Why So Few Syrian Christian Refugees? For the Same Reason You Can’t Find Orphans in Haitian Orphanages

Displaced Assyrians, who had fled their hometowns due to Islamic State Group (IS) attacks against their communities, take part in a prayer at the Ibrahim-al Khalil Melkite Greek Catholic church in the Jaramana district on the outskirts of the capital Damascus on March 1, 2015. IS jihadists in Syria recently abducted at least 220 Assyrians, one the world's oldest Christian groups.

By Jonathan Witt Published on November 20, 2015

It seems bewildering that President Obama insists on opening the floodgates to Syrian Muslim immigrants even after the Paris terrorist attacks. It gets stranger. Ten percent of Syria is Christian, but on Obama’s watch, only about 2.5% of recent Syrian refugees have been Christian, and this even though — unlike their Muslim compatriots — Syrian Christians have nowhere in the Middle East they can go to be wholly free of persecution.

So why the stacked deck? No, Barack Hussein Obama is not secretly bowing toward Mecca five times a day on an Oval Office rug. There are almost no Christian refugees from Syria for the same reason there are almost no orphans in Haitian orphanages.

The Curious Case of the Orphanless Orphanage

That’s not a misprint. Orphanages are one of the last places you’ll find a real orphan in Haiti. I learned this when I was working on a documentary called Poverty, Inc., which (shameless plug coming) just won the 2015 Templeton Freedom Prize. We were in Port-au-Prince interviewing an evangelical couple who had moved down there a few years earlier to start an orphanage and adopt a child. They began by visiting some orphanages to learn the ropes and had even found an orphan child to adopt.

But then one day they asked about the nice Haitian lady who was coming every weekend or so to play with the little kid. Oh, that’s the child’s mother, one of the staff explained. The American couple was shocked. They thought they were adopting a true orphan, a child whose mother and father were dead or irretrievably lost and gone. But here was a loving mom, showing up every few days to dote on her child.

It turns out the mother brought the child to the orphanage because she was broke and didn’t want one more mouth to feed. The American couple, Corrigan and Shelley Clay, started investigating and found that this was typical. The vast majority of the kids in the orphanages weren’t true orphans. Each of them had one or two living parents, often ones who cared about them and stayed in contact.

We followed up by interviewing anthropologist Timothy Schwartz. He had lived in Haiti for some two decades, had published academically on Haiti and written the book Travesty in Haiti: A True Account of Christian Missions, Orphanages, Fraud, Food Aid and Drug Trafficking. As he explains in the documentary, he was paid to investigate the Haitian orphanage situation for a major international non-profit and was surprised to find that he couldn’t find any orphans in the orphanages.

Eventually, he says, it all made sense. Being an “orphan” in an American orphanage is a coveted spot. It means three meals a day, a decent bed, school and books, maybe even an adoption to the United States, which then means the “orphan” can eventually grow up to send money home to his parents.

And because it’s a coveted position, the last person with the connections and resources to navigate his way into an orphanage is an actual orphan! He doesn’t have a parent to work the system. He probably also doesn’t have any paperwork. So how does the orphanage even know for sure the kid is free and clear of any claim on him? The last thing the orphanage wants to do is adopt a Haitian kid out to an American couple and then find out the kid had a Haitian parent who most certainly did not want her kid adopted overseas.

The orphanages don’t conspire to keep out true orphans. It’s simply that it would take so much more effort to take in mostly true orphans. The rescuers would have to swim hard against the system to do so. So the orphanages essentially become free boarding schools — some of them undoubtedly doing a fine job, but not fulfilling what they originally planned to accomplish: rescuing true orphans.

Syrian Christians Disowned by Their Fatherland

As I said, this directly parallels the situation with Christian Syrian refugees. In fact, the parallel is eerily tight. Many Americans would happily have us take in some nice Syrians who have nowhere in the Middle East to turn, who are hunted, plundered, raped, sold and sometimes murdered. And since we have limited capacity in a world of more than 7 billion people, it makes sense to focus on those who have nowhere safe in the Middle East to turn. Yes, Sunni and Shiite Muslims persecute each other in the Middle East, but each group has Sunni or Shiite enclaves they can retreat to in the region. The Christians, meanwhile, aren’t even safe in the refugee camps.

So dangerous are the camps for Syrian Christians that they mostly avoid them. And the UN does its refugee head-counting in the refugee camps. If the Christians aren’t there to be counted, desperate as they are, then they don’t end up on the asylum lists the U.S. State Department uses for vetting potential refugees.

