The Third Undercover Video and the Myth of ‘Women’s Health’ at Planned Parenthood

By Amelia Hamilton Published on July 28, 2015

“We can see how much we can get out of it.” 

In a third undercover video released today exposing Planned Parenthood, that is how Dr. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, discusses aborted babies. Specifically, the sale of fetal organs and tissues taken from aborted babies. With this one sentence, Ginde destroys Planned Parenthood’s false narrative that they are not profiting from the sale of organs and tissues taken from aborted babies.

It’s a very different picture from the one the organization has been furiously peddling, namely that Planned Parenthood is all about women’s health.

Over the weekend, Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards appeared on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos to discuss the now infamous undercover videos. Any boxer worth his salt would be impressed at her ability to bob and weave, avoiding questions and quickly getting back to shooting-the-messenger and pushing her talking points — talking points that largely came back to one specific phrase: “women’s health.” In fact, in the eight-minute segment, she refers to Planned Parenthood providing healthcare to women 18 times. While it was a valiant effort to paint the organization as one that is vital to communities, the truth is that Planned Parenthood is a chain of abortion clinics that provide a few other services on the periphery.

Twelve percent of all visits to Planned Parenthood are for abortions. Former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson said, “I was directed to double the number of abortions our clinic performed in order to drive up revenue.” Over the past three years, partially due to abortion quotas and mandating all clinics to provide abortions, Planned Parenthood has aborted nearly one million babies. Meanwhile, cancer screenings are down by 50% and Planned Parenthood, despite what many may believe, does not provide mammograms. At all. At any clinic.

Meanwhile Planned Parenthood warns of the dire outcome if public funding were cut and these meagre healthcare offerings dried up. Of course, this is entirely false. 

Birth control is widely available outside of Planned Parenthood.

Birth control is widely available outside of Planned Parenthood.

Other programs take care of all of these services. Women have options, better options. Options in clinics that don’t have a long history of fighting against higher safety standards for their patients in the way that abortion clinics do. Options in clinics that don’t cover up sex trafficking or sexual abuse and statutory rape of girls and women. Planned Parenthood isn’t caring for women, but other clinics will. There are plenty of places to get a pap smear that don’t abort babies and then discuss afterwards over drinks how “crunchy” or uncrunchy the abortions were.

One woman who had an abortion at Planned Parenthood told me, “We cannot believe that Planned Parenthood, a group that offers a Chinese-menu-style list of aborted baby parts, is interested in anything but profiteering off of ‘women’s health and well-being.'” This is not unusual. To look at testimonials from women who have been through abortions at Planned Parenthood is to see the same phrases over and over. The words “care” and “trauma” were all used over and over, the former also in a negative context:

  • “No one cared.”
  • “The only thing they cared about was getting their “$.”
  • “I was cold, lonely, scared. I tried to hold the assistant’s hand as they wheeled me into the operating room. She pulled away. I said I did not want to do it. I said I wanted to leave. Last thing I remember she said, ‘It will be over before you know it.’ It sure was. I will regret it till the day I die.”
  • “They were not a help to me. The agency not only helped me kill my unborn children, they helped me kill my own spirit, my psychological health and my emotional health.”
  • “I did not receive any Woman Cryingcounseling and it was a horrific experience that traumatized my life for years after.”
  • “Words cannot begin to tell you the damage I felt physically, mentally and spiritually, as well as the emotional trauma and deep depression and blackness that followed this decision.”
  • “The trauma from these abortions had scared me for many years.”
  • “I was not counseled on the trauma and regret I would experience because of my abortions.”

There are countless examples of women who have been harmed and traumatized by Planned Parenthood. The organization simply doesn’t care about women.

Its president, Cecil Richards, can go on television and refer to women’s health 18 times in eight minutes, but that doesn’t change the facts. Planned Parenthood is not essential to the heath and well-being of women. It is detrimental to both. The faster America accepts that fact and pulls their funding, the better. The women of America deserve better — born and unborn.

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