YouTube Just Demonetized Hundreds of Our Videos

Our immediate message to YouTube is simple: We will not be silenced.

Dr. Michael Brown in his YouTube Video "New Testament Foundations for 'Apologetics'"

By Michael Brown Published on August 19, 2017

It all happened in the course of one night, and it happened quite suddenly.

Last Thursday night, I noticed that YouTube demonetized my interview with a former KKK Grand Dragon who is now an associate pastor in an African American church, claiming it was “Not suitable for all advertisers”? Why wouldn’t it be? It was a great, positive, redemptive story, one that the whole world should hear. Why flag it?

The demondetizing of this video was the first thing that got my attention, but I thought to myself, “It’s probably because it has KKK in the title.”

For months now, we had noticed that almost any video we had with “Islam” in the title would get demonetized. But when we would request a review from YouTube, some of the videos would get reinstated.

Still, we had seen a drop of more than 65 percent in our AskDrBrown YouTube income, despite producing more, not less videos. What was causing this to happen?

We are a non-profit ministry, and every dime that comes in goes back into ministry work. Why the precipitous decline?

Well, no sooner did I see that the Grand Dragon video had been flagged than I spotted a note on our channel from YouTube. It explained that, if we had seen a drop in video income, it could be that our videos had been marked as not suitable for all advertisers.

That’s when the shocking reality began to unfold.

More Than 900 Videos 

It wasn’t just a few videos here and there that were flagged. It was dozens of them. No, wait, it was pages of them. No wait, pages and pages of them.

Literally, in front of my eyes, I watched the pages grow — from 2 pages, to 5, to 7, to 10, to 15, to 20, to, 32 pages, each with 30 videos — so, more than 900 videos.

It wasn’t individual videos being flagged. It was our account that was flagged.

Suddenly, the vast majority of our videos had been demonetized since the content was ostensibly too controversial.

We’re talking about videos like:

Debates I had with rabbis were flagged; powerful stories, like a Muslim woman being healed by Jesus, were flagged. Videos where I answered questions like, “Should Christians Homeschool Their Children?” or “Did Jesus Claim to Be God?” were flagged, along with videos of spiritual encouragement (like the one encouraging believers to look to the Lord in the midst of chaos).

Teaching videos were flagged (like the one explaining that the Preface to the King James Version of the Bible refutes King James Onlyism), along with motivational videos (like the one where I talked about how I lost 95 pounds.). All these were flagged, along with the many videos that focused on LGBT issues or radical Islam or politics. Seriously?

Challenge the Censorship

For months, we’ve been hearing about the YouTube crackdown on conservative voices, especially those who have the temerity to confront certain “controversial” issues. And we’ve known that, with the ADL joining forces with YouTube, blatant censorship could be next.

We’ve watched as Prager U videos were temporarily removed. We’ve heard others cry foul as their videos were demonetized, most recently major internet players like Paul Joseph Watson and Diamond and Silk. (Whether or not you agree with these voices, they deserve the same rights and privileges others have on YouTube.)

We’ve been hearing about the YouTube crackdown on conservative voices. Blatant censorship could be next.

Still, it was quite a shock to see that the vast majority of our videos were demonetized in a single night. (When I posted this video on Facebook, I thought all our videos had been flagged; actually, just the vast majority were. The overall impact is virtually the same.)

Our YouTube channel is still young and growing. But we do have more than 900 videos posted, over 33,000 subscribers, and more than 5 million views so far. And we absolutely plan to use the medium of YouTube to reach as many people as possible.

But their recent actions, which are as indiscriminate as they are discriminatory, must be challenged, and along with others, we plan to do that very thing. We are also working on alternate means to produce, fund, and distribute our videos, so stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

For the moment, we’re rejoicing in the opposition we have received, taking it as a good sign overall. And we’re confident that if this door closes, God will open a better one.

Our immediate message to YouTube is simple: We will not be silenced.

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  • Jim

    Dennis Prager has had the same problem with Prager University videos being blocked outright by YouTube. These are videos done by professionals in their fields to counter the leftist narrative that is being pushed in the universities and media.

  • Howard Douglas

    I am delighted. You need to wake up and read Jeremiah 5 verses 1-58 – may give you some real insight into what’s going on with your youtube videos and your ‘income’

    • Michael L Brown

      Sir, I take it you mean Jer 51:1-58, speaking of the fall of Babylon and the call to the Jewish people to flee, with the message being that YouTube will fall and God’s people need to get out? (Just wanting to be sure others understand your point too.)

      • Howard Douglas

        Yes, please accept my apologies and note the correction. Whilst you are absolutely correct in that ELOHIM through Jeremiah was warning the increasingly sinful nation of their impending judgement and the destruction of the Temple, you may have failed to understand why I suggested you read the account. It seems that you fail to recognise the judgement that GOD has determined on America and her allies. Can’t you hear the shout that is being lifted up? America is ‘the daughter of Babylon’ (or Babylon 2 if you will) and her destruction is planned by The ETERNAL.