So, why doesn’t the White House take steps to find and include persecuted Syrian Christian in numbers at least proportionate to their slice of the Syrian population? Maybe the Obama administration just doesn’t care, but even if they cared a little, doing something serious about it would risk annoying the Muslim leaders of the Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East.

As bad off as the Muslim refugees are, they aren’t without politically well-connected advocates in the Middle East. Many Muslim powerbrokers are happy to see Europe and America seeded with Muslim immigrants, and would surely condemn any U.S. action that appeared to prefer Christian over Muslim refugees, even if the effort were completely justified. By and large, they support Muslim immigration to the West and have little interest in seeing Christian refugees filling up any spaces that might have been filled by Muslim refugees.

The deck, in other words, is heavily stacked against the Christian refugees. The White House has been utterly feckless before the Muslim power structure in the Middle East that is doing the stacking, and has tried to sell that fecklessness to the American people as a bold stand for a religion-blind treatment of potential refugees —religion tests are un-American! It’s a smokescreen.

There is Still Time to Act

Those Christians, on the run for their lives, are the orphans in this geopolitical drama. Their fatherland has turned on them and disowned them. They are without powerful advocates on the ground to navigate them through doorways and into the queue for adoption to America.

President Obama should act, but standing up to bullies takes courage and resources. Finding the truly helpless in a system rigged against the helpless takes effort and commitment. There’s still time for Obama, working with Congress, to make that effort and that commitment.

Just as the United States heavily limited the flow of Jewish refugees for a time during World War II, so now the United States is failing to open the doors to the religiously persecuted Christians in the Middle East. But America changed its policy then, and we can change it now.

And, by the way, while some have tried to equate Jewish refugees back then with Muslim refugees today, that argument doesn’t work. Muslim migrants have many places to turn to in the Middle East. But like the Jews under the shadow of Hitler, today’s Middle Eastern Christians under the shadow of radical Islam have precious few options. For many of them in this vale of tears, America is their last best hope for refuge.


Jonathan Witt is managing editor of The Stream and author, with Jay W. Richards, of The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom That Tolkien Got, and the West Forgot. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanRWitt.

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  • JudyKWarner

    An additional consideration is that at the U.S. end, the “religious” organizations that stream government money into refugee resettlement while supporting their well-paid bureaucracies do not seem to care that they are resettling Muslims rather than Christians. They simply take what the government gives them — the more the better since they get paid per head — and the government takes what they UN gives them. Since the Obama administration will not act to get more Christians, it is up to the Conference of Bishops, and the Lutheran group, and the other refugee resettlement agencies that are supposed to be Christian to make a fuss, or at least to publicize the reason for so few Christians. Even the Jewish agency doesn’t object to resettling great numbers of Muslims.

  • Lidia Landon Michael

    I have a SYRIAN Christian friend in this exact situation. He and his wife and child fled to Turkey because it was the safest place to go. However, Turkey does not acknowledge Syrians as refugees. So it is painfully hard for him to find work to support his family. Some kind person found them a place to stay, thank God. He would love to come to US. but has no help to do so.

  • Wayne Cook

    Thank you for letting us know. Now we pray.

  • Tom McCann

    I have no experience with Syria, so I won’t comment on that. But your remarks about Haiti are factually incorrect. In the orphanages I’ve worked with there, about half of the kids are ‘true’ orphans and the other half are ‘economic’ orphans. The situation is different than in America, but only that – it’s just different.
    And, yes, being in an American orphanage is indeed a good deal. The alternative is starvation, illness, and possibly death in the dirt and filth of the streets of Haiti. Because it is a coveted spot, most orphanages actively seek to return economic orphans to their parents when conditions warrant. And if kids have parents, it’s much easier to throw them out for repeated bad behavior.
    You have done a great disservice to the thousands of people working to take care of kids in Haiti. If you and Mr. Schwartz can’t find any orphans in orphanages, meet me in Port au Prince and I’ll introduce you to hundreds tomorrow.

  • caterina1125

    It’s also because they are systematically denied refugee status by the US and I heard this a few months ago by a priest from Syria, he said while the were giving visas to all muslim refugees for every 1000 muslim visas they had only accepted 28 of the Chrisitan families. It that is not discrimination from the USA I don’t know what is. What I don’t understand is why would immigration employees will participate in this evil unbelievable discrimination… they are accomplices of the blood of those Christians and will have to give an account to God for them.

    • Andrea Pilati

      Please learn to spell correctly, punctuation and sentence structure. It will really help us all out.

      • caterina1125

        I was writing from my phone and I thought the information was the most important thing, not punctuation and sentence structure. Sorry to hear that you need to attack someone who is worried about Christians by trying to humiliate them. I guess your priorities are not in the right order.

