Why Transgender Activism Will Not Succeed in Changing America

By Michael Brown Published on October 10, 2017

Transgender activism will never succeed in reshaping our society for one simple reason: It’s not natural. Biological differences are too deeply instilled in the human race. Male-female distinctives are too obvious and real. It’s futile to declare war on these differences.

It’s one thing to be asked to empathize with those who struggle with gender identity confusion. It’s another thing to declare that biological categories can be willed away.

It’s one thing to recognize that some people do not fall within the normal, male-female spectrum due to genetic abnormalities. It is another thing to claim that sex and gender are whatever you perceive it to be.

Is This the New Reality?

Every time we hear the announcement that someone is having a boy or a girl, we are reminded that transgender activism is failing. Otherwise, shouldn’t the parents-to-be say, “We just saw the ultrasound, and we’re having a human!”? Or, perhaps, “How exciting! We saw the ultrasound, and the packaging is female!”?

If we really believed the transgender talking points, that’s how we would communicate. And yet even liberal celebrities like Kylie Jenner, the daughter of none other than Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, announce the sex of their babies when they learn it. (Note this TMZ headline about the baby: “Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott: IT’S A GIRL!”)

And how many parents are choosing not to name their children in accordance with their biological sex? How many are choosing gender-neutral names in case the child happens not to line up with the sex they were “assigned” at birth?

Last month, two high-school students complained to their school when their bus driver insisted that they sit on the girls’ side of the vehicle. (Apparently, it was his custom to have boys sit on one side and girls on the other.) The problem was that, although biologically female, these girls identify as “neither male nor female,” which, we are informed, “is referred to as trans nonbinary.”

Will the whole world be turned upside down because of the confusion and sensitivities of less than 1 percent of the population?

I know that the school was sympathetic to their plight, pledging to speak to the driver in private. (They got off the bus rather than change their seats.) But are we really to believe that these kids are “neither male nor female”? Is this the new reality? Will society buy it as a whole? Certainly not.

Will the Whole World be Turned Upside Down?

Other schools are already witnessing a pushback.

For example, also last month, “A Florida elementary school teacher who asked students to use gender-neutral pronouns in the classroom is being transferred to an adult education program.

“According to a Tallahassee Democrat report, Leon County Schools officials announced Tuesday that Chloe Bressack would no longer teach fifth grade at Canopy Oaks Elementary School.”

“Superintendent Rocky Hanna said Bressack agreed that ‘given the complexity of the issue,’ a transfer would be best for the teacher’s career and the fifth-graders.”

Parents were not willing to have their kids call Bressack “Mx.” (pronounced “Mix”) and refer to her as “they” — for good reason. It’s just not natural.

Earlier this month, a new study proposed that, “Schools should make sex education more inclusive of transgenders by not referring to biological body parts with the correct term because it might make transgender people uncomfortable.”

Do you really think this will fly? Will the whole world be turned upside down because of the confusion and sensitivities of less than 1 percent of the population?

Sex Change Regret

And what about the all-female college at Cambridge that recently announced it is accepting males who identify as females? I wonder what will happen when the other students discover that these so-called transwoman can still impregnate them.

The statement of Barbara Stocking, president of Cambridge’s Murray Edwards College, is ludicrous:

We are a college that is open to all outstanding young women, and so it is absolutely right, both legally and within our set of values, for anyone who identifies as female to be able to apply to study with us.

How long will it be before people look back at these words with incredulity? This new definition of “outstanding young women” will not fly either.

Not surprisingly — and sadly — many headlines recently reported on “The rise of transgender reversals: Surgeon in sex-change hub of Serbia reports a surge in the rate of patients changing their mind.”

Political correctness — in this case, fear of offending transgender activists — is devouring itself.

But this is hardly breaking news. For several years now, former male-to-female Walt Heyer has devoted his SexChangeRegret.com to these all-too-numerous stories. And Ryan T. Anderson devoted a whole chapter to this in his forthcoming book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.

Biological Differences are Too Real

What is remarkable is that “the United Kingdom’s Bath Spa University turned down an application by James Caspian, a psychotherapist who specializes in working with transgender people, to conduct research on gender reassignment reversals. The university deemed the subject ‘potentially politically incorrect.’”

This too is creating a backlash, both within and without the university. Political correctness — in this case, fear of offending transgender activists — is devouring itself.

