rights movement so embraces “Pride.”

But why am I celebrating? There’s something very different about this “Pride Month.” For the first time in many years, there is a real backlash against the radical left.

As more and more Americans have come face-to-face with the Left’s “woke” agenda, they are rejecting it and they are fighting back. The Left’s relentless assault on our values and normalcy has awoken the Great Silent Majority.

Just look at Bud Light.

No Longer the King of Beers

When America’s number one selling beer decided to embrace transgenderism and celebrated Dylan Mulvaney with a special commemorative can on his “365th day of womanhood,” America had a visceral reaction.

The American people are very tolerant. But they are also sick and tired of being told they must celebrate the Left’s insanity, and they are fighting back.

Bud Light sales cratered, and Bud Light is no longer “the king of beers.” It lost its crown to Modelo.

And there’s Target.

Target Missed

The Minnesota-based retailer has been a major promoter of the LGBTQ agenda for years. That Target would be all-in on “Pride month” surprised no one. But Target seemed determined to up the ante this year.

It partnered with a transgender fashion designer and sprinkled in a little Satanism for good measure. But Target customers really aren’t into “tuck-friendly” women’s bathing suits and products declaring, “Satan Respects Pronouns.” Who knew?

Evidently not the executives at Target. The company’s stock has lost nearly $16 billion in value amid consumer outrage and boycotts.

In fact, Target, Bud Light and Kohl’s, another company facing consumer backlash for marketing Pride-themed products to children, combined have lost nearly $30 billion in market value since April.

On the Heels of a Revolt Against Indoctrination of Children

None of this should have caught anyone by surprise. The corporate punishment dealt by the American people to these woke corporations comes on the heels of a nationwide revolt against radical gender indoctrination in our schools.

Parents and grandparents are rising up against “drag queen story hours,” graphic sexual material in school libraries and boys in our daughters’ bathrooms and locker rooms. One state after another has taken action to stop this insanity.

Twenty-two states have passed laws to prevent men and boys from playing in female sports, while 20 states have passed laws that protect children from extreme, mutilating surgeries that have nothing to do with “healthcare.”

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And, believe it or not, “progressive” Europe is way ahead of us on this because the evidence that children are better off after changing their gender is sorely lacking.

In fact, during a recent congressional hearing, Dr. Meredithe McNamara, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine, was unable to cite even one study that offers “strong evidence for [the] benefits of these [transgender] therapies.”

A “State of Emergency” for Those Pushing Radical Positions

Meanwhile, the left is trying to regroup and push back. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ lobbying group, just declared a national “state of emergency” because of the growing resistance to its radical agenda. Never mind that Joe Biden just held the largest-ever “Pride celebration” at the White House.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg had the audacity to suggest that conservative politicians are “targeting” the “LGBTQ community” to distract from their own “radical positions.”

As usual, it’s the exact opposite. It’s Biden, Buttigieg and the LGBTQ mafia who have radical positions!

The American people overwhelmingly reject the radical idea that there are dozens of genders 71% to 23%.

The American people overwhelmingly reject men in women’s sports 69% to 26%.

The American people overwhelmingly reject extreme, mutilating transgender surgeries for children 78% to 22%.

Biology is not bigotry. Common sense is not hatred. The American people are very tolerant. But they are also sick and tired of being told they must celebrate the Left’s insanity, and they are fighting back. That is something to celebrate!


Gary L. Bauer, former chief domestic policy adviser to President Reagan and a Trump-appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, serves as president of American Values, chairman of Campaign for Working Families PAC, and senior vice president of public policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute.

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