  • pa

    This statement: “Muslim migrants have many places to turn to in the Middle East.” is true only in theory. Other Muslim countries have, in fact, like European govt’s prior to WWI in regard the Jews, refused to take in Syrian Muslims except Lebanon and Jordan.

    This article seems to make an important point, but there are huge gaps in the argument.

  • John Lee

    Strange – when my friends went over to Calais the refugees had built their own church. So many that they talked to had faith – so these facts don’t seem to sit with the author’s viewpoint…

  • dave_aka_lambsev

    In the USA we still abort approximately 25% of humans conceived every year. Should we be surprised that the illegals and the legals find room here? Could it be the judgment of God that we “suffer” the “indignity” of these “unsavory” Hispanics” and “detestable” muslims for the ABORTION HYPOCRISY of many, EVEN MANY who call themselves christians? Israel has “legal” abortion too. Could God be using Islam as pressure on Israel towards national repentance via faith in Yeshua? Nevertheless Israelis are beloved for their patriarchs sake. All have sinned, and I’m no exception, so pray also for me. But really, we are offended at almost everything, and seem to have forgotten the silent screams of the aborted children whom God hears, EVERY ONE OF THEM. Obama wanted us to have change… God wants US to change.

    • LJ Kearny

      25%? *Citation needed

    • Nancy Harrison

      Interesting that you are defending unborn children, but calling other human beings made in God’s image “detestable” and “unsavory”. Sounds hypocritical to me. We should fight for the lives of the unborn and born without degrading any.

      • Eve

        I think he means the illegals, obviously not all Hispanics are unsavory but the one’s who break the law and remain here illegally are. What a total lack of regard for the property of the US nation. If you come here illegally you are no better than a thief or trespasser, such people cannot have a good character for an honest person would come here in an honest manner. I believe that all lives matter but an entitled spirit is not all good and should not be encouraged. I am tired of people defending those who openly disregard our laws and our border, it’s not right and it’s time we actually stood up for what is.

        • Nancy Harrison

          Have you ever met in person an illegal immigrant? I have become friends with many over the years, often meeting them through my work in healthcare. I can honestly say that the vast majority of illegal hispanic immigrants I know are far more responsible, hard-working and generally law-abiding than a huge number of natural-born Americans that I have also treated in my healthcare experience. The only reason these people come to the U.S. illegally is that they live in such desperate circumstances in their own countries. If you and your family and small children were in danger of dying every single day, and crossing a border illegally would give you and especially your kids the chance to live and maybe even succeed in life, would you do it? If there is literally NO LEGAL way that you could save the lives of your children and family, would you disregard a law to enter a safe place?

  • Iam Chosen

    Obama has already ‘unintentionally admitted’, on several occasions, about his Muslim faith. So the following statement, “No, Barack Hussein Obama is not secretly bowing toward Mecca five times a day on an Oval Office rug”, is incorrect. There are multiple videos out there that show him accidentally admitting that. Plus, his father & step-father were both Muslim and it’s also documented on paperwork from when he lived in Indonesia. We have a man that has no intention of helping our persecuted brothers & sisters in Christ.

    • LJ Kearny

      You’re an idiot.

      • Iam Chosen

        Enjoying the kool-aid???

        • LJ Kearny

          Have you ever had original thought where you didn’t parrot another ignoramus?

          • Iam Chosen

            ditto! Enjoy sleepwalking through life!

      • Thomas Moeller

        Cogent argument. You are so persuasive.

    • Andrea Pilati

      are you high? I don’t know what kool-aid you’re drinking, but wow.

      • Iam Chosen

        Study it on your own. There is a lot of evidence is out there. I don’t do drugs, I don’t watch t.v. and definitely do not trust the liberal media. There is ample evidence out there supporting my statement. I most certainly do NOT drink the kool-aid. The truth is out there, whether you choose to believe it or not.

      • Kenny Glover

        Wow, you are a jerk.

    • G.

      I don’t get it. so what if Obama is muslim? He’s an honourable guy, good at what he does. He’s faithful to his family and I’ve only ever seen interviews of him where he has been polite, articulate and intelligent. What’s your point again?

      • Iam Chosen

        SMH…’honorable guy’ eh… Dr. Martin Luther King would have adamantly disagreed with your statement. Stop watching the Lame Stream Media and wake up. German people LOVED Hitler too! “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” ~Ecclesiastes 10:2

    • He doesn’t have a beard. He drinks beer. He supports gay rights. He supports women’s rights. If he’s a Muslim, he must be the worst Muslim ever.

