Will the Left Discipline George Takei and Bill Maher for Their Pro-Pederast Comments?

George Takei, left, speaks at the Phoenix Comicon on May 29, 2011. Bill Maher, right, speaks at the 6th Annual Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala on Jan. 7, 2017.

By Michael Brown Published on February 22, 2017

I write these words burning with indignation in light of the truly sick, pro-pederasty comments that have surfaced in recent days. Will the left discipline two of its beloved stars, George Takei of Star Trek fame and Bill Maher of HBO renown, for their horrifying comments the same way the right disciplined Milo Yiannopoulos for his?

The Milo Reaction

As a result of some of Milo’s past comments getting more exposure, he was disinvited from speaking at CPAC, his book contract with Simon & Schuster was cancelled, and he resigned from being a senior editor at Breitbart (by his own choice, but obviously under duress). And all this happened despite Milo having a track record of exposing pedophiles and denouncing pedophilia, as he emphasized in his press conference on Tuesday.

Still, his lighthearted comments about being abused by a priest at the age of 13, along with other inappropriate remarks, were inexcusable and harmful, as he himself acknowledged, and it is right that he has suffered these penalties.

As for CPAC and Simon & Schuster and Breitbart, had they not responded decisively to Milo’s comments, their reputations would have been tarnished. (It was the conservative imprint of Simon & Schuster that had contracted Milo’s book.)

The Takei Revelation

What will the left do now that George Takei’s pro-pederast comments on the Howard Stern show have surfaced, comments perhaps far worse than Milo’s? And how will the left respond to Bill Maher’s pro-pederast comments, certainly the worst of all?

This is the relevant text of Takei’s 2006 interview on Howard Stern as he described what happened to him at a summer camp when he was just 13:

Howard Stern: How were you alone? It’s summer camp.

George Takei: We were in the cabin.

Stern: And where were the other boys?

Takei: They were off hiking or something.

Robin Quivers: Doing little boy things.

Stern: Do you think subconsciously you stayed behind because you wanted to be alone with him [the 19-year-old-camp counselor]?

Takei: No, there was some kind of reason why I had to be there.


Stern: And he sat down and he touched you… Were you molested in a sense, because you were 13?

Takei: No, no. Cause I was kind of, you know — well, I thought he was pretty attractive.

Quivers: And you wanted to know why you felt this way.

Takei: Yes.


Quivers: Now wait a moment. He starts touching you how?

Stern: I don’t know if I need to hear all this.

Quivers: Does he put a hand on your knee? Or does he put his arm around your shoulder?

Takei: He puts his arm around my shoulders.

Stern: Oh yeah.

Takei: Then he started, you know, touching the private parts.

Robin Quivers: Ahh! Was he gazing into your eyes the whole time? Was he saying anything?

Takei: Oh, he was telling me about, you know, how life works.

[Takei then explains in detail what took place sexually between them.]

Takei: It was both wonderful and scary and kind of intimidating, and delightful. I mean, all those opposites.

To every parent and grandparent reading these words, think about a 19-year-old camp counselor, supposedly a trustworthy figure, doing this to your 13-year-old child. Is your blood boiling like mine is? And how do you feel about Takei’s positive description of it all?

Despite this interview, which was certainly not done in the closet (no pun intended), Takei has become a major voice in LGBT activism, and to my knowledge, there was no uproar after the interview aired. And how common are events like this in the gay community, providing an entry way into an active homosexual lifestyle? (More on this subject shortly in a forthcoming article; for now, see here and here.) Milo has every right to call-out the double standards.

Bill Maher’s Remarks

As for Bill Maher, Joe Concha reports on The Hill that, “A video surfaced Wednesday showing HBO Real Time host Bill Maher condoning a sexual relationship between a 35-year-old female teacher and a 12-year-old male student that resulted in the woman getting pregnant twice before eventually being jailed.”

What makes this all the more ironic is that Maher has taken credit for the fall of Milo, and now the accuser finds himself accused, and rightly so.

As Concha notes, in the 1998 clip from his ABC show Politically Incorrect, Maher “was referring to the story of a woman named Mary Kay Letourneau who was impregnated twice by student Vili Fualaau, starting when he was 12.”

Of this abusive relationship he said, “The teacher from Seattle is in jail because she is in love. That’s how I view it.”

He continued,

I admit that it’s unorthodox. She’s 35, the boy is 14. He was younger when they started. But she is pregnant again. That was the story this week. This is the second child by this boy. They are keeping the mother in jail because she won’t conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family.

These are sick, sick comments reflecting sick, sick morals, and if there are not substantial penalties for these comments — even 19 years later — then Milo would be completely vindicated in claiming that the attacks against him (as an openly gay conservative) were nothing more than “a cynical media witch hunt from people who don’t care about children.”

How Will the Media React?

So, what will the media do now, the same media that wanted to crucify Milo for his inexcusable comments?

If it fails to act in a clear and concerted way, it will only expose its own moral bankruptcy. Or perhaps, even more revealingly, it will demonstrate that strong morals are only expected from the right, not the left.

We shall see.

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  • Triple T

    There won’t be a peep. George Takei is gay and a minority. That probably makes him like God to these people.

    • Le Fox

      And Milo’s comments on the homosexual world, despite made public for years, are ignored by Right-wingers that are supposed to be non-liberal. Left and Right haven’t commented about that. Why? You know why.

  • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

    Don’t hold your breath, we all know this reaction to Milo had NOTHING to do with outrage and the protection of minors. Vile hypocritical leftists are simply virtue signaling. These are the same monsters gave Roman Polanski, who raped a 13 years old, a standing ovation. They were OK with Barney Frank running a male prostitution ring out of his home. These degenerates loved the original version of award-winning “Vagina Monologues” which contained a scene glorifying pedophile rape.
    These are the very same people who supported statutory rapist Kaitlyn Hunt, claiming 14 year old minor could give consent to having finger sex in a public bathroom.
    These are the same people who put Harvey Milk’s face on a US postage stamp even though Milk had a sixteen year old lover when he was 33.
    The left is all about sexual degeneracy, they only become outraged when it is expedient for them.

