The Devil’s Triangle Gets New Life: The Media Finally Take Notice of My Anti-Communist Book

Just in Time for Stasi Liberation Day

By Mark Judge Published on December 14, 2023

These two recent tweets were sent out by two of the most respected journalists in Washington. The first was by Brit Hume, the veteran reporter who worked at ABC and is now with Fox. The second tweet was from Kathleen Parker, a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writer’s Group.

“What happened in this case never should have, at least in America. But it did.”

“Remember Mark Judge? No? Well you should because you could be him someday.”

How the Stasi Media Targeted Me

A year after my book The Devil’s Triangle was published, the mainstream media is taking notice. This is thanks to a series of articles I published at The Stream, which led to profiles of me in Breitbart and PJ Media. I’ve been contacted by people at major networks … even a liberal one. Hollywood called.

I’m glad people are reading The Devil’s Triangle. My ultimate goal is that the book will spur Americans to once and for all reject communism, destroy the Deep State and tender obsolete the crooked and criminal media.

The Original Stasi Died. So Will the New One.

The renewed interest in my book comes as an important historical date approaches. On January 15, 1990, the German people, finally free of communism and the Berlin Wall, stormed the headquarters of the Stasi. The Stasi were the dreaded secret police. The people retained the records of that evil organization, which had used blackmail, torture and propaganda to keep people in fear. 

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People like Brit Hume, Kathleen Parker — and the Hollywood director who contacted me — are realizing that everything I predicted and warned about, especially the Left’s tireless attack in the Supreme Court, is coming true. I warned that the Left would go after not just the SCOTUS justices but their friends. With the attacks on not only Justice Thomas but Justice Alito, they are doing exactly that.

The Devil’s Triangle is my account of being targeted by the American during the Brett Kavanaugh nomination in 2018. Kavanaugh and I went to high school together, and they used my wild behavior in those years — some of it documented in our yearbook — in a campaign of extortion, witness tampering, one honey trap, and credible death threats. The same leftists who now downplay or deny the rape and murder of Israeli women had no trouble believing Julie Swetnik’s claims that Brett Kavanaugh and I ran a high school drug and gang rape cartel.

We are dealing with an American Stasi, and it must be destroyed. Critics of mine — even on the political right — who advise me to “just move on” do not realize this. I will move on when the American people do what the German people did in 1990: defeat the communists trying to control our lives.

Recruiting Your Old Friends Against You

A sad feature of the Kavanaugh hit was our betrayal not only at the hands of opposition researchers and politicians, but former friends. Journalist Peter Wensiersky once noted that Stasi informers were not always official police:

Instead, they were totally normal citizens of East Germany who betrayed others: neighbours reporting on neighbours, schoolchildren informing on classmates, university students passing along information on other students, managers spying on employees and Communist bosses denouncing party members.

This happened to me in 2018, when former friends, girlfriends and people Kavanaugh and I had gone to high school with tried to bury us with lurid and phony stories. They even produced our high school yearbook, deciphering old jokes and slang to suggest hidden meanings that supported the media narrative.

This points to another facet of life under the Stasi: pervasive self-censorship. In my book, I describe the 1980s as a kind of golden age of free expression. Americans felt free to speak and write as they never had before. We also had a good system of “red light districts.” If you wanted vulgar or smutty stuff you couldn’t get it in the public square, but had to go to certain parts of town. All in all, we had a good balance of freedom and collective moral values. Both of those things are long gone today, as the grossest porn streams through children’s phones, but political speech is stifled on campus and in the media. 

Storming the Stasi HQ

A few weeks ago, we had our 40th high school reunion at Georgetown Prep, which had been the focus of the American Stasi attack in 2018. I and two other editors returned to the old yearbook office. It was an important, defiant act, like the Germans reclaiming the Stasi offices in the name of democracy and freedom.

Sitting in there laughing, smoking cigars and telling jokes with my fellow dissidents, I felt like Roland Jahn. A former German dissident, Jahn says the 1990 storming of Stasi headquarters became an important symbol worldwide: “For the first time in the world, citizens occupied the offices of a secret police force to safeguard its files and to make them accessible later for society,” Jahn told the Northwest-Zeitung newspaper.

The media and even old acquaintances had tried to make our yearbook a focal point of shame. We were supposed to never come back here. We were supposed to let them humiliate and embarrass us. We were supposed to reject free speech — and freedom itself.

That’s the feeling I think people are getting from The Devil’s Triangle.


Mark Judge is a writer and filmmaker in Washington, D.C. His new book is The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stasi.

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