Abortionist Admits ‘It’s a Baby’ In New Undercover Video

By Amelia Hamilton Published on July 30, 2015

The footage in the clinic starts with a crack. The crack of the baby’s skull.

In the latest undercover video of horrors, Dr. Savita Ginde of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is caught on video discussing the sale of fetal body parts. They discuss the legalities, and how to avoid getting caught. They discuss pricing.

In all of this, through all of these videos, supporters have always circled the wagons around one incorrect fact — that it’s not a baby. That it is a clump of cells. Perhaps that is why it’s so striking to hear Dr. Ginde say, as she sifts through a pie plate of baby parts such as a leg and a foot: “It’s a baby.” Because it clearly is, and abortionists know it.

This isn’t some moment of enlightenment in which she suddenly realizes they are babies. It’s just a factual statement as she carries on with her work.

An assistant identifies the heart, so tiny that “my fingers will smush it if I try to get it out.” In discussing whether or not the “sample” would be considered intact (it matters in regards to pricing), the videographer posing as a buyer says that it is. The medical technician laughs and says “five stars!” Then they discuss pricing: paying per specimen or as a flat fee by the baby. “I think the per-item thing works a little better,” Dr. Ginde explains, “just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

They discuss the baby’s brain, the eyeballs, which are a little too small to use. Dr. Ginde points out that, with “second tris” (babies in their second trimester of gestation), they don’t need to rinse the tissue away from the parts, because “it’s so big you can put your hand in there and just pick up the parts. So, I don’t think it would be as war-torn.”

They identify the stomach, kidney hearts, adrenal, arms. It ends with the medical assistant, looking for the baby’s legs, exclaiming “and another boy!”

We know that Planned Parenthood isn’t about women’s health. That lie has been exposed. We know the abortion industry doesn’t care about women. That, too, has been exposed. These videos prove that their greed has driven past even what we knew. It has driven abortionists to sell the parts of the babies they take, and to profit from them.

With every video, another lie within Planned Parenthood is exposed. With this video, however, a lie within the entire idea of abortion is exposed. The lie central to abortion, that keeps people insulated from the only thing abortion advocates could tell themselves to justify that belief.  It’s a baby. A baby boy. A boy who will not be born, who has had his life taken by an organization that is sifting through his body parts on a pie plate, determining how to get the most money from them. How to do so for profit without getting caught. The last lie has been exposed, the lie that keeps pro-choice advocates from facing the reality of abortion.

Yes, Dr. Ginde, it is a baby.


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