  • Bidster

    I suggest the editors re-read their 10 principles, starting with “Every human being has equal value and dignity.”
    Let’s take just one line from this article “Finding the truly helpless in a system rigged against the helpless takes effort and commitment”….The implication is that people of Muslim faith are not truely helpless, so America should shun them, preferring to find others that they’ll feel more comfortable taking. Time to re-read the parable of the Good Samaritan and ponder the Samaritan’s status in that society? Then to pray, ‘Christ, give us strength to love as you love’.

    • Steve W,

      Let me ask you something, would you have said it was an unfair religious test if the U.S. has specifically decided to help Jewish refugees over Christian refugees in WWII? The fact that Jews were facing genocide elevated their need above the other groups that were fleeing the war.

      The same is true for Christians (and other minority groups like the Yazidis) in Syria. People don’t want to accept more Christians because they are like us, they want to accept more Christians because they are most at risk, which the author points out in his article. If the situation were reversed and it was a Muslim minority that was at risk of genocide I (and I’m guessing the author) would quickly call for a higher number of muslims to be resettled.

      This isn’t an issue of prejudice, it’s an issue of need.

  • Gee

    No but you see what this person means though. The people being begeaded on the videos are Christians Muslims ms need just recite the koran to prove their faith its sad really. So step back and realize who is really fighting for their life. Sooo sad

  • Peaceful

    How can we go and serve at the refugee camps where Christians are at ?

    • Ann_W

      Going to Syria would be suicide.

    • G.

      Serve at refugee camps. Why Christian only? All are in need of aid.

    • Peaceful

      If anyone has a practical advice, please give it.

    • George Van Apeldoorn

      According to the Syrian refugee advocate who visited Canada, there are no Christian refugee camps. He offered a couple of reasons:
      1. Most of the Christian towns overrun by ISIS are quite a bit away from Damascus where it is still relatively safe if you live in the Government controlled area, However, those battle lines are fluid.
      2. The Islamists are butchering everything Christian as of the moment of their conquest, and tearing down or demolishing their religious structures.
      3. Grouping together in a “Christian” refugee camp would put the Islamic Fox in charge of the Henhouse.

  • PurpleJ

    Wow! Even 15 days after Representative Rohrabacher proposed the Save the Christians From Genocide Act obviously the writer and many others never heard about it! Check the congressional record for Nov 5th if you don’t believe me. Then get on the phone and call your house rep to cosponsor and support it. Sadly I advised several “persecution focused” agencies immediately but so far have not seen any of them put the info out. Sounds like the Haitian situation writer outlines – doesn’t help their bottom line if persecution ends, so why promote such a bill?
    Anyway CALL!

  • confesshimaslord

    Maybe Christians are hard to find because most have been martyred.

    • Schuh

      Thankfully this is not true. It seems most Syrian Christians are internally displaced in safer areas, have fled to Lebanon which is 40% Christian and close to Syria’s major population centers, or are living on the economy or with friends in Turkey. Though some Christian civilians have been killed by ISIS, it seems other Muslims are their primary target.

    • Mo86

      Yep. There’s always that.

      And the Obama Administration couldn’t care less.

  • Cristian Mohr

    It’s a fallacy to say there are no orphans in Haitian orphanages based only in a book and only one orphanage that was visited by your friends. Actually I have to know people working in Haiti at orphanages with real orphans and these same people leading this orphanage says that there are orphanages in Haiti that are true scams as you mentioned in your article, but there are other orphanages that are led by righteous people who really have given there best to help those less fortunate children. So it is a disservice that you do when you generalize like that.

  • Dale Austin

    I was involved in Hatian “orphanage” ministry vocationally and can tell you from firsthand experience that 90% of Haitian orphanages are in business to milk money from sympathetic Americans. As for the Syrian refugees the simple solution is to create a safe zone in Syria for them to reside. This area could be under a coalition of military forces and defended from attack by that team. Lot’s of land in Syria going unused.

    • Mo86

      Or DEMAND that wealthy Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia do their part! It astounds me that no one ever brings this up. Why can’t those places do their fair share? It’s their own people!

      • Donnie from

        Because they are majority muslim, and asking them to do their part means your a selfish greedy American who thinks no muslim helps anyone. That’s why, that’s why liberals create pc speech and protected classes. So a person can never question an intention, or a member of a protected group or else the person dislikes all members of this group. So people don’t speak up out of fear of being labeled hateful and the “community organiser” can complete his agenda without any question. It’s silences people and in a sense controls their thought to how you want it

    • Donnie from

      Nah then we couldn’t force a backwards agenda and a safe zone might actually need logic to get done.

  • G.

