Liberal Christians Worship Not Christ but Caesar, Or Something Worse

By John Zmirak Published on February 19, 2020

Is your church getting hijacked by social justice warriors?

Do salmon that cease to swim just float downstream like corpses?

Are your church leaders and members actively and fearlessly fighting against the new, fake Woke religion? (Read here how it worships a false Christ, carefully bioengineered to impersonate the real one). Are they pushing back so hard that timid souls accuse them of recklessness? If not, then they’re as good as recruiting for this new and exciting death cult.

Are We Swimming Upstream, or Floating Like the Dead?

Because this spiritual Coronavirus is everywhere, pumped into our heads via every orifice. We see it reinforced at work, online, on TV programs, in social interactions. Its apostles strike winsome poses, conjuring sob stories here, “courageous” role models there.

If that propaganda fails? If you don’t weep for the 200-pound “transgender” boxer who wants to punch girls in the face, or cheer the 12-year-old “drag performer” getting pawed by middle-aged men at gay bars?

The Woke cult’s enforcers turn on a dime into fierce, ruthless witch-hunters, destroying dissenters in public, assassinating their characters and trashing their careers. Such exemplary executions serve a purpose. They teach the undecided which side has the whip hand. And which side had better shut up, hide their heads, and assemble peacefully over there, on the trash heap of history.

The Show Trial of Nick Sandmann

Remember Nick Sandmann? The vast apparat of the new Woke cult kicked into overdrive to destroy that young man’s life. Not just liberal media — we long ago shrugged that most of our news sources are as biased as Polish state TV, circa 1975. No, “respected” conservative pundits (not just at National Review, but across a certain tier of “thoughtful” commentators) fell all over themselves to be the first to rush to judgment. Pro-life leaders, not waiting for facts, joined the lynch mob. The Covington boys’ own local Catholic bishops and school turned against them. All based on a few heavily edited seconds of video.

We aren’t like the Marines. No, we leave our wounded behind, bleeding out on the field, because we’re so eager to escape the taint of being associated with them. Then maybe we’ll get left alone.

Guess what? If some brave soul hadn’t found and posted the complete, real video, and Robby Soave of Reason magazine hadn’t written about it, Nick Sandmann and his friends would still face lives of ashes. The CNN employees and “elite” magazine writers who fantasized about punching their faces, and writing the admissions offices of every college where they’d applied, would have gotten their wish. One more pack of victims fed to the beasts in the Colosseum, to the roar of cheering crowds.

Thousands of Richard Jewells, All Across America

Principled pro-life Congressman Steve King got the Nick Sandmann treatment, minus the retractions, corrections, apologies, and legal settlement. It has happened to thousands of Richard Jewells you’ll never even hear about, whose “struggle sessions” happened off camera, who quietly disappeared. Gifted Christian columnists cast off because LGBT activists threw hissy fits over so-called “homophobia.”


Seminary professors fired because their denomination wants a break from the culture wars.


Catholic priests threatened with involuntary commitment by their own bishops for defending biblical morals.

What about Mark Judge, the drive-by victim of the Democrat machine’s smear of Brett Kavanaugh? Why hasn’t a single conservative magazine or think tank hired this gifted writer, whose freelance career was wrecked when Democrats’ lies turned his good name into a punchline? His only crime? To have written a memoir of teenage alcohol addiction at the same high school as Kavanaugh, which pro-abortion activists used as a story bible to script their smear.

The writers who brainstormed Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony knew that Judge had confessed to memory lapses. That is why they roped him in as Kavanaugh’s supposed accomplice, and were desperate to force him to testify. They knew they could use his confessed memory blackouts to shred his credibility, and keep Kavanaugh off the court. Instead Judge told the truth in writing, and kept a dignified silence, while legal bills and lost opportunities emptied this cancer survivor’s pockets. He’s still seeking work today.

We Leave Our Wounded Dying on the Field

We aren’t like the Marines. No, we leave our wounded behind, bleeding out on the field, because we’re so eager to escape the taint of being associated with them. Then maybe we’ll get left alone. All that dying Christian and conservative institutions want is some peace and quiet in which to slowly decline, then disappear. Is that too much to ask?

You Must Truly Love Big Brother

In fact it is. The left is getting impatient. The new cult of Caesar wants more than a pinch of incense, offered with a wink and a nod just to prove you’re a solid citizen. Roman paganism didn’t take its own tenets all that seriously. You didn’t have to love Jove or Minerva. You didn’t even really have to believe that they existed. The point was that you offered sacrifices anyway, out of civic respect for Rome. The later worship of Caesar (which started with Augustus) was likewise pre-Christian in nature. It demanded external compliance.

Our new official religion of “anti-racism,” “Intersectionalism,” Wokeness — for the sake of simplicity, let’s just call it “Legion” — is post-Christian, and anti-Christian. It is, if I might speak with unaccustomed bluntness, a new false Christ and hence an antichrist.

The Progressive “Angel of Light”

As we’d expect, Legion wears many Christian trappings. It blathers about “justice,” and gleefully persecutes innocents the better to achieve that. It weaponizes compassion, in the service of infanticide. Legion strains at gnats like sexist workplace jokes, and swallows big sweaty camels, like the human trafficking wave enabled by uncontrolled immigration. And it infiltrates our churches, dressing up Marxist principles in bad theological drag with slogans like “Settler Christianity,” the “Seamless Garment,” and “institutional racism.” That’s the Dayglo paint that lets it appear to the lazy and weary as a modern-day angel of light.

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Because it’s a zombie Christ, the new cult’s much fiercer than Caesar. It wants a pinch of incense, yes. But it wants so ever much more. It has kept the strand of Christian DNA that demands the entire person, heart, mind and soul. It preaches your total depravity, and demands abject repentance. Zombie Christ convicts you of sin, and drives you down to your knees, your face in the dust. He doesn’t believe in forgiveness, and offers no redemption. He demands you bow down and worship his designated victims, whose crosses he wields as cudgels.

Never before, not even in Soviet Marxism, has a worldly cult stolen so many items from real Christianity’s toolkit, in service of the Enemy. No wonder these sometimes feel like apocalyptic times.

Let me stiffen your morale just a bit. This new cult won’t accept any conditional surrenders. It will never compromise, stop, or even slow. So you might as well fight back with every ounce of courage you can muster, or God will infuse. Don’t leave behind any wounded. Don’t give an inch of ground. If you start to despair or doubt, flip open your Bible to the back. Spoiler: Jesus wins.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration.

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