The Brew: Who Needs Spotlights on the Border When You’ve Got Gaslighting?

U.S. Border Patrol Laredo Sector agents working alongside Webb County Constables from Precinct 2 dismantled a stash house leading to the apprehension of 16 migrants from Mexico and Guatemala in April 2023.

By Al Perrotta Published on May 15, 2023

Happy Monday,

Welcome to a new week. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend.

Title 42 Ends … Gaslighting Begins

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas — the same man who lied about Border Agents whipping Haitian immigrants — was gushing on CNN Sunday about how there’s been a decrease in border crossings since Title 42 ended. “The numbers that we have experienced over the past two days are markedly down.”

Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. But what Mayorkas conveniently left out is the Biden Administration is actively teaching illegal immigrants how to best get into the U.S. DHS announced an ad campaign throughout Mexico, South and Central America on how to use the administration’s Catch-and-Release network to get into the U.S.

He also left out the shocking news from the Center for Immigration Studies that shows DHS is coordinating illegal immigration flows with Mexico. Writes CIS, “A striking level of collusion, as Biden’s officers use an encrypted online chat room to tell Mexico when to let migrants swim across.”

You must read and watch how groups of 100 and 150 are being systematically released to rush the border near Brownsville, Texas. Mexican immigration officers told CIS that DHS is “coordinating these mass swims with Mexico’s Immigration service, INM, at high levels on an encrypted Whatsapp channel.”

150 is about all the border agents there can handle at a time. But what happens then?

Well, first they get a government-issued cell phone.

Then … into the heart of the U.S. they go.

Sure, the White House declared Friday that mass releases onto the streets are not happening. Fox News’ Bill Melugin instantly put that claim to rest with footage from Brownsville.

Consider: If Mayorkas is telling you the numbers are down since Thursday, you have to ask, is he telling the Mexican officials via their encrypted Whatsapp channel to hold up the number of releases a few days while the heat is on?

A federal judge has blocked the Administration from releasing illegals without a court date and on Saturday rejected their request for a stay of his Thursday night order. So regardless of what Mayorkas is telling CNN about a closed border and reduced encounters, the Biden Administration is fighting to send untold numbers of illegal immigrants across the nation without even a court date.

This portion of our program has been brought to you by the same people who brought you the Green New Deal and claim to sooooo love the environment. Check out the mountain of trash left by migrants crossing into Brownsville.

New York Booting Out Homeless Vets to Make Way for Illegal Immigrants?

Meanwhile, up in New York, 20 homeless American vets were booted from hotels to make room for the influx of illegal immigrants. The New York Post has that shameful story.

Biden Tells Historically Black University the Biggest Danger to the U.S. is “White Supremacy.”

Joe Biden gave the commencement at Howard University Saturday … and gave the nation he is supposed to be leading another shiv in the back. Biden — at an historically black school — insisted the “most dangerous terrorist threat” to the U.S. is “white supremacy.”

We know who he means by that. Especially when he again ran on about January 6. Demagoguery? Yes. Pandering to his audience. Always. Truthful?

Well …

On Friday, one day after the end of Title 42, 5 migrants on the FBI Terrorist Screening Database watch lift were apprehended in the Tucson sector alone, Breitbart reported. How many suspected terrorists have crossed the border untouched since Thursday? How many since January 20, 2021?

All told, so far this fiscal year, 80 suspected terrorists have been apprehended. 

In any event, it’s kind of funny to hear the guy who was BFFs in the Senate with a former Klan leader and who used to brag about his Delaware being a “slave state” when he was hunting for votes in the Deep South talk to anyone about white supremacy.

New York Charges Hero Marine Who Protected Fellow Subway Passengers

Two weeks ago, former Marine Daniel Penny protected his life and the life of fellow subway passengers by using a choke hold to restrain a mentally disturbed man with a violent rap sheet as tall as the Empire State Building. A man who was openly threatening passengers, according to grateful witnesses. Unfortunately, Jordan Neely would later die … and give birth to the latest campaign of the left to weaken, divide and wreck America.

AOC and Al Sharpton led the charge to see Penny charged. And New York’s progressive D.A. was happy to quickly oblige. Penny was charged Friday with 2nd degree manslaughter.

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The good news is a defense fund for Penny has raised over $1.5 million. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is also calling on his supporters to have Penny’s back. The other good news is Penny will likely never be convicted by a New York City jury. To paraphrase one former NYC police official, “They may be liberal, but they ride the subway.”

Even the New York Times noted that Neely was on an informal list known as the “Top 50,” a list of those particularly troubled and dangerous homeless. His record includes punching random and elderly strangers in the face and attempting to kidnap a seven-year-old girl. But who’s going to get the statue in New York? Penny or Neely? 

A Tribute to the Bearded Lady

“40 Days for Life” CEO Shawn Carney wrote a beautiful piece we published yesterday called “Mother’s Day Presents an Opportunity to Honor and Stand Up for Real Women.” He mentions much of the trans movement’s current mojo comes from exploiting girls and young women’s common negative feelings towards their looks and their bodies.

This hits me particular hard at this moment. In 2010, my wife conducted a musical theater workshop which became a dear production called “A Carnival of Song.” At one point in the play, the man who ran the Ferris Wheel crosses the stage with flowers. The Bearded Lady turns to the beautiful songbird and says “Looks like you have another admirer.” “No, dear,” says the ingénue, slowly backing away. “He’s coming for you.” As the writer of the play, I just thought of it as a sweet twist and a chance for Mike O’Connell to show off his beautiful singing voice as he sang to the Bearded Lady, played by Verna Haynes.

Shows how little I know. During the first performance, Verna was not only beaming, she was crying. That gets Mike crying … and the audience crying. I was overcome. It was such a powerful stage moment, The Serenade of the Bearded Lady.

I ran up to her afterwards, jaw still dropped. “Verna?! What — ?“

She smiled that grace-filled smile of hers. “I was every girl that doesn’t think she’s pretty enough.”

I couldn’t watch that number or think of that number ever again without tears in my eyes. Especially this morning.

We lost Verna last week. The recurrence of cancer too much to overcome a second time. Her beloved Ed was by her side, her faith in God unbowed. Oh, will her spirit and colorfulness and steadfast belief be missed. And oh, how blessed to have had her in our life and in our shows.

So this one’s for our “Bearded Lady” … and every single girl or woman who doesn’t think she’s pretty enough. You are precious and exquisite in God’s sight.

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