Will California Go From Banning Religious Books to Burning Them?

If we don’t stop this, what’s coming next?

By Michael Brown Published on April 20, 2018

Two weeks ago, we warned you about the implications of California’s “Must Stay Gay Bill” (see here and here). Now others are sounding the alarm about the full weight of this onerous bill, which could literally mean the banning of certain religious books. If we don’t stop this, what’s coming next?

Banning Books

On April 17, David French noted that this bill

would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality.

Yes, ban the sale of books.

Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

In other words, it would be illegal for a bookstore to sell my book, Can You Be Gay and Christian? And that would apply all the more if the book was sold to someone with unwanted same-sex attraction. Yes, it would be illegal. Against the law. Punishable by the law.

With no hyperbole (really, with some understatement), French wrote: “This is extraordinarily radical.”

It Already Passed the Assembly

You say, “But no one in their right mind would consider voting for such a bill. That’s totally insane.”

Well, think again.

An April 19 headline on the California Family Council website announced, “Assembly votes to violate the 1st Amendment.”

Yes, “AB 2943 bans books, conferences, counseling advocating Muslim, Jewish, and Christian views on gender and sexual orientation.”

As the story explains,

The California Assembly approved a bill today 50-18 that tells churches and other[s] with traditional beliefs about gender and sexual orientation that advocating for their views could get them sued. AB 2943, declares “advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” is illegal under state’s consumer fraud law.

And note the carefully the vote in the Assembly: 50 to 18 in favor of the bill. Talk about insane!

Should We Just Let it Happen? No

As many have made clear in the weeks leading up to this vote, the bill is wide-ranging in its scope and intention, which is why I dubbed it the “Must Stay Gay Bill.” (It could also rightly be called the “Must Stay Gender Confused” bill, but that is not as pithy as description. Either way, the bill is a nightmare.)

To be totally candid, part of me wants to say to California and the nation, “Go ahead. Pass your radical bills. Outlaw our most fundamental freedoms. Consign struggling people to their struggles. Muzzle our religious rights. Go ahead and do your thing, and we’ll watch the whole country crumble.”

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Perhaps then the Church (and other people of conscience) will wake up. Perhaps then they’ll understand why we’ve been warning for years that those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. Perhaps then they’ll see the utter intolerance of the radical left.

But at what cost? At what price to our kids and grandkids? At what expense to the very fabric of our country? Some things leave irreparable damage in their wake.

So, while one part of me says, “Go ahead and ignore our warnings,” another part of me says, “Don’t let it come to that! It’s not too late to stand and act. It’s not to late to debunk the myth that homosexuality is innate and immutable. It’s not to late to expose the lies that there is no such thing as ex-gay (or ex-trans). It’s not too late to get the truth out to the world.”

Yes, it’s not too late — but it is getting later by the second. The window is closing rapidly.

Time to Wake Up

Of course, I already hear the mockers who say, “You’re a nutcase! You’re a religious fanatic! No one is going to burn your silly books!”

I remind these mockers of four things.

First, these same mockers once said to me, “No one wants to put you in the closet.” A few years later, they changed their mantra to, “Bigots like you belong in the closet!”

Second, these same mockers rejoiced when Kim Davis was put in jail, saying she got what she deserved.

Third, these same mockers have likened Christian conservatives to ISIS and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and the Nazis, holding signs saying that we should be thrown to the lions.

Fourth, and most tellingly, these same mockers think this new California bill is a great thing.

California and the nation, it’s time to wake up! You ignore this bill at your own peril.

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  • cestusdei

    I remember when they said, “don’t worry this won’t affect you.”

  • Chip Crawford

    Will California go to hell in a hand basket or will revival come in time?

    • stan schmunk

      What state do you live in, Chip? Unless you live in Texas, CA has more conservatives including evangelicals than your state.

      • Chip Crawford

        I am aware of some very large and vibrant groups there. Obviously they are not significantly affecting the state’s policy and culture at this point. Many other states, like Texas, Florida, have actual Christians in leadership.

      • WithHisGrace

        As long as Jerry Brown is Governor, every immoral law that can be passed will be passed in California first. California is a “sanctuary state”. All laws passed are pro-anything, for the benefit of illegal aliens and queers, and against businesses and the middle class. I would “flee” if it weren’t for the fact that all of my family is here. Once my parents pass, I’m gone! And how many actual conservatives are in a state is irrelevant when it comes to politics. The percentage is what counts. According to several articles, California is listed as “very liberal”, and Texas is listed as “slightly more conservative than the average”. I hate California and all it stands for.

  • One other effect not mentioned in the article is that if they keep this nonsense up, they’ll wind up legislating only for themselves, since everyone else would have fled the state.

    • Andrew Mason

      More likely the last of the middle class will flee. Those too poor to leave will be trapped, and the super rich are apparently flooding in. Despite California ostensibly having a tax code that punishes those who earn a lot, the wealthy would seem to support the situation. Appears they can work around the exceptions and loopholes unlike the average American.

  • Nunyadambizness

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder. They’ve gone full libtard.

  • Howard

    You say, “But no one in their right mind would consider voting for such a bill. That’s totally insane.”

    Well, think again.

    An April 19 headline on the California Family Council website announced, “Assembly votes to violate the 1st Amendment.”

    I’m still not seeing what this has to do with anyone in his right mind.

  • Patmos

    “AB 2943, declares “advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” is illegal under state’s consumer fraud law.”

    Consumer fraud? Sharing religious beliefs have nothing to do with consumer protection.

  • stan schmunk

    Tel Aviv proudly markets itself as the ‘Gayest City in the World’. NYC is it’s main rival. Jerusalem has a gay pride parade. Israel has one of the 2-3 most liberal abortion policies in the world. And you’re concerned about California?

    • Bryan

      California is part of the 50 United States and our culture tends to follow their lead. I believe that Israel is important in the history of the world but it is not a US State, nor does it’s culture dictate US culture norms.
      Why are you concerned with Israel?

      • stan schmunk

        Because evangelicals including Brown are…

        • Bryan

          But what does Tel Aviv have to do with California? Whether Tel Aviv of NYC is the “Gayest City in the World” has no bearing on a law in California that would require anyone who wants help from an otherwise licensed professional, to not get that help if what they want is to discuss getting rid of their same-sex desires or their gender dysphoria.
          The concern for Israel is in part because there are plenty of nations that would rather see Israel under Palestinian or Islamic control. Tel Aviv may get to the top of the list for “Least Gay City in the World” in that case.

  • Jim Walker

    They better make sure the Koran makes the list too.

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