That’s why the same parents who changed their views on homosexuality, wanting to be “tolerant” and “inclusive,” are not changing their views on sex differences. After all, it’s one thing to say, “Who am I to tell two men or two women they cannot love each other?” It’s another thing to say, “I have no problem with 15-year-old Jake sharing the locker room and shower stalls with my daughter Tammy, since he now identifies as a girl and wants to play on the girls’ basketball team.”

It’s not natural. Biological differences are too real, and male-female distinctives are too foundational for changes like this to be accepted widescale.

Watch and see. The pushback against transgender activism will continue.

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  • Andy6M

    “Watch and see. The pushback against transgender activism will continue.”

    I sincerely hope you are right though I fear you are wrong.

  • Well at least Michael Brown is calming down about the Gay thing.

    • JM

      No, he’s not.

      • John Connor

        He should. It’s a losing battle.

        • Winning or losing has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong.

          There are still those in churches only slightly more conservative than Dr B’s who still say that abolishing slavery was wrong because it goes against the Bible. Which it does.

          They’ve comprehensively lost. That doesn’t mean they should abandon their deeply and sincerely held religious beliefs. Neither should Dr B. If he abandons them, it should be because he realises he was wrong. At this point, I see nothing that would convince him of that if the facts already put before him haven’t done so.

          • John Connor

            Wouldn’t want anyone to abandon their beliefs. They have the right to have them. They just don’t have the right to force them on others

        • Mathew Palmer

          +John Connor
          It’s a losing battle?
          63% of the World’s Population is Religious
          99% of those religion’s do not support and condone homosexuality and view it as a sin
          1% of religious accept homosexuality not because it is a doctrine, law, and part of their particular faith & denomination but solely because it is a choice of their own volition .
          Or you have some denominations that intentionally pervert /change/ignore their holy books to allow it
          The you have Non religious people that view homosexuality as just innately wrong and perverted in society ,and only tolerate it , not support it.

          the majority of the globe when questioned in detail about it do not support homosexuality at all and find it repulsive . AS it is just a hormonal defect , a “birth defect” . not a beneficial variant of humankind .

          So do not say It’s a losing battle as their is no real solid foundation for that claim .
          people just prefer to not be label hateful thing sand just go with the flow.

          I suggest you look at Russia

          • Jeremy L

            Well…at least you didn’t refer to being homosexual as a “lifestyle choice”. Have to admit “hormonal defect” isn’t something I’ve heard anti-gay people use often. The debate really hinges on whether we should consider it a “defect” or simply a difference.

          • Mathew Palmer

            +Jeremy L
            homosexual as a “lifestyle choice”.?
            Well a lifestyle choice is just “the way in which a person lives” by definition.
            It is the context of that phrase that people build upon.
            meaning a life style can be changed and you choose to act on a lifestyle .
            So when people say that it is true in a sense , as there does exist Xgays in the world that live happy heterosexual lives married with children. it is not impossible the change since it is just a deformity of the sexual attraction regions of the brain.
            I remember a “gay frog” study that used drugs to turn them heterosexual
            99% of Xgays that fail never commit to the change fully, and change every aspect of their life , and they instead just pray which is ridiculous and bound to fail , and those are the only ones the Progays focus on.

            Have to admit “hormonal defect” isn’t something I’ve heard anti-gay people use often.??

            well it is a hormonal defect in the womb ,
            that is what the general consensus is globally
            besides the view of gay doctors /pro gay activists of course ,

            It is seen as offensive . But i see it as no more offensive
            to call down syndrome a genetic defect .
            or a bipolar patient “mentally ill”
            The only other public claim by Progay /protrans groups is it is genetic and in the genes
            offering subjective to interpretation “theories” and not facts.
            And ignoring the fact that the two original doctors that first published the “gay genes” paper ,month’s later acknowledge they did not prove a genetic connection at all and their results and words were taken out of context. Then progay funded studies afterwards built on those results and run wild .
            it is all well known pseudoscience garbage .
            There is no noble prize winner for discovering the genes for homosexuality .

            The debate really hinges on whether we should consider it a “defect” or simply a difference.?

            well it is not a variant it does not fit the criteria to be one.
            and you have to ignore to much to make that claim
            and the evolution theory fails when scrutinized with deductive reasoning.

          • Jeremy L

            Disagree that they can change, but find it interesting that you think prayer is not effective. I’m also not sure how a hormone defect could be corrected through lifestyle changes.