        You will see what GOD says through Jeremiah in verse 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 24, 25, 28, 29, 37, 41, 45, 46, 48, 49, 57 and 58.

        Consider your position and ask how important Youtube income is in relation to the destruction of the United States and her allies for her embrace of BAAL (Sunday worship) homosexuality, abortion, murder and the constant secret war against Israel and righteousness. By Grace we are saved, it is The Gift of ELOHIM through faith in The Son of YAH MOST HIGH, but that Grace is truly received in us by The HOLY SPIRIT, who leads us into all truth, observing The Law of GOD by faith which produces the highest form of worship Obedience to Christ and to The Law of GOD – HIS Law, HE gave it, HE owns it.

        Isn’t that fact more important than income from Youtube?

        Remind yourself of verses: 8, 9, 45, 46, 49, 57 and 58 and Revelation 18:4

        He that hath an ear?

  • Stephen D

    The key is the ‘demon’ in ‘demonetised’. Of course Satan is still at work in YouTube as much as anywhere else in the world today. If you look at the range of videos that are fine on YouTube you will find many that carry Satan’s message to the world.

  • tz1

    The only way to pressure Google is for everyone to use tracking and ad-blockers – which demonetizes everything, but that includes Google’s cut. They also declutter pages. And make sure Google Board of Directors knows since they have a fiduciary responsibility to keep Google profitable.

    If Google wants to use a leftwing bigot-bot to police their site, so be it but they will lose revenue.

    Other than that, I don’t know anything that would send a message they would pay attention to.

    Also, you have not YET been silenced, only demonetized. The silencing will come shortly though if we don’t build an alt-tech infrastructure. In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream.

    Personally, in anticipation, I’ve deleted almost all my google footprint.

    But there is one more problem. The alternatives prefer free speech. So there will be offensive things on the alternative platforms. If you don’t want to be on the same site as they you will have to do everything yourself.

    • Paul

      An interesting read regarding exactly what you’re talking about..


    • john appleseed

      If only some conservative millionaire would start a freer version of YouTube.

  • Paul

    “Whether or not you agree with these voices, they deserve the same rights and privileges others have on YouTube”

    It’s their privately owned platform, what rights do you or I have there?

    • john appleseed

      He’s simply wishing YouTube was consistent.
      I wish you were consistent. Your other comment is complaining about 2A lovers not being treated well by private companies.

      • Az1seeit

        Wait…how is this inconsistent? Both posts are observations of reality and honest questions.

        • john appleseed

          I explained how in my comment.

          • Az1seeit

            I’ve only seen objective observations and questions. No judgements.

      • Paul

        Youtube is being consistent, they first went after firearms related content and Christian content appears to be next.

        But my question remains, what rights does any of us have in Youtube’s private platform?

  • Paul

    Michael, I’m curious, do you pay attention to second amendment issues? If you did you would have seen this coming a long time ago, the 2A has been under attack by silicon valley elites for a very long time. Unfortunately there is no shortage of Christians who are either fine with that or simply indifferent. The 2A canary has long been dead in your social media coal mine and now you care? Did you think they wouldn’t come after you too?

    • john appleseed

      You’re angry because he’s not devoted to 2A rights?

      • Az1seeit

        Wait. I don’t see anger in his post…?

        • john appleseed

          Yes, especially in the last two sentences.

          • Az1seeit

            I guess if you want to see anger you could project it there…but I didn’t and don’t.

          • john appleseed

            As I see it…

          • Az1seeit

            Pithy. But I’ll cut to the chase. You appeared to attack Paul twice for things you projected on his comments. Both times I questioned your conclusions as I saw neither. There’s more than one way to say ‘numbskull’. All ways diminish the poster and postee… as you know. Just sayin’

      • BTP

        No, numbskull. He’s pointing out that 2A has been collecting the same level of harassment that everyone else is getting now. Some Christians have been indifferent to censorship of that issue, foolishly thinking the censors of the Left would not be coming for them, as well.

        • john appleseed

          Using a term like “numbskull” says a lot about you, unfortunately.
          Please read Paul’s comment, especially the last two sentences, in which he seeks to indict Dr Brown for not being devoted to 2A rights.

          • Paul

            Here you are simply making things up.

      • Paul

        As far as emotions go, you are confusing frustration with anger.

        Miners were not canary experts, but Wise miners would pay attention to the state of that bird to save their own skin. And the better they made conditions for the canary the better it was for the miners. But a miner who didn’t pay any attention to the canary was being careless, and worse yet is if he saw the canary was dead and didn’t care then he was a fool.

