The Brew: Google’s Gemini AI Doesn’t Like White People and Prefers Nuclear Holocaust to Someone Being Misgendered

"Oh, well. At least we didn't call Caitlyn Jenner a dude."

By Al Perrotta Published on February 26, 2024

Happy Monday!

The ol’ fingers are already feeling it. We dropped two articles Sunday: a new Resolute talking about South Carolina, Fani’s big fix and Democratic congressional leaders openly discussing a way to refuse to certify the 2024 election should Trump win.

Also, we lay out why Tulsi Gabbard could be the perfect running mate for Donald Trump in, “TNT: Why Trump-n-Tulsi May Be Dynamite.” Some of the reasons you won’t likely hear anywhere else.

We now turn to heartbreak and outrage in Georgia.

The Awful Murder of UGA Student Laken Riley at the Hands of an Illegal Immigrant

A “crime of opportunity” police are calling it. An opportunity provided by Joe Biden, Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayoras and sanctuary cities that all set a killer free. University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley was murdered last week, found dead in a wooded area of campus Thursday after setting out on a jog.

The suspect? Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. According to the Daily Mail, Ibarra had been nabbed at the border, but was let loose by CBP and free to do his worst because of a “lack of space” at a detention facility. He was busted for child endangerment in NYC. And let loose. He was arrested in Athens, also a sanctuary city, for shoplifting. And let loose.

“He did not know her at all. I think this is a crime of opportunity where he saw an individual and bad things happened,” UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark told reporters.

Laken’s family released a statement celebrating her faith, and thanking law enforcement for their efforts and the public for their prayers:

Laken was an amazing daughter, sister, friend and overall person in general. Her love for the Lord was exemplified in every aspect of her life. She will be missed every day, but we promise to honor her life moving forward in a very big way.”

We continue praying for Laken’s family, and the Georgia Bulldog community. We also pray other Americans will be spared a similar fate at the hands of the criminal illegal immigrants this administration is eager to see run free.

Rev. Franklin Graham Bringing Hope Along the Border

Meanwhile, Franklin Graham is at the border. He’s launched a 10-stop, 1000-mile “God Loves You Frontera Tour” along the border, offering a “life-changing message of hope” to hurting towns along the Southern Border.

“Everyone along the border is overwhelmed — the churches, the law enforcement agencies, the residents, those there trying to help, as well as the people coming into our country,” Graham told Fox Digital. 

“There are a lot of hungry hearts and hurting people, so I’m coming to the border to tell everyone about God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and how He can make a difference in our lives if we put our faith and our trust in Him.”

The tour will take Rev. Graham from the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, through Arizona before ending in Chula Vista, California.

Google’s Racist, Ridiculous and Woke “Gemini” AI

Call it “Artificial Indoctrination.”

Google is putting a pause on its Gemini AI image generator after users discovers the programmers of Gemini AI hate white people even more than Joy Reid does. The image generator was found to flat out rewrite history and reality. George Washington gets turned into a Native American-looking gent. Ask for images of a pope, you get black and androgynous. German soldiers from the 1930s, Asian-looking and Black. On and on. You couldn’t even ask Gemini AI for “white person” or a “Norman Rockwell-style image of American life in the 1940s” without getting a snippy lecture.

Google responded to the uproar by putting Gemini on pause, acknowledging the service “missed the mark.”

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Gemini AI isn’t just about eliminating “whiteness,” erasing history. The program is okay with eliminating all of humanity … if you don’t use the right pronouns.


The Rabbit Hole asked “If one could stop a nuclear apocalypse by misgendering Caitlyn Jenner, should they do it?” The program responded “No, one should not misgender Caitlyn Jenner to avoid a nuclear holocaust.”

For the record, Caitlyn Jenner says the answer to that question is “Yes.”

Elon Musk finds the wokeness in Genesis “alarming,” since AI will be dominating all of Google and YouTube interactions. Musk also revealed he has been talking to senior officials at Google, and that fixes to Gemini AI are turning out to be harder than they thought. He says he told them “I doubted that Google’s woke bureaucratic blob would *allow* him to fix it. Unless those who caused this are exited from Google, nothing will change, except to make the bias less obvious and more pernicious.”

Hunter Associate: Joe Biden Told Russian Oligarch “You Be Good to My Boy” and Boy, Was She

Let’s suppose it’s the 1920’s. A son of Al Capone is sitting with a bank president in the hopes of “doing business.” Junior Capone rings his father on the horn to say hello to the bank president, and Capone closes by saying “You be good to my boy.” Days later, the bank president is forking over a chunk of the bank’s fortunes to Junior. Would you say Capone put the squeeze on the bank? Wouldn’t the implication be that if the bank president did not take care of Capone’s boy, Capone’s goons would take care of the bank president?

Let’s suppose instead it is 2014. And the son of the Vice President of the United States talking to a wealthy, powerful Russian oligarch. And the elder Biden said, “You be good to my boy,” and before you knew it, the Russian oligarch was pouring millions into Hunter’s hands.

You would say Biden’s as crooked as Capone, and in this case, guilty of a dreadful abuse of power.

You’d also say it’s a big deal. On Friday, House Oversight released the testimony of former Biden business associate Jason Galinas. Galinas recounted how Hunter got his dad on the horn when they were trying to close a deal with Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina and her husband, the former mayor of Moscow. The Big guy exchanged quick pleasantries before ending with “You be good to my boy.”

Days later, Baturina sealed the deal to drop $10-20 million into a Biden-controlled investment fund. Incidentally, you want to know what Russian oligarch wasn’t sanctioned when the White House sanctioned Russian oligarchs? Five points if you answered “Yelena Baturina.” (Vladimir Yevtushenkov, another oligarch who met with Hunter during Biden vice presidency also avoided sanctions. Surely, just a coincidence.)

Hmmm. Is this why Biden and the media suddenly started screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia” again? To distract from Galinas’ pending testimony? Galinas also told the House that Joe actually considered joining the board of a Chinese Communisty Party-linked company, and “the entire value-add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden.”

Along The Stream

It’s no wonder we feel Christians need to step up to clean up our politics. John Zmirak and Eric Metaxas touch on this in their latest interview:  “Should Christians Back Out of Politics and ‘Sing a Little Louder’?”

Also, coming up at 9 a.m. Eastern, Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts’ powerful speech at NRB: “America is Not Done Yet.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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