          • Mathew Palmer

            +Jeremy L
            God can give you the will power to change yourself , through prayer , but he is not going to do a miracle through pray , those days are long gone , as i am sure countless deformed children have prayed to be normal without any result.
            God loves those that help themselves Jeremy

          • Mathew Palmer

            Jeremy L
            …You said……
            You Disagree that they can change?
            well i am sorry Jeremy I and countless others are not willing to call thousands upon thousands of Xgay ALL LIARS ,
            sorry that is foolish , bias , illogical and uncalled for.
            ….You said……..
            I’m also not sure how a hormone defect could be corrected through lifestyle changes.?
            well the hormone imbalance only happens in the womb at a crucial time during development that ruins the sexual attraction part of the brain. while an adult homosexual has normal Testosterone levels .
            but that time in the womb made the difference.
            This hormonal defect does not “make them” gay ,
            it predisposes them to the problem
            It is a predisposition condition . like diabetes ,high BP etc…
            you might or might not be gay with this predisposition it is not guaranteed ,
            it can be avoided if environmental factors are changed in very early childhood,
            same happens to many other sexual attraction deformities.
            …you said…..
            How could they be corrected through lifestyle changes.??

            ….well Jeremy the only way is…….
            * STRONG aversion therapy , both positive & negative , not just negative
            * psych meds
            * normal therapy
            * a will power and strong desire to change at all cost.
            * complete avoidance of anything relating to homosexuality
            gay friends
            gay bars
            gay movies
            gay tendencies
            gay behavioral traits
            etc..etc..etc.. all need to gotten rid of completely “triggers”
            people that have done this and not just “pray away the gay”
            can become heterosexual.

          • John Connor

            Russia? LOL! There would be another civil war over nonsense like that. Your religious beliefs supersede nothing.

          • Mathew Palmer

            John Connor
            There would be another civil war over nonsense like that.?

            mate the Russian government didn’t just make up an enforce those laws because a tiny little group of bigots agreed and made it law
            it was the OVERWHELMING massive majority opinion of ALL the Russian people that voted & wanted those gay laws . You can not have a civil war when 95% of the population wanted those laws to begin with sorry you do not know what you are talking about !

          • John Connor

            You don’t have a 95% majority in the USA when the majority is in favor of gay folks getting equal treatment.

    • JM

      Transgenderism is homosexuality

    • Jeremy L

      I’m just surprised he hasn’t proposed people are transgender because of the “sexual revolution”.

  • Yossi

    I hope Dr. Brown is right, but if one understands that the actual and uniting goal of the different (and sometimes contradictory) “social justice” movements is to bring about the eradication of the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of our culture, then as crazy and unnatural as transgenderism may be, it will be endorsed and promoted by those who see themselves as being “on the cutting edge of social justice.” Perhaps due to how unnatural it is, such advocacy will be “a bridge to far” and bring discredit on and rejection of the whole “social justice” movement.

  • JM

    ”Watch and see. The pushback against transgender activism will continue.” I hope so. It shouldn’t have never gotten this far in the first place.

    • John Connor

      Keep pushing! These folks have the same rights as you and I.

      • Mathew Palmer

        +John Connor
        pronouns correspond to sex NOT gender,
        There is NOT two boxes (1 box gender / 1 box sex) to tick on birth certificates, drivers licenses etc..
        you can not be a hypocrite and separate the definitions of sex from gender ,
        THEN claim you are a She /female as that makes NO SENSE at all . !!
        And to say otherwise leaves the Protrans person to REDEFINE gender /sex /pronouns
        it into grammatical gibberish nonsense ,
        What justify’s , defines and allows a person to identify as a “she” or “he” is the subtotal of ALL their biological makeup to ALLOW that descriptive pronoun .
        A persons subjective thoughts “alone” on ones gender
        does NOT give precedence over that person’s biology when defining /categorizing that persons gender/sex. The persons self identified gender , is just a tiny part /characteristic of the whole subtotal of that persons “being” / biology .
        A Pronoun can only be justified as “real & correct” IF the subtotal meets that definition , otherwise you are turning the definition of Pronouns /gender/sex into fictional gibberish that you can change at any given moment and the words loose all meaning.
        Sorry your views are verbal diarrhea !!
        ……The truth is…………
        ALL the hormones in the world ,
        ALL the surgeries in the world ,
        ALL the mimicry of the opposite sex in the world ,
        ALL the ID’s changes in the world ,
        ALL the mental self identity you can claim
        ALL these things at the end of the day NEVER actually changes the sex/gender of the individual , and they do not grant the person the logical ,ethical, scientific ,right to identify as something they are not.
        These things are all just pathetic window dressing

  • Trilemma

    Transgender activism already has changed America. The change is not as much as the activists want but more than many Christians want.

    • JM

      It changed America for the worse

      • Trilemma

        In what way has America been changed for the worse?