        I’m frustrated that too many Christians have not been mindful of 2A issues in this nation because it portends what’s coming to Christians re Constitutional battles and it would be wise to at least pay attention and even better to care about the violation of others rights before yours are under attack.

  • Andrew Mason

    I periodically glance at The Rebel and they’ve seen a similar issue heading for them. As a consequence they’re trying to develop their own independent platform so that when YouTube bans non-liberal viewpoints their supporters will still have news access. As an independent you probably can’t createbuy your own platform, but perhaps there’s a way around YouTube censorship by finding a better platform?

    • john appleseed

      The China Uncensored channel, which details all of the evils China’s government does there & around the world, got weary of the harassment from YouTube, so they started their own website, & I watch their videos there.
      Please do the same, Dr Brown!

  • Olaf

    Why does this not surprise me? And this is just the beginning. Soon buying and selling will be forbidden for Christians. (But wait, didn’t we have that already? A Christian farmer not able to sell his products on a local Farmers Market?). Hospitals based on Christian values (no abortion, no euthanasia) will be defunded, also, Christian medical doctors cannot practice anymore, etc.

    • john appleseed

      Not to mention the State coming against Christ-following bakers, florists, etc.

  • Az1seeit

    When I hear about selective censorship in public venues like this, and watch violent thugs be allowed free reign by law enforcement to attack and destroy on the streets, part of me is still incredulous! This is STILL a free country….constitutionally.

    But a growing part in me is realizing we don’t live there any longer. The free country that was established by the founders depended on a moral people. Now, everything is determined by the mob. Truth and morality is no longer objective reality: the mob decides. Whole generations have been poisoned by the mob’s revisionist history that engenders hate. And public and legal decisions are now made not based on what is right or wrong, but on avoiding the thought police activist enforcers – the mob.

    The mob has struck again, Dr. Brown. This world is not our home. Praise You Father for Your sovereign hand in all. Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

    • Mensa Member

      >> When I hear about selective censorship in public venues like this

      You might consider doing a little research.

      For starters: Governments censor. Google is a corporation. YouTube is not a “public venue.” So, you can retract the constitutional claims.

      The ads on YouTube are a business relationship between Google and the people who make the videos.

      I’ll guess that this is a business decision in light of the rise of hate groups under Trump. so, you can drop the persecution talk.

      • Shaquille Harvey

        What hate groups are you referring to ?

      • Az1seeit

        Exactly. A business relationship. Here’s one from segregationist era “Blacks not served here”. Was that right?

        And Dr. Brown is a hate group? The rise of hate groups “under Trump”? So which one didn’t already exist before Trump? Oh yeah…Antifa. The rent-a-mob haters that’ve been aggressively destroying free speech venues with impunity since he began his campaign. I’m not seeing the connection to Dr. Brown.

        Here’s the thing MM… a while ago I questioned a friend’s claim about bias directed towards him and his associates as a group. He said I didn’t see it because I’m not a member of his group. I took his point on faith…until it began to happen with the glaring leftist media bias…that they claim doesn’t exist….and I see it is true. I have seen it in action in other places as well. Thankfully I wasn’t condescending to the person, implying a “persecution complex”, I’ve learned something…and I still have the relationship.

      • Paul

        “For starters: governments censor.”

        anyone can play the part of censor

  • BTP

    Yeah. You may not be at war with them, but they are at war with you. But whatever: a guy breaks in your house, maybe you can reason with him. Good luck with that.

    • john appleseed

      I use DuckDuckGo for searches.
      Because Google is so 1984.

      • Mensa Member

        DuckDuckGo is re branded Google.

    • Mensa Member

      A war? Persecution complex much?

      • Shaquille Harvey

        You mean like how many of sjw s are ? You mean how many times the LGBT constantly make themselves to be ?!

  • YouTube is a private company, not a public utility. Surely someone can start a conservative Christian video sharing website.

    • Mensa Member

      There are thousands of Christian radio stations around the country. A large percentage of the channels are Evangelical Christian. I can’t imagine how many Christian websites and blogs are out there.

      Do conservative Christians really need a bigger bubble to live in?

      • Shaquille Harvey

        There are also large amounts of TVs programming contain LGBT figures, gay channels, LGBT websites and blogs etc.

        So why do LGBT people say there aren’t enough representation ? Why do LGBT people live in their own bubble ?

    • Shaquille Harvey

      Why should Christian videos, who try to follow the rules, be targeted especially when there are worse videos which are not been targeted?

    • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

      It is a monopoly therefore time for a serious anti trust lawsuit

      • It is not a monopoly, in that ANYONE can put a video-sharing website on the internet. Vimeo and DailyMotion are other video sharing websites.

