The Brew: Auburn Sees Hundreds Baptized. Anti-Religious Group Sees Red

New polling and new mental collapses spell more trouble for Joe Biden, while Jimmy Carter makes appearance at Plains Peanut Festival.

By Al Perrotta Published on September 25, 2023

Happy Monday!

Welcome to a new week. And we want to start The Brew off with a “wow” … and we’ll end it with an “Amen”

Six Months After Entering Hospice Care, Jimmy Carter Spotted at Peanut Festival in Plains

When word broke six months ago that former President Jimmy Carter, age 98, had entered hospice care, who didn’t think we’d soon be saying goodbye? Well, guess who showed up this weekend at the Peanut Festival in Plains, Georgia? Yup. The former peanut farmer himself, along with wife Rosalynn, was spotted riding in the parade.

Way to hum, Mr. President! Jimmy Carter turns 99 on October 1.

New Poll Stunner: Biden Down 9 to Trump?

A new ABC New/Washington Post poll out Sunday spells trouble for Joe Biden. Langer Research, which conducted the poll summarized this way:

Joe Biden’s job approval rating is 19 points underwater, his ratings for handling the economy and immigration are at career lows, a record number of Americans say they’ve gotten worse off under his presidency, three-quarters say he’s too old for another term and Donald Trump is looking better in retrospect – all severe challenges for Biden in his re-election campaign ahead.

Other than that, things are looking peachy.

Well … if your name is “Gavin Newsom.”

Gov. Newsom Vetoes California’s Toxic “Transgender Affirming” Bill

California Gov. Gavin Newsom insists he’s not a candidate for 2024. He’s just playing one in the governor’s office. To the surprise of many — and the delight of anyone who cares about children and parental rights — Gov. Newsom has vetoed California’s odious bill that would snatch custody from parents who fought their kid’s desire to “transition.”

A further sign Biden’s thinking of Newsom as his election stand-in? He’s dispatching the governor to Wednesday’s GOP debate at the Reagan Library to lead the democratic response.

25th Amendment Watch: Biden Congratulates “Congressional Black Caucus” … at Event for “Congressional Hispanic Conference”

If the polls, criminal investigation and impeachment inquiry weren’t enough to suggest Biden would be wise to throw in the towel, his latest mental lapses suggest he must hang it up for the safety of the country. We mentioned last week how during a speech last week he repeated the same story about why he ran in 2020, virtually word-for-word, twice within minutes. On Friday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried desperately to spin the lapse as Biden speaking “passionately.”

Then there was the incident at the U.N. where he inexplicably walked off a podium without shaking the hand of a clearly irate President of Brazil.

Finally, Thursday night, Biden was at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus gala … and expressed how glad he was to be honoring the “Congressional Black Caucus.”

Are we mentioning these incidents to tear Biden down or mock him? No. Absolutely not. Right after The Brew spotted a tweet about the Thursday mental snafu, CNN broke an exclusive story: “Satellite images show increased activity at nuclear sites in Russia, China and US.”

The world’s three biggest nuclear powers are ramping up activity at nuclear sites in the midst of their conflict over Ukraine and China’s eyeballing of Taiwan. And it’s not because they want to spruce things up before the holidays.

In these times, we simply cannot chance a Commander-in-Chief with his finger on the nuclear button who doesn’t know where he is, what he’s supposed to be doing, who he is talking to and what he just got done saying. The consequences are unthinkable.

Madam Vice President, it’s great that you let your “backbone slip,” at the 50th anniversary party for hip-hop. But it’s time to show some real backbone and exercise your constitutional duty under the 25th Amendment. And intercessors called to pray for the nation, this is your time too.

Mass Baptism at Auburn Causes Anti-Religious Group to Throw a Fit

Praise God and pass the towels. Over two hundred students were spontaneously baptized Tuesday night at Auburn University after a “Union Auburn” worship event. One student wanted to be baptized, but as Fox News reports, no tub was available for use. So students began gathering at a lake on campus.

They then entered the water, and were baptized. According to WSFA 12 News, Auburn football coach Hugh Freeze “got in the water to help” with the baptisms.

Auburn senior Kenzie Gay told Fox digital, “It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever gotten to witness, because there was such a genuine joy and sense of peace in the air. I would look back toward campus and constantly see mobs of flashlights from more students that were running to come to join the crowd.”

Joy, peace, hundreds of college kids committing their lives to Christ in 2023. What’s not to love?

Please Support The Stream: Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic, and Moral Issues of Our Day.

Well, if you’re the anti-God Freedom From Religion Foundation plenty. On Friday they “warned” Auburn President Christopher Roberts in a letter that the baptisms and participation of school employees violated the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

“Auburn University is a public university, not a religious one,” FFRF whined. “It is inappropriate and unconstitutional for University employees to use their University position to organize, promote, or participate in a religious worship event. Nor can Auburn’s coaches proselytize or participate in religious activities with students or hire a chaplain to do so.”

The Establishment Clause applies here about as much as Santa Claus. As Tyson Langhofer of Alliance Defending Freedom pointed out, the letter is a “twisted interpretation of the First Amendment.” Plus the FFRF ignores the Supreme Court’s clear and unequivocal ruling in the Coach Kennedy case.

Said Langhofer, “religious coaches and students have the right to engage in religious activities on campus in their private capacity. FFRF’s desire to silence religious students sends a clear message: ‘You are not welcome here.’ That’s unconstitutional.”

But never mind the FFRF. We’ve hundreds of new brothers and sisters.

Along The Stream

John Zmirak kicks off the week with an eye on Saturday’s potential shutdown of the government. “Our Founders ‘Shut Down the Government’ Rather Than Bow to Tyranny.”

We are excited to welcome Todd Huff to The Stream. The “Conservative Not Bitter” Todd hosts The Todd Huff Show, which is starting to gain steam nationally. He’s been writing on the theme “Finding Common Ground.” We’re honored he’s given us permission to carry his column. His latest is “Biden’s America in 2024.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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