        • Leigh Ann

          One word: SCIENCE

          • John Connor


          • Jim Walker

            Yes you are.

          • John Connor

            So funny

          • Jim Walker

            No you’re not.

          • John Connor

            Maybe not but you definitely are.

        • Bluthar

          pervert intimidation, that’s how. churches being forced to change their message for fear of government retaliation, just like in Canada. Wise up

  • JM

    Years ago people like Bruce Jenner would have been in a padded room but now just because it’s 2017 it makes this mental illness normal? this is the response I get from people who support this mental illness. they’re like ”it’s 2017” so what if it’s 2017? if this is what’s considered normal in 2017 than I would not like to know what be would would be considered normal in 2018

    • John Connor

      It’s because we’ve made progress in what we know about transgendered folks. I know you people hate progress. Have you done any research to bolster your knowledge? Nah.

  • Concerned Christian

    Years ago, we had a family gathering. My nephew, who was around 5 at time, did something embarrassing and everyone in the room laughed at him. He was embarrassed and you could see it in his eyes as he looked around the room to see who he could retaliate against. He couldn’t hit the adults because he knew he would be in big trouble. So instead, he hit his older sister in the head with a toy car.

    This is what conservative Christians have become. Kids who attack someone that they perceive to be weak because they’re afraid to take on the source of their embarrassment.

    Donald Trump is a walking embodiment of the problems plaging the church. From marriage, fornication, lying, arrogance, ignorance and the list goes on and on. Yet, there are no post written on this site that chastise him or the church for this behavior. No, Christians just looked around the room and found the weakest person in the room to attack.

    However, much like my nephew found out, that act still had consequences. So does turning a blind eye to the problems in the church which have nothing to do with the LGBT community.

    • Andrew Mason

      What values is Trump espousing that Christians are failing to condemn? You’ve mentioned past conduct – (multiple?) marriage(s), fornication, lying etc, things the church does indeed condemn, but there’s a difference between condemning what a person does, and condemning an ideology. It’s curious though that you think the church should join the pile on against Trump. Since everyone on the Left, and many who claim to be Republican already attack him in every other breath, what need is there for Christians to bully him?

      • Concerned Christian

        “what need is there for Christians to bully him?”

        The reason is simple, Conservative Christians are the only ones that have the moral authority, within the republican party, to do so. Trump can ignore the left and the right which he has repeatedly done with no consequence. He can’t ignore conservative Christians because they give voice to the conservative base itself. If conservative Christians spoke out we probably wouldn’t have:

        Littlle Marco
        Lying Ted
        Low Energy Jeb
        1 for 38
        Crazy Megyn
        Wacky Glenn Beck
        Liddle’ Bob Corker

        You know, the stuff that first grade bullies do. Look, for the Right, Trump could be a great president but like a child, you don’t ignore their bad behavior by saying that the other kids are bad. You have to discipline them to help them to be all that God has called them to be. Like it or not, Conservative Christians are the only ones that have the moral authority within the republican party to do that!

        • Chip Crawford

          “You have to discipline them to help them … ”
          How is that not playing God? I see some things at work in line with the way God works with all of us. He gives space to repent. I know it seems like a long time. While Mr. Trump has areas that are amazingly juvenile for a man his age and in his position, he has come a long way in others, with an openness to listen to wise counsel. His pride and pettiness will eventually cost him if not repented. You don’t have to worry about that happening or take it up. It’s not our job to discipline one another. He has people who tell him straight things. He has the choice to do something about it or not. He may resist it and think it is wrong.

          I’ve always wondered how he would react if one of his children, grown or the one still at home, behaved like he does. I would think he wouldn’t like it. How about it if they said, but Dad, you do that … I disagree that Christians automatically have the “moral authority” to “discipline” Mr. Trump. If God sends someone like Nathan the prophet or has had others speak to this, it is still up to the man to respond or not. God is, however, very patient with faults and wrongdoing even. We like it when applied to ourselves. Maybe part of our own maturity is being able to apply the patience and long suffering toward others which we desire for ourselves.

          • Concerned Christian

            keep in mind that responses for this article are based on condemning members of the LGBT community for a sin that stands above all other sins.

            I was simply pointing out the inconsistency of condemning that sin while turning a blind eye to the man in the white house. He is systematic of issues that are happening in the body of Christ that are not being addressed.

          • Andrew Mason

            Or is he symptomatic of the judgement and condemnation of the LeftAmerican in general that God is permitting to happen? Just a random thought.

            Note, you’