    You have no clue about what it is you speak of. I live in Europe, I’m a follower of Christ, I’ve volunteered in refugee camps in Greece and this article makes me ashamed of “Christians” and sorry for the refugees who end up in the USA if they have people / “Christians” such as yourself to encounter. I strongly encourage you to go to Greece or the Balkans, see for yourself what is happening, meet some refugees, before writing any further about this. You will meet some of the most honourable and dignified of peoples who really, just want whatever it is that normal people want for themselves and their families: peace, opportunity, a future. You would do exactly the same in their shoes. And where in the bible does it say to be kind and compassionate only to Christians? Jesus was pretty explicit about loving your enemy — refugees regardless Christian, Muslim, Yazidi, Druze or whatever, are not even close to becoming your enemy. Love them. Stop judging. Or if you must make an argument, do everyone a favour and at least do some proper research.

    • Jo-anne Twinem

      Well, before you start talking about being a Christian and asking “Where in the Bible does it say . . .” you probably should go back and read the article. He doesn’t say anything about “only Christians”, just like he doesn’t say that only orphans in Haiti should be provided with good care. The statement made is simply that there are greater barriers to Christians, and as such, greater effort should be made to actively include them in the stream of refugees. In light of the dramatic decline of a Christian populace throughout the Middle East due to persecution, and in light of recent news about Christians being tossed overboard from refugee boats, there are valid points made here. As for what the Bible says, Galatians 6 tells us to “Do good to all men, and especially those who are the household of faith (Christians)”

      • Mo86

        @ Jo-anne Twinem

        “Well, before you start talking about being a Christian and asking “Where in the Bible does it say . . .” you probably should go back and read the article.”

        Yep! People like this infuriate me. It’s obvious they either didn’t read it, or they think we are so stupid that they can outright lie and won’t be called out on it!

        Let’s see if this person provides the evidence I requested, or if they disappear. (Like they ALWAYS do when asked for evidence for their claims and accusations.)

    • Mo86

      @ G.

      “You have no clue about what it is you speak of.”

      Oh, yeah? What falsehoods are in this article. Point them out.

      “I live in Europe, I’m a follower of Christ, I’ve volunteered in refugee camps in Greece ”

      That’s nice. How does it feel to see your country and so much of Europe being invaded by members of this death cult whose ideology teaches you must convert, submit or die?

      “and this article makes me ashamed of “Christians” and sorry for the refugees who end up in the USA if they have people / “Christians” such as yourself to encounter. ”

      All this blathering, and not a word of evidence as to why.

      “I strongly encourage you to go to Greece or the Balkans, see for yourself what is happening, meet some refugees, before writing any further about this.”

      Typical leftist, trying to silence those who speak out in concern about the THOUSANDS of unscreened Muslims flooding Europe and soon to be in equal numbers flooding America.

      You will NOT silence us. Got it?

      ” You will meet some of the most honourable and dignified of peoples who really, just want whatever it is that normal people want for themselves and their families: peace, opportunity, a future.”

      That’s nice. Can you tell me what this has to do with opening the floodgates to unscreened Muslims? Again, members of a death cult that teaches you must convert, submit or die?

      And what does it have to do with the point of this article, which was letting in these Muslims, and ignoring the TRUE victims here, the Christians (and other minorities) who are being displaced and slaughtered? Hm? Any “Christian” compassion for the followers of the Christ you claim to follow?

      I see not a PEEP of compassion here for them. Why is that?

      ” You would do exactly the same in their shoes. And where in the bible does it say to be kind and compassionate only to Christians? ”

      Can you show me where this article said any such thing? Point it out.

      Do not ignore me. People like you love to spout out claims and accusation, and when they are asked to provide evidence, they disappear. Provide it.

      That’s as far as I read.

      Provide the evidence for your claims and accusations. You’re a follower of Christ, right? You wouldn’t be bearing false witness, right?

      • VB501

        My daughter witnessed a Muslim man outside the Kohl’s Department store in our city, being beaten in the parking lot because her head covering had slipped off. So is this what we want our children to see?

        • George Van Apeldoorn

          They will see that! Because their entire lifestyle, culture is drenched in violence. Read the Qu’ran, the Hadiths and Sunna. There is nothing compassionate about the official version of Islam as it is lived out by those who commit the violence!

        • Donnie from

          Shockingly it’s the people in the camp that are doing the killing, that people are hateful of they don’t feel that bad for? Logic huh?

    • George Van Apeldoorn

      Living in Europe G. might have made you familiar with the events in Cologne (Koeln) Stuttgart, Hamburg, Malmoe, etc.?
      I think you’re mixing up the principle of sacrificing your life without violence even if you’re thrown to the lions or volunteering to walk into the arena so that those poor lions can have a meal!!