    • Le Fox

      You’re right.

      But since when does the Right care about sexuality? After all, they KNEW what Milo did for years and yet not did a thing. I see people excuse what he did and ignore gay pederasty ‘because it’s bad only when Leftists do it’. The Right needs to admit that Milo groomed them to become just another batch of pro-LGBT Leftists. No more no less.

      You’re virtue signalling for Milo, because you think he’s one of you. He was never for WestCiv. He just didn’t want his gay rights threatened.

      • Jim Walker

        “The Right needs to admit that Milo groomed them to become just another batch of pro-LGBT Leftists. No more no less.”
        Totally agree. I would change it to pro-LGBT Rightists. I’m surprise so many conservative students go and hear him speak and it scares me to think that these students will go out endorsing the LGBT as well.

    • Wayne Cook

      In fact, I’ve recently, this week, heard a Christian proclaiming just how great Polanski is. Our world is broken and only the confession of those sins and the forgiveness of Jesus can regenerate it!

  • Jim Walker

    I doubt the Left will condemn these 2 persons. They will cry foul when anyone from the Right does the same vile stuff that they do. They can have 1000 protests, destroy properties, hurl offending insults and vulgarities, be violent, use pepper spray but if one of you gets angry and use a pepper spray on one of them, WOW its gonna be TSUNAMI and the MSM will broadcast 24/7 !

  • From memory, gay activist Dan Savage has given some vile advice on sexuality to adolescents. Why hasn’t he been censured?

    • Le Fox

      Because, like Milo, he’s gay. Milo talked about his experiences for years. Both sides willfully ignored it.

    • junevanfarowe

      Because our culture calls us homophobic and we hate that….. so we keep quiet.

  • Gary

    LOL! Liberals love this stuff.

  • I really am sorry for Milo

    • Gary

      Why would you be sorry for that pervert?

  • Dean Bruckner

    Will they discipline these two? No. With the Left, this is not a bug; it’s a feature!

    • Le Fox

      The Right’s not disciplining Milo. What does that tell you?

      • I hate to have to point this out to you, but having to step down from Breitbart and being disinvited from CPAC qualifies as the Right disciplining him. I won’t count losing his book deal as discipline from the Right, but it most assuredly is discipline.

        On the other hand, Maher and Takei will suffer no discipline at all.

  • JP

    email this page to your friends.

  • Paul

    That’s the political advantage the libs have, they are expected to be pro sexual deviant so disciplining such talk is counterintuitive. It’s conservatives who are suposed to have a moral compass by which they can be judged.

  • Le Fox

    Milo was never conservative. He only acted that way so he could groom the Right for his own purposes. When the Right refuses to talk about gay culture as much as the Left does, and excuses what he did, using the same liberal arguments, what does that tell you?

    Milo wasn’t ashamed because he’s guilty. He’s ashamed because he was caught. He’s projecting his shame on Takei – though both are equally reprehensible.

  • hollyhouse

    The left NEVER disciplines its own .

    • Wayne Cook

      You are so right!

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Who’s taking bets? Put all my money on “Hypocrisy”!

  • Olaf

    Then, there is also Roman Polanski. There is an arrest warrant open for the rape of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer, and he does not dare to set foot into the US. And Meryll Streep applauded him on some film festival a while ago.

  • David Hess

    the left won’t take responsibility because they don’t have a moral compass to guide them. the right has taken responsibility because they do.

  • Paul Burgett

    The liberals will not discipline anyone, because the premise of their argument is based on unaccountability! It’s the basis of their hypocrisy. Things like “responsible”, “moral”, “good” and “evil” are all entirely subjective AND subject to change at any given moment based on new revelation by the person holding the subjective views. A slippery slope indeed.

  • Kevin Carr

    Of course not, they hate Milo because he has some conservative views, so even when he says something they actually agree with they will use it to hammer him with. Anyone can be a selfish hedonist, there seems to be a special kind of low life line you cross when you want to do things to children and they are all for it.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    So, George was party to a journey “where no man has gone before”, w/him at any rate.
    Bill has been “politically incorrect” in “real time’ & not the first or the last time.
    Milo exposes how he became the “dangerous f—-t” he proclaims in no uncertain terms.
    Should we be surprised by the silence on the left over the infractions perpetrated by their constituency , while w/their self righteous indignation they “shout it from the housetops” their school & horror over the same from the right. They screech even louder over any fabrication they can persuade their comrades to protest over, as long as they can keep it up. At least long enough to spew their vile seed as far as their thrust will permit …

  • O’Pinyon

    Although some of George Takei’s comments have been omitted, he seems, from what is printed here, to be reporting his own experience. That he sees his experience as positive shows how significantly he was affected and impeded by it.
    Bill Maher, on the other hand, is advocating the victimization of others.

  • Hi Michael, Per your quotes, I see Maher condoning statutory rape, but I do not see Takei condoning statutory rape. Acknowledging a mixture of good and bad feelings during victimization from abuse is not the same condoning the abuse. Peace, Jim

  • One point of correction is that pederasty is between a man and a boy, so Yiannopoulos and Takei were juvenile victims of pederasty (one form of statutory rape); while Yiannopoulos made a pro-pederasty comment. But Fualaau was a male juvenile victim of heterosexual statutory rape. Unlike most statutory rape victims, Fualaau married his perpetrator after becoming an adult, and the marriage has lasted more then ten years.

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