      • It is not a monopoly, in that ANYONE can put a video-sharing website on the internet. Vimeo and DailyMotion are other video sharing websites.

    • The Evangelical

      Of course they can, but they should show some courtesy and say “We don’t want Bible believing Christians on this site. kthxbye.” He isn’t making a demand, just asking for an explanation.

  • Jim Walker

    YT, G00gl3, FB etc are part of the End Times equation.

    • Mensa Member

      Who’s Bible doesn’t clearly say that? 😉

  • Mensa Member

    >> Our immediate message to YouTube is simple: We will not be silenced.

    They are still hosting and broadcasting your videos — for free! That’s hardly silencing you.

    • Hmmm…

      It’s clear here that you have moved from “we Christians” to “you.” No
      prob; everyone knew that’s where you were always coming from.

      • Patmos

        Mensa Member is a professional troll, not just a volunteer one, which is why he keeps posting here after being found out. No other incentive for him to do so.

        • Chip Crawford

          That makes for a very minimal employment for a supposed “Mensa Member.” He is around every day for many hours like the retired folks, yet appears young. A millennial living in the parents’ basement? and just playing on the computer to pass time? But, why assume the picture is authentic either, though I would not have chosen that one somehow. It reminds me of Mr. Blifill in the old, old Tom Jones movie.

    • Chip Crawford

      Again, MM, how about read before screed. The point of the article is that the majority of this author’s contributions to YouTube have just been pulled. That’s a significant loss and harbinger of actually more to complete limitation to come. We know you don’t care about that and have never been invested in the cause of the Gospel or the Word of God.

      • Jim Walker

        For someone who claims to be a Christian is clapping and feeling happy seeing a fellow Christian being persecuted and gets all his likes from non-Christians and trolls. Stop feeding him.

  • Mensa Member

    >> their recent actions, which are as indiscriminate

    How indiscriminate is it, really? You actively contribute to sites like Townhall, WorldNetDaily and NewsMax.

    As my momma used to say, “You are known by the company you keep.”

    You have thrown-in with the racists and bigots and should expect some of the push-back they get.

    • Shaquille Harvey

      What racists and bigots ?

  • Patmos

    Are there no moderators at this site? Mensa Member needs to be banned.

    • Chip Crawford

      Maybe it’s time for everyone to start flagging his posts, which does hide or remove them.

  • Devieg72

    While I love and respect Mr. Brown’s writings I wonder why he would expect YouTube to monetize his videos in the first place. I may be stupid, but I consider YouTube to be a pillar in the Forum upon which any person is allowed to mount and spout one’s opinions. To be able to do such a thing is remarkable in the history of the world. To expect to be paid for it is a bit over the top. At least Mr. Brown has not been banned from YouTube as have many other people.

    • The Evangelical

      He put time and effort into making good quality videos. If multiple people watch his videos and YouTube has a monetization policy, then why not? There are kids who are “social influencers” who have millions of followers and make their living from making videos. Anyway, he simply discovered the issues from the changes in the cash flow. The bigger issue is the blanket censorship with no stated reason for doing so.

    • Chip Crawford

      slippery slope factor maybe?

    • Paul

      Why would Youtube monetize video content? Because that is how they generate revenue to pay for salaries and infrastructure and increase profits. And they share that revenue with the creators of that content to keep people making new content. By blocking ads on some content they are actively de-incentivizing the creation of that content type while trying to dodge the censorship moniker.

  • David MacKenzie

    That is absolutely scandalous. What in the world is Youtube thinking?

  • m-nj

    I’d have to agree with other posters… YouTube is a non-governmental entity which can do whatever it wants with regards to viewpoint discrimination. IF Dr. Brown were paying YouTube to host his vids, then he might be able to force it back on the libs stating he is being refused public accommodation and bring a civil suit.

    I personally think YouTube is shooting themselves in the foot, however, as there are likely a significant number of advertizers out there who would rather be associated with content like Dr. Brown’s and other christians, rather than foul mouth vlogs, rap videos, and other vile content that YouTube seems all to happy to not only monetize but promote.

    My suggestion… go to Patreon (or Vimeo) as many conservatives, christians, and others that have been demonetized have.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Make ’em bake that cake.

  • Hildabeast

    What’s needed is new laws that state content hosts like Google or whomever is hosting content on the internet, though they may own the hardware, they do not own the content that should have first amendment protection. The way they’re able to usurp freedom of speech right now is because of archaic laws that said you can kick someone out of your house if you disagree with them, because your house is private property..or businesses, all the same.

    The public wireless spectrum where most of these communications happen as well as much of the infrastructure on the internet isn’t necessarily owned by Google. This can clearly mitigate, if not nearly destroy their right to usurp/abridge freedom of speech.

    Without the lawmakers getting involved to update archaic laws, there can be no brighter future… only more of the same.

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