The Brew: Brave Mothers, Blessed Brothers, Vindicated Tennis Players and a Sports Network Mystified by Prayer

By Al Perrotta Published on September 12, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

From the tennis court to federal court, today’s Brew … and tennis balls and lawsuits … are served.

Two Epic Moments From U.S. Open

Prayer = “Soaking It All In”

On Saturday, tennis phenom and devout Christian Coco Gauff won the U.S. Open, her first Grand Slam victory. Afterwards, she spun off her chair, got on her knees, brought her hands together and prayed.

Except ESPN, didn’t quite get that. Missing — or hiding — the obvious, they said CoCo “took a moment to soak it all in.”

That’s just one step up from, “She got on her knees to look for a contact.”

Naturally, ESPN is getting hammered and ribbed, as Not the Bee hilariously reports. Their sister publication Babylon Bee also got into the act.

As we go forward today, friends, just remember what the Bible says, and “soak it all in without ceasing.”

Seriously, was the Sports Center social media person trying to avoid saying she was praying? (That’s on them.) Or has prayer so disappeared from our life and culture that he or she couldn’t recognize it if hit over the head with a tennis racket? (That’s on us.)

Anti-COVID Vaxxer Wins Tournament Sponsored by COVID Vaccine Manufacturer

Meanwhile, the phrase “poetic justice” was invented for just a moment as this. Tennis great Novak Djokovic won the U.S. Open men’s title Sunday. The same Novak Djokovic who refused to take mandated vaccines, and thus missed playing in several Grand Slams, and would have missed the U.S. Open had the mandate not been lifted in May.

But here’s where it gets delicious. One of the chief sponsors of the tournament was Moderna. One of the COVID vaccine makers. Yup. They help pay for the sports world’s most famous anti-COVID vaxxer’s victory to be broadcast around the world. And as a little bit of extra icing, Fox News reports one of Novak’s points was named “Moderna Shot of the Day.”

Virginia Mother Whose Daughter Was “Transitioned” by School Without Her Knowledge, Then Raped and Trafficked, Sues

Michelle Blair’s daughter Sage had a history of emotional issues and hallucinations. Yet Appomattox County High School secretly “transitioned” the freshman … and, as the Washington Examiner reported, “putting her in such dangerous situations that she ran away only to be kidnapped and sex-trafficked.”

The details are the stuff of nightmares: “The school officials were encouraging her to use the boys’ bathroom, even though they knew she was being threatened with sexual assault, so she perceived herself that she wasn’t safe and she runs away from home,” Blair’s attorney Vernadette Broyles said. “She runs into the arms of a waiting pedophile, who encounters her, rapes her, traffics her with two other men, and takes her across state lines into Washington, D.C., and then ultimately into Maryland.”

Sage was rescued. But because Michelle wouldn’t suitably affirm Sage’s “male” identity, she was kept in the custody of the state. Sage was put in juvenile facility for adolescent males, where, according to the lawsuit, “she was again sexually assaulted, exposed to drugs, and denied medical and mental health care.” Sage ran away again, found by another pedophile who took her to Texas where she was raped, sexually trafficked, starved and tortured before being rescued by Texas law enforcement, who finally returned her to her mother in Virginia.

Sage is now receiving intense therapy for extreme PTSD, and is the process of healing from her horrific … and preventable … ordeal.

Michelle Blair is now suing the Appomattox County School Board, along with other officials and Baltimore-area public defender Aneesa Kahn for denying her rights as a parent so as to push and protect Sage’s “male identity.” Says Michelle, “They stole my right to protect my daughter.”


White House Excuse for Biden Not Being at Ground Zero or Pentagon Tripped Up By History

The White House dismissed Joe Biden not visiting any of the 9/11 sites yesterday, telling Fox News’ Peter Doocy, “22 years after Pearl Harbor presidents were not still going to visit Hawaii.”

Well … seems 22 years after Pearl Harbor President John F. Kennedy did visit Hawaii to honor those lost.

Thank you, Greg Price.

A Final Word on Yesterday’s 9/11 Commemoration

Yesterday was filled with memories and tweets commemorating the 9/11 attacks. The Stream posted Mike Huckabee’s touching tribute and Timothy Furnish’s “What Osama Wrought, 22 Years Later.”

I was sharing with a colleague how I met up with my sister Dodie over the weekend at an Italian restaurant. Me being me, I focused on the yummy. It wasn’t until later in the day, it struck me I missed the headline: I got to have an Italian dinner with my sister thanks only to a fortuitous break on that September day. There are 3,000 families who were not as fortunate as my family was on 9/11.

Dodie was working in the Pentagon when American Airlines Flight 77 slammed through. She was meeting in her office with her Navy counterpart. They would have met in his conference room, but he said, “I have to be over in your part of the building anyway.” The conference room took a direct hit from the plane.

That’s how close we came to Dodie’s name being etched in stone at the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial.

Lord, while I thank you for sparing my sister, please continue bringing comfort those 9/11 families who will never again on this side of heaven break bread with their loved on. And let us never, ever, ever forget.

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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