The Brew: Honeypots and Partisan Hacks

Plus a couple singing politicians.

By Al Perrotta Published on March 2, 2023

Happy Thursday!

We’ve got a wild Brew for you.

Attorney General Merrick Garland Testifies

After listening to some of Merrick Garland’s testimony yesterday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I think I’d rather listen to Kamala Harris cackle about Venn diagrams. In fact, Alex Murdaugh did better under oath.

The Attorney General gave further indication that Lady Justice has split town and might as well be hustling drinks at a Vegas casino.

Hunting Pastors … But Can’t Find Firebombing Terrorists

Listen to his response to Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s questions about the DOJ’s total failure to find the culprits behind the massive string of fire-bombings, vandalism and threats against pro-life pregnancy centers and churches.

Jane’s Revenge claimed credit and signed their work, but the greatest investigative body on the planet can’t “find” them. Sure. Just as they can’t find the J6 pipe-bomber. But grannies in MAGA hats? No problem.

Notice Garland’s cute little trick, “If you have information about those groups, we would be happy to … .” Sen. Blackburn interrupts, “That is your job.” Garland also tried that same line on Sen. Cruz.

But why can’t Garland “find” the culprits? Because the violent attacks happen at night. No really. That’s what he told Sen. Mike Lee.

Hunting Catholics

Garland was also asked about the FBI Richmond office going after traditional Catholics. He says how “wrong” it was. But note he doesn’t deny his agents infiltrated conservative Catholic churches.

Do you believe that he’s bothered by efforts to target traditional Catholics? That anyone is going to be punished for it? Didn’t think so.

Hunting Pro-Lifers

Sen. Josh Hawley grilled Garland over an army of his agents barging in on a pro-life activist and his family with enough weaponry and gear to take down a drug kingpin.

Best Garland can do is challenge the description of the raid on Mark Houck and his family … despite the video evidence.

Hunting Justices

Then there’s this exchange with Ted Cruz over DOJ’s refusal to prosecute the pro-abortion protesters who were hunting down conservative Supreme Court justices after the leak of Dobbs, but before the decision was actually released.

Notice the common theme? In each case you’re talking about pro-lifers and Catholics under assault and Garland throwing his hands up in the air.


Hunting Trump

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is reporting that there was a big battle within DOJ over whether to raid Mar-a-Lago. Leakers (presumably from the FBI) say the FBI agents did not want to raid the former president’s home, but Garland’s DOJ prosecutors insisted.

The WaPo story is behind a paywall. So unless you want to pay Bezos more money to help him buy the Washington Commanders, you can check out the Washington Examiner take on the story.

While we’re at it. Why is the FBI saying it will take six full years to hand over all of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s emails mentioning Trump for the months before the Mar-a-Lago raid? The FOIA request from The Center Square just wants emails from April 1, 2022 through August 8. Six years to collect four month’s worth of emails? In other words, beyond the term of the next president?

Yeah, right. Our Clarice could have the emails in a nice tidy file by lunch.

You know how we know what the FBI is saying is bull? Remember when James Comey reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation a week before the 2016 election? Re-closed the case in time for Election Day.

Comey claimed the FBI went through Hillary’s entire State Dept. email stash that was found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in just a couple days.


FBI Director Christopher Wray Admits COVID “Most Likely” Came From Wuhan Lab

FBI director Christopher Wray told Fox News Tuesday night the bureau “has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan.”

Yeah, we know. And for two-plus years, the FBI’s partners in Big Tech censored and slurred anyone who suggested such a thing. So when you say “quite some time,” would this include when the censorship was happening? Did you leave scientists and citizens out to dry?

The Mysterious “Pink Beret”

Speaking of citizens left out to dry, Director Wray — just how many agents and plants and informants and instigators did you have working up the crowd on January 6?

Here’s an intriguing one. A lawyer for one of the J6 defendants Darrell Neely suggests a woman nicknamed Pink Beret may have been a government honeypot to draw men into the U.S. Capitol. As Epoch Times reports, a court filing traces the movements of Pink Beret, not just her grabbing the hand of Neely and bringing him in, but also scenes of the cutie waving a stick and “directing people like Toscanini into the Capitol.” Yet, despite being easily identifiable, for some reason, Pink Beret hasn’t been identified, let alone charged, let alone held. Just like Ray Epps, if Epps was in heels.

This thread gives a glimpse into the doings of Pink Beret.


COVID Games, Part Two

Were top virologists bought off by Fauci to downplay the lab leak theory? That was the testimony of Dr. Marty Makary in a House subcommittee hearing on COVID Tuesday.

“Two leading virologists … told Dr. Fauci on his emergency call in January of 2020, when he was scrambling soon after learning that the NIH was funding the lab — they both said that it was likely from the lab. Both scientists changed their tunes days later in the media. And then both scientists received $9 million subsequent in funding from the NIH.”

As noted philosopher Cyndi Lauper tells us, “Money changes everything.”

Dr. Tony Fauci and his allies also worked overtime to trash the benefits of natural immunity to fight COVID-19. (After all, you don’t pocket royalties from drug companies with natural immunity.) The good news? The mask is being ripped off. Witness this great exchange between Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks — a doctor who knows Fauci was full of it — and witness Dr. Martin Kulldorff.

Lightfoot Loses … Blames Racism, Gender

A guess on what’s Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is blaming for her Tuesday re-election loss? Lightfoot was asked if she’d been treated unfairly. Her answer? “I’m a black woman. Of course.”

Oh, go star in the Beetlejuice sequel already. Maybe Chicago voters just knew you stunk at your job.

And did bizarre things like dancing around as your city fell apart.

And unhinged things like the deranged berating of staff.

And racist things like refusing to be interviewed by white reporters.

And stupid things, like driving around yelling at teenagers who defied COVID lockdowns.

And tragic things, like doing nothing to stop Chicago’s descent into a blood-soaked, bullet-riddled hellhole.

Oddly enough, The Associated Press seemed to blame her defeat on COVID.

Lightfoot did one more thing that suggested she’d lost all sense of reality and proportion. She released a video of herself performing “Sweet Home Chicago.”

@mayorlightfootIt’s time to sing your hearts out, Chicago! 🎤🎶 Our karaoke competition is starting Sunday and will go until Nov. 6th. Now’s your time to shine. ✨ Sign up at:♬ original sound – Mayor Lightfoot

Amazingly, that’s not the strangest singing politician video we have for you today. (But in this case, he wasn’t a politician yet.)


Time for Some Presidential Fun: Which is More Cringy?

On Tuesday, Joe Biden was talking in Virginia Beach when he retold the story of a nurse that sounds like the beginning of a letter to Penthouse.

On Wednesday, an old tweet of Donald Trump’s emerged from 2018 when he was celebrating the signing of a farm bill … by posting a clip of him singing — yes, singing — a parody of the Green Acres theme with actress Megan Mullally at the 2005 Emmy Awards. (Back when Hollywood loved Trump.)

Which do you think is more cringe-worthy?

Along The Stream

We’ve got a trippy one for you. Stream contributor Mark Judge arguing that Quentin Tarantino’s flick Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a conservative film when you dig into it, which offers insights on the theology of the demonic.

Check out, “Charles Manson, Quentin Tarantino, and Jesus Walk Onto a Set.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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