The Brew: Bribes, Borders and Biden’s Diet

By Al Perrotta Published on May 9, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

Well, unless you’re about to have your town overrun. More on that later. 

DOJ Warned By Former Prosecutor in 2018 About Alleged Biden Bribery Scheme Involving Ukraine … Did Nothing About Allegation. But Did Investigate the Prosecutor

Just the News has a doozy about an alleged Biden bribery scheme from when he was VP. Is it the same scheme an FBI whistleblower says is detailed on an FD-1023 form that Congress has now subpoenaed? We don’t know. But I write all about it in “DOJ Warned by Former Prosecutor in 2018 About Alleged Biden Bribery Scheme Involving Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, good luck getting the media to dig into the Biden family scandals. But Joe Biden’s eating habits? They’re on it. Yesterday Axios posted an article about the big battle in the White House over Joe’s eating. Seems the 80-year-old likes eating peanut butter & jelly, BLTs, pizza, spaghetti and ice cream. The HORROR! Bring on the impeachment!

Seriously, Jill Biden and staffers want him eating healthier to be ready for the campaign ahead, and staffers grumble that he “eats like a child.” (“Stop treating him like one,” you might argue back.) It’s pretty common to see candidates lose weight when they’re getting ready for a campaign. Maybe Joe’s disinterest in healthy eating is really a sign of his disinterest in campaigning. Or a sign he plans on staying in the basement again … right next to the fridge with the chocolate mint ice cream.  

Or dang it, he’s 80-years old, “leader of the free world,” and if he wants to scarf pizza and PB&J, by gosh, let him!

Biden’s DHS on The Hunt Since First Weeks in Office for Middle-Age Pro-Life Women, Men Suspicious of the Government and Divorced Women Concerned About Child Trafficking

Just nine days after taking power, Joe Biden’s DHS wanted to create a series of videos that would show Americans how to recognize and mitigate “radicalization and potential violence.” Fair enough. Except you won’t believe the behavior they dubbed potentially dangerous. According to Just the News, the scenarios included: “middle-aged pro-life women, white men who question the government, and divorced mothers who suspect ‘government connections to child abuse and trafficking.’”

As the Foundation for Freedom Online told Just the News, “Your moral beliefs on abortion and anti-government opinions are being expanded into a new category of crime that will be policed using your own taxpayer dollars.”

It is unclear whether the videos were ever created. DHS had not responded for comment by Sunday night.

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Since the proposal was made January 29, 2021, pro-life activists have been under siege, those who do not support the regime have been demonized and in hundreds of cases rounded up, and we have whistleblowers detailing the Administration’s complicity in child trafficking.

And the same DHS is sitting around as hundreds of thousands prepare to pour over our border. 

Countdown to Invasion

On Thursday, Title 42 ends. That was the Trump-era policy that allowed the quick return of illegal immigrants coming into the country. With Title 42’s end and Biden’s de facto open border actions, the numbers coming into the country will be unimaginable. Some 700,000 people are reportedly seen ready to cross over. Many aren’t waiting. Check out this line of people … mostly young solo men … that just illegally crossed over the border near Brownsville, Texas.  

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has deployed the new “elite” Texas Tactical Border Force to help “intercept and repel” migrants trying to enter Texas illegally.

The thousands who have illegally crossed near Brownsville the past few days are mostly Venezuelan. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says it is unclear why Venezuelans are coming. (It can’t possibly be because the socialist policies favored by Mayorkas and the Left have wrecked the place. Or the free stuff awaiting them here.)

Despite the millions who have illegally broke into our country since Biden took over … despite border agent officials saying cartels have operational control over much of the numbers. Despite the video evidence of the onslaught, Mayorkas had the nerve to declare Friday, “The border is not open, it has not been open, and it will not be open after 11 May.”

White House Launches New Initiative to Force Airlines to Pay Passengers for Delays and Cancellations

The White House launched a new initiative Monday to force commercial airlines to pay passengers for cancellations and long delays that are in the airlines’ control.

Joe Biden announced, “Later this year, my administration will propose a historic new rule that will make it mandatory, not voluntary, but mandatory, for all US airlines to compensate you with meals, hotels, taxis, rideshares and rebooking fees – and cash miles and/or travel vouchers whenever they are the ones to blame for the cancelation or delay… and that’s all on top of the cost of refunding your ticket.”

They’ve even set up a website, called Not that Biden knew that.

Or for that matter, what day it was.

By the way, goes to Donald Trump’s campaign page.

This is Teacher Appreciation Week

I, for one, appreciate that my elementary school teachers didn’t shove their sex lives in my face. Yeah. It’s the little things …

Today I want to thank my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Pease. Dear old Mrs. Pease was an absolute wonder at pushing students to think outside the box, to be creative, to explore from every angle the wonders of the natural world. The first seeds of me being a writer were planted in her class room.



Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTRGabParler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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