Resolute: Kamala’s Path to 2024 Victory or at Least America’s Gratitude

By Al Perrotta Published on February 13, 2024

The media seems ready to let Biden go and Kamala insists she is “ready to serve.” Can she surprise us all? It’s 265 days until Election 2024, and we are Resolute.

Kamala Harris Insists: “I Am Ready to Serve.” Could She Pull It Off? Kamala’s Path to Election Victory

“I am ready to serve,” Kamala Harris tells the Wall Street Journal. “No question about that.”

“Great,” responds America. “Denny’s is hiring.”

We kid. Common wisdom suggests things for Democrats would even be worse if Kamala Harris was to take over as President or even just became the nominee. Her polling ranks slightly above zits. But here’s the thing: Kamala Harris does have a way through this, should Joe Biden step down. In fact, she could actually pull off a 2024 election win. Or come close enough that she leaves in 2025 in America’s good graces.

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It’s cynical and Harris hasn’t proven she has the chops or guts to do it, but consider:

Joe is urged to step down. If he won’t, Harris is “convinced” by the party to support invoking the 25th Amendment. “I love him, but it has to be done,” says Kamala.

Kamala becomes President. She immediately fires DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and announces she’s reversing all Biden’s exec orders on the border, saying she wanted to it as border czar but was overruled. “My role as Vice President was to offer my opinion, then loyally support the President’s final decision.”

Pin every disaster on Joe. Acknowledge all the errors. Blaming the Republicans won’t move anybody. And nobody believes Harris has any sway with whoever’s been really running things anyway.  

She also reverses some of the green energy nonsense that clearly isn’t working and pushes energy production, citing a national emergency, the Middle East insecurity and the need to hurt Putin where it counts. (Not that any of the energy boost actually gets carried out.)

She turns back into the tough-on-crime Attorney General she was in California. “I’m tired of kids getting shot and grandma’s pharmacy getting looted.”

She plays up her geeky Venn diagram-loving side to push science in urban schools … not DEI. “We need to make up for the time lost by the COVID lockdowns.” (While folks make fun of her, Harris’ goofy joy at all things science is actually when she’s at her least annoying.)

Internationally, she just shows up with a pulse, flashes the charm that captured the likes of Montel Williams and Willie Brown, and blows up any bad guys who hit at U.S. immediately and hard, rather than waiting a week.

Then she vigorously campaigns mostly on abortion rights, Trump’s the devil and America’s “fresh start” with a woman of color.

The media of course plays along, to the point of calling her inevitable “word salads” and odd laugh “endearing,” widely celebrating her surprising strength and bipartisanship … dare we say, “statesmanship.”

These tactics may well snow enough people to garner her the election, especially when you throw in Democratic party trickery. Then she can return to the new Democratic party’s business of dismantling America’s greatness. 

More crucially, if Kamala Harris gets America to 2025 in one piece — even if she loses the election — her stock rises dramatically. (After all, it has nowhere to go but up.) Nobody will blame her for the mess Joe caused. America will be grateful that under her watch the disaster most everyone fears did not materialize. She leaves January 20, 2025 as the first female president with her head high. And Dems will be better positioned for 2028. 

Can it happen? It’s a long-shot. But possibly the best shot the Democrats can take. I mean, once the host of The Apprentice became President of the United States, it became foolish to rule anything out.

But the first question is, will Biden be pressured to resign in the wake of the Special Counsel report?

Are the Walls Closing in on Biden? NY Times, Politico Join Calls for Biden to Step Down Over Mental Decline

Even The New York Times is starting to call on Joe Biden to call it a day. The Grey Lady published an editorial from Ross Douthan titled “The Question is Not if Biden Should Step Aside, But How.” Politico answered the question of how, with “Democrats Might Need a Plan B. Here’s What It Might Look Like.” Another sign the vultures are circling 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Hillary Clinton declared Biden’s age is a “legitimate issue.” She’s coy enough to not throw Joe totally under the bus, advising him to “lean into” his decades of experience. (As if that’s gotten the country anywhere thus far.)

Could Hillary be angling to a compromise choice for the super-delegates at the DNC Convention and if Biden releases his delegates? Throwing Kamala over for rich white guy Gavin Newsom would be devastating to the party of identity politics. Throwing her over for a rich white woman who party loyalists still claim was robbed of the White House by the Russians, may well fly as a compromise.

You can forget the dream of Michelle Obama jumping in. Obama insider David Axlerod explained to CNN Michelle’s loathing of politics. (Really. In eight years, did the former First Lady ever look happy?) Axlerod said, “I have as much chance of dancing in the Bolshoi Ballet next year than that she would be President of the United States.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has done nothing since Thursday’s bombshell special counsel report describing his mental deterioration to prove Robert Hur’s assessment wrong.

Just yesterday:   

Huh? Biden Campaign Joins TikTok Despite Social Media Apps Ban on Phones of Federal Employees

Do as I say, not as I do. Joe Biden signed a bill into law forbidding federal employees from having the Chinese-run and mined social media app TikTok on their phones, citing the national security risk. And yet, Joe Biden’s campaign has now joined TikTok. Even CNN thinks this shows “cognitive dissonance” on the part of the president and his team. (These days the White House should avoid issues that include the word “cognitive.”)

Jon Stewart in his return to the Daily Show last night blasted the move as well. “Fire everyone. Everyone. How do you go on TikTok and end up looking older?”

By the way, last June NBC News reported the Biden campaign would not go on TikTok. But with Biden losing traction with younger voters, obviously they changed their mind. 

Speaking of Biden and things Chinese, former business partner Tony Bobulinski is testifying today behind closed doors as part of the House Impeachment Inquiry. Yes, with all the talk of Biden’s mental acuity, it’s easy to forget that’s still going on.

If his statement to the committee is any indication, Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do.


Trump Appeals to Supreme Court on Immunity

Former President Donald Trump appealed to the Supreme Court a D.C. Court of Appeals decision that a former president does not have immunity from prosecution for actions taken as part of his official duties.

Trump argues the presidency is “over” if the Chief Executive knows any action he takes as part of his official duties could force him or her to face criminal charges the minute they step out of office.

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is desperate to rush the case before the election. “It is of imperative public importance that Respondent’s claim of immunity be resolved by this Court and that Respondent’s trial proceed as promptly as possible if his claim of immunity is rejected.”

2024: An Election of Memes

2024 is proving to be the year of the election memes. These caught our eyes. 

Here’s the shot.

Here’s the chaser.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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