‘We Exist!’ The Testimony of an Ex-Gay Man

By The Ruth Institute Published on February 2, 2024

Daren Mehl is the President of Voice of the Voiceless, a non-profit organization that aims to defend the rights of people who are often told they don’t exist or are lying: former homosexuals, individuals that have unwanted same-sex attraction, and the families of these marginalized people.

Mehl shares his testimony of coming out of a gay Christian lifestyle to live faithfully in marriage with his wife Rhoda of 18 years. He speaks frequently about the global attack on the Christian faith via the LGBTQ agenda and is also founder of Made Free Ministries.

“People are saying, well you were never gay in the first place, or you still are gay and closeted,” Mehl says. “And so, effectively, it comes down to dismissing your lived experience … It’s total hypocrisy by not letting us identify and testify to who we are and who our authentic and ideal selves are.”

“‘Born gay’ has had a half a billion dollars of marketing pumped into it, even though it’s not true. Sexual orientation is fluid and change is possible, but we exist. Our existence calls into question their presuppositions about what it means to be gay.”

 “I teach [others] to have compassion for people who are [LGBT] because you don’t know their heart. They’re deceived, and we want to bring them the truth.”

Learn what happened in Mehl’s life that led him to believe he was gay, how he left the lifestyle, and what are called The Four Columns of being a ‘gay Christian’ by watching the full interview on Locals. You can watch the first part of the interview on YouTube, Bitchute, or Odysee.

Why Are People Leaving LGBT? | FORWARD BOLDLY

Why are those who wish to leave the LGBT lifestyle denied access to conversion therapy? Almost half of states ban the practice, claiming it leads to increased risk of suicide. But does the data bear that out?

Expert Fr. Paul Sullins joins Christine Niles on her show, “Forward Boldly,” to discuss the surprising research on this controversial topic.

Read Fr. Sullins’ research at the Ruth Institute here

Natural Womanhood: Safe Sex-Ed for Pre-Teen Girls

Natural Womanhood is a nonprofit organization with a global reach that strives to inform girls, women, and couples about the science and purpose of fertility, promote natural alternatives to harmful birth control, and advocate for authentic women’s health.

Natural Womanhood has created an online video series to assist mothers in teaching their daughters about fertility.

Here are 5 reasons your daughter or granddaughter needs this course:

  1. She will not learn the truth without your help. Other influences will tell her half-truths, misleading stories about herself, and even outright lies.
  2. Puberty is a major interruption in her life. It’s puzzling, difficult, and profoundly impactful. Understanding her fertility through our course will not only provide answers, it will help her understand her identity.
  3. She is not too young to learn this information. Not only is her body about to change (or has already), she sees and hears about it from others. This course is not about sex; it teaches the truth about the female body like no other course does.
  4. Medical responses to her need in this area are not always adequate. In fact, they can often have very negative consequences. She needs to be equipped to resist the pressure to get on contraception as a teen.
  5. Without proper education, she is more likely to develop false ideas about herself: that her fertility is a problem, that her body is not really good, that she herself is not good enough. She may think she must perform a certain way to be loved and accepted. This is a dangerous way of thinking for young women, and is why so many get hurt or experience mental health difficulties.

Read more and access the course here.


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