    • Donnie from

      Where in a single comment did I hear only take Christians? Every problem In America is based on population and percentage of black or white. Arrest record, job rate, number of NFL qb, police shootings, wealth, police interaction, number of Oscar’s awarded, drug use, welfare, govt housing, graduate rage, crime. Need more? But somehow even questioning why not even a non decimal percentage of refugees are Christian, when there the ones most persecuted with nowhere else to go and 20 % of the population, somehow makes you bigoted and a sad representation of a christian?? Wonderful logic. And no I’m not Christian or muslim

  • kmancanada

    This is a very disingenuous piece, built on the same distorted worldview that gave us the Iraq war. The untruths in it are too numerous to count. If I was to list them all, I might as well paste the whole article in here. But for starters, I’ll list a few:

    – Syrian Christians are and have always been well protected by the Assad gov’t, and continue to be.
    – Lebanon right next door is an officially Christian country (per its Constitution, the president must be Christian)
    – Lebanon has taken in 1M refugees, and has a population of 3.5M
    – Christians are also well-represented in nearby Egypt.
    – Before the US broke Iraq, Christians were fine there as well (Saddam Hussain’s foreign minister, Tarik Aziz, was Christian)
    – To say that “sunnis and chiites” have safe places they can go is the height of dishonesty.
    – The anarchy and chaos of a multi-pronged, multi-player war like the one in Syria does not produce victims along nice, clean sectarian lines. Nowhere is safe, and no one is safe.
    – This kind of article, not based on any reality, not based on any truth, not based on any knowledge of the region, nor its history, is a contributor to future wars. It’s as deadly as a hand-grenade thrown into a closed room, only it explodes and kills slowly.

    • Piedmont Jim

      I don’t think it’s helpful to misrepresent ignorance as intentional deceit or to conflate that with “worldview”. Assad has been a dictator, but you are correct that he has been protecting Christians. That’s what my friends in Damascus and Lebanon have told me at any rate. They have been up front with Assad regarding their activities and he has permitted them some freedom in practicing Christianity. There is still travel between Damascus and Lebanon and some of my Christian friends have departed the area for legal and normal entry into Europe and the United States. Many still remain in Damascus, however. Two bombs fired into Damascus exploded outside their church just this past Sunday as they gathered to worship and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

      However, I think Jonathan Witt’s observation is still helpful. I don’t know about your “worldview” but this is not the kind of thing to incite hatred or a call for war in my area. (If you get that idea, maybe you’ve been watching too much American news TV. Talk about being untruthful.) In fact, if anything, what Jonathan addresses here brings to mind the fact that we might not have a correct understanding of the situation. So although what he presented isn’t entirely accurate, I don’t think it’s an intentional misrepresentation. Rather, what I see here is a call to seek the truth and pursue greater discernment.

    • Spartan093

      A perfect example of a Canadian: “is a contributor to future wars”. So self-important. No one listens to us kman. We’re not the centre of the world, nor does anyone care about how “nice” we are.

  • Malcom

    “Ten percent of Syria is Christian”. you see, 10% of a Muslim country have been christian throughout the centuries, even after the terrorist crusaders came and left in the 1200’s. but have you ever heard of indigenous Spanish or French Muslims? despite the fact that Spain was a Muslim country for 8 centuries? Muslims in Spain, who once made up millions, were wiped out in the 16th century. So no need to worry about Syria’s Christians. History proves that it is the Muslims in the west who you should worry about, given Europe’s bloody history and intolerance towards its religious minorities.

    • Spartan093

      Tell that to the Balkans Malcom. They might have raped our land and culture, and we weren’t docile either. But there’s still plenty of Muslims there. Meanwhile in North Africa, a former Christian stronghold in the 500s, the Muslims make up 100%. The Muslims terrorists of 700 killed all the Christians. And they did the same to much of Spain too, I’m glad you weren’t around to stop Charles Matel all those years ago.

      So you see, there’s a give and take. And since the Allah worshipers started it, we should all be duly informed on who’s the dangerous one here.

  • Jennifer P

    <<By and large, [Muslim powerbrokers] support Muslim immigration to the West and have little interest in seeing Christian refugees filling up any spaces that might have been filled by Muslim refugees.<<

    Muslims take a very long view of things. In 1786 Thomas Jefferson (then US ambassador to France) and John Adams (then US Ambassador to Britain) met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the Dey of Algeria’s ambassador to Britain. The Muslim ambassador made it clear to Jefferson and Adams that Muslims had every right to make war on non-Muslims to bring them into submission or, if not, to kill them. While I am sure that most Muslims are generally peaceful people, Islamic theology is not a theology of peace. Nor does it have respect for the human person. It promotes killing, slavery and violence. Those who are not familiar with such teachings should read it.

