Aliya Kuykendall

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Aliya is a Staff Writer and Proofreader for The Stream.

Before joining The Stream, Aliya wrote as an intern for her local city newspaper and was an editor of her student newspaper. In her free time, Aliya enjoys connecting with friends, deep conversations, cooking up something healthy and learning something new. If you know something about the Bible; the good, true and beautiful; justice or health, watch out: she’s insatiably curious.

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Human Life, Opinion, Society | 2 days ago

The Truth About Pro-Life Sidewalk Advocates

Do pro-life sidewalk advocates “shame women” who seek abortions? Should they be “ashamed of [themselves]”? Pro-abortion bullies like Pennsylvania representative Brian Sims say so. But the evidence shows just the opposite. It’s Sims and other pro-abortion advocates who bully, steal…

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