Christians and Conservatives Have Not Faced It: We are No Longer Living in America

We live now in New East Germany.

By Mark Judge Published on December 26, 2023

My blood still goes cold thinking what might have happened had I been less street smart — had I not understood the evil of the modern left.

In one horrible moment I knew that America was under attack by its own Stasi, the spying, extorting secret police that imposed East German communism. I was no longer living in the America I knew. This was Cold War East Berlin.

The knowledge saved my life. I will get to that moment, which I describe in my recent book, shortly. For now what is important is my warning, which too many conservatives and Christians have not heeded.

The Masks Are Coming Off

That warning is this: the American Stasi wants communism, and they will stop at nothing. This includes opposition research, secret filming, extortion and death threats. Don’t complain when you are filmed or bugged in private, or when you are threatened with extortion or other crimes or entrapped by the FBI. This is our reality now.

Wake up.

This is why the left trying to toss Donald Trump off the ballot, which was just decreed in Colorado by that state’s Supreme Court, did not surprise me.

We’re not in America anymore. We now live in New East Germany.

The Ominous, Mounting Parallels

In their book The Stasi: Myth and Reality, scholars Mike Dennis and and Norman Laporte examine the two systems of justice in Germany There was the “normative” and the “prerogative” states. The normative state was the outwardly appearing system of constitutional law. The prerogative state was the reality — a vast and corrupt bureaucracy filled with spies and political actors who could toss people into jail for any reason. A woman named Ines Meichsner was sentenced to ten months for “gross annoyance” by being involved in the peace movement. Another peace activist, Uwe Kroker, was arrested for “gross rowdiness” for painting peace sing on his wall.

Dennis and Lapoerte write:

According to state socialist theory, ‘bourgeoisie’ law and the concept of the separation of powers served to protect the [powerful] in a sham democracy like that of Western Germany, whereas ‘socialist legality’ was an expression of the will of the working class and its Marxist-Leninist party in alliance with the farmers, the intelligentsia and other working people.

The American left is trying to set up its own prerogative state even as it dismantles the normative state. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said during an interview that the courts have undermined their own legitimacy and said they do not have the power to enforce their own decisions. AOC encouraged President Biden to ignore the courts.

Law as an Instrument of Politics

There is the attempt by Senator Dick Durbin to drag Chief Justice Roberts into a hearing on Supreme Court ethics. Klaus Marxen, Professor for Criminal Law at the Humboldt University, has written that the Stasi “treated law as an instrument of politics.” In 1979 Stasi officer Erich Mielke put it this way: ‘Power is the most important position from which to fulfill the historical mission of the working class, to establish Communist society. … Socialist law is an important instrument of exercising, enhancing and consolidating power.”

In the 2000 obituary for Erich Mielke, the New York Times explained that “Communist rule in East Germany [was] where assassination, kidnapping, execution, denunciation and intimidation were used to achieve and maintain power under the long, menacing shadow of the Soviet Union.” Furthermore

Stasi informants, many of them coerced, spread suspicion and betrayal throughout society — between spouses, between schoolmates, between office colleagues — a terror that outlasted the East German state, which effectively collapsed when the Berlin Wall fell, and formally ceased to exist when Germany reunified in October 1990.

The Times concluded with this: “Mr. Mielke’s creed, expressed to subordinates in 1982 and recorded for Stasi archives, was: ‘’All this twaddle about no executions and no death sentences, it’s all junk, comrades. Execute, if need be without a court sentence.’”

It Can Happen Here. It Is Happening Now

This is what they tried, with metaphorically and literally, on Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I was a part of the 2018 Kavanaugh nomination battle, and wrote a book about it, The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stasi. Justice Kavanaugh and I are high school friends, and the tactics used against us in 2018 were exactly like this of the Stasi: spreading suspicion and betrayal “between spouses, between schoolmates, between office colleagues.” Opposition researchers went through our high school yearbook and talked about our parties and beach trips and girlfriends in the 1980s. Like the Stasi, they were effectively trying to charge us with rowdiness.

I sometimes get some pushback, even from conservatives, for still talking about it. They ask, why are you still writing about this? Why are you still playing this one note?

My answer is this: I know the Stasi’s playbook and you do not. I then recall that night in September 2018: the moment I referenced at the beginning of this piece. The night my blood went cold and reality set in. was peacefully reading at home when I got a call from Ronan Farrow, the sloppy and now discredited writer for The New Yorker. I had been accused of sexual misconduct with Brett Kavanaugh when we were teenagers.

Farrow could not tell me when it allegedly happened, when, or even who was making the accusation.

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That’s when I knew: I was no longer living in America. I had landed in East Germany. People marvel how a very social Irish-Catholic kid managed to stay silent. It’s because, unlike conservatives in media and even in politics, I am not naive.

I keep talking about this because even after all this time my predictions keep coming true and my conservative and Christian brothers and sisters haven’t woken up.

It’s them or us.


Mark Judge is a writer and filmmaker in Washington, D.C. His new book is The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stasi.

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