  • OldSarg

    Thank you. Nice article.

  • Kurt 20008

    Rather silly to assert the Administration should seek out more refugees when it is attacked constantly for its current openness to refugeees.

    • kitchenjoe

      The issue is the nature of the refugees, not just the numbers. I personally believe the influx of Muslims is an opportunity for the church, but I do suspect the wisdom and intent of the administration in this.

      • Kurt 20008

        The nature is people fleeing the worst of oppression. The Church and the Administration are one on this matter.

    • Mo86

      Can you tell me when this administration is “attacked constantly for its current openness to refugeees”?

      The problem is the TYPE of refugees. Next time, please read the article before commenting.

      • Kurt 20008

        It has been attacked constantly. The Governor of New Jersey said he opposed even an infant orphan. The Governor of Texas is attacking the religious freedom of the Catholic and Protestant churches to take in refugees, making threats against these religious organizations. The Speaker of the House when asked to name one feature of the current vetting process he would improve was unable to answer. Shocking. Refugees fleeing ISIS — one of the most brutal organizations on earth today — are met with total indifference by many of the President’s critics.

        • Eve

          Again most people did not claim to be against refugees in general, it was the type of refugees. many parts of Syria are unsafe however you’d be surprised how many Syrians are actually sympathetic towards ISIS because they were fighting Assad. This is not a black and white issue at all. Just because Syrians are escaping Syria does not at all mean that they hold similar values as Westerners, it does not mean that they believe Jihad is evil.

          • Kurt 20008

            Their position is against all refugees. The actions supported by the President and the Catholic Church allow an extensive vetting process taking up to two years to make sure they are true refugees. Those opposing Obama and the Catholic Church want to shut all doors, meaning that Christians and Muslims fleeing ISIS will be left to be raped and murdered.

          • Matthew Newgarden

            In fact federal law requires religious tests, when appropriate, for people seeking asylum. The administration is obligated by law to take into account a refugee’s “well-founded fear of persecution” on religious grounds.

          • Kurt 20008

            And that is being done by the Administration.

          • George Van Apeldoorn

            The raping and murdering is happening INSIDE the camps by the Islamists. Non Islamists stay OUTSIDE the camps and therefore they DON’T get selected. Sorry for the shouting, but I sensed a bit of hearing/perception challenges.

          • Donnie from

            Oo the raping and murdering is inside the camps you say….well by all means let’s hurry and help these to get to our country.

          • VB501

            Absolutely, this is true!

        • VB501

          And it is truly sad because we know that ISIS has threatened to send terrorists in amidst the refugees- It is sad that we cannot trust them, isn’t it? Is it not also sad that we cannot trust our own government to protect us?

          • Kurt 20008

            Your trust in ISIS or distrust of the United States of America is your own problem. We have an extensive vetting process for refugees, which even the President’s harshest critics can’t name a shortcoming in. Rather than abandon refugees, as the GOP would do, the President has righty moved to tighten controls on non-refugees traveling on a French or other visa waiver passport who might be concerns.

          • Donnie from

            Can you name 1 feature of the vetting process? How do you vet anonymous, foreign strangers from a banana Republic govt that keeps no records or paperwork?

  • Amanda

    Okay, I can understand the overall analogy… but what in the heck does Obama have to do with it?

    If the refugees aren’t in the camps to be counted – how is he responsible for not bringing them here?
    Is he supposed to set quotas?
    Is he supposed to send out search parties to find these Christian refugees?
    Put U.S. troops in all of the refugee camps so the Christian refugees can be there?
    How is he being “cowardly” but just taking the registered refugees, however they come?

    This is a U.N. problem, not a U.S. problem…you can’t possibly tag this on Obama.

    • VB501

      Oh yes, we can. The United Nations is a joke! They support Muslim terrorists and always side with the Muslim nations against Israel. Obama it in collusion with the U.N. against Israel. So if the United Nations sponsor these “refugee camps”, then why are they not ensuring the safety of Christian refugees? No, they are subjected to further terrorism in these Muslim camps! Obama knows there is a genocide of Christians in the Middle East, and he has done NOTHING!

  • Mo86

    Haiti orphans situation – This is shameful and a disgrace! It makes people think twice about supporting a charity.

    “So, why doesn’t the White House take steps to find and include persecuted Syrian Christian in numbers at least proportionate to their slice of the Syrian population?”

    Why? Because this man, along with his administration, have demonstrated over and over and over again that he loathes Christians and he’s on the side of Muslims in general, and even jihadists in particular!

    • Kurt 20008

      The Christian refugees are found and are currently living in temporary refugee housing. They are already found and included. What is needed now is processing the refugees to long term housing, which is being done as best possible given the need to vet and investigate them.

      • George Van Apeldoorn

        Spoke with a Syrian refugee advocate 2 weeks ago. Here’s what he said about the refugee camps:
        1. Predominantly occupied by Sunnis
        2. Yazidis and Christians are murdered by the Islamists.
        3. Given the choice between a certain death inside the camps and a likely one outside the camps, Christians and Yazidis choose to stay out.
        4. UN runs the camps and is under the influence of the Islamist block of some 55 nations.
        5. The Islamic world wholeheartedly endorses the present refugee issue, because it inserts hundreds of thousands of their people in the western world and we are too lazy to do something about it.

        5. The West and its waning Leader (US) are too politically correct to call a spade a spade.

        So, Kurt if you know what you stated for a fact, enlighten us with some numbers and stats etc. Because whether you choose to believe what I said or not, the evidence is that Christians and Yazidis and any other category of people the Islamists don’t approve of are not making the cut to get out.
        Take that in combination with the ISIS statement that they already have infiltrated the UK to the tune of 4000 of their murderers, I think that we “have nothing to fear” don’t you agree?

        Perhaps a more pertinent question that we need to pose to our “leaders” is the one why they are so obviously impervious to a socio-political system that makes no bones about it that it is obligated by its religion to conquer the world and that has shown through its approx. 1400 years of bloodsoaked history that they are far more successful in doing so by murder, rape and other mayhem than by intellectual conviction.

  • qawii3 .

    Obama IS a Muslim. He detests Christians. He mocks the Bible. His politics show his intent and his worldview.
    Hillary has never challenged him on any such issue and therefore she cannot be trusted either…
    Canada’s Trudeau has visited one of our most extremist mosques where he knelt and prayed the “shahada” … the statement whereby one becomes a Muslim. He is stupid, OK, but educated enough to know what he did. We are experiencing the same policy of open doors to Islam here in Canada .. just like in Obamaland.
    Your elections are coming up. It is time to do something about the present situation.

    • Kurt 20008

      You are an idiot.

      • qawii3 .

        Curious … Are you an American or a Canadian ?

        Just wondering from whom such a response might have come.
        Do you not believe one is wise to resist any perceived danger from any source?

        • Kurt 20008

          If one perceives danger based on hate, lies and bigotry, he is neither wise nor Christian.

          • qawii3 .

            I agree … BUT … I do not perceive danger on the basis of 1) hate … in fact many of my best friends are Muslims and even if they were my enemies God’s word tells me to pray for them … and I do.
            2) Lies? You are kidding … who needs lies … facts are facts/history is history … recent reports tell us repeatedly of acts of terrorism & if we didn’t have that just a brief study of the Qur’an and Hadith will show us what a thorough Muslim believes that Allah expects of him. If he is a true Muslim (submitted person) then he will carry out what he perceives to be the will of Allah (incha’a allah).
            3) Bigotry … oh you mean the world view people can hold. Well my friend, let me ask you something: How about the liberal humanists who run our public school systems, our universities, our media … are they not bigots? Sure they are; everybody who thinks comes to one conclusion or another. I think; I come to conclusions. I get a world view. But I let other people think too. In fact I encourage them to do so. Give it a shot. … oooppsss “try” … lol …. the accusation of bigotry does not fly.

            If you are a Christian then you too have a worldview. Me too, I am a Christian … ahl al kitaab …people of the book. wa atakallam arabi ..and I speak Arabic. (It helps me understand Arabs)

  • Graham Brown

    So… we (Christians) should be doing something.

    • FockYouMang

      If we do, which many are and the media is not exposing, they can never go home. Christians are not allowed to fight in foreign wars and if they do, they can never return to America but Muslims around the world go on jihad vacations

    • Adrian Johnson

      The Pope and the Catholic Bishops aren’t helping in this problem.
      They throw their own under the bus for PC reasons.
      Aid to the Church in Need is a very good charity helping in the Middle East, so that’s where I donate to help the neediest refugees.

  • FockYouMang

    They are there, the Sunnis c are running the refugee racket, they don’t count then and keep them as rape slaves

  • Barbara

    As for the comments about orphanages, a lot has to do with attracting donations. In reality orphanages are boarding schools for the poor. Donating to “boarding schools” is much less emotional than helping “orphans” and does not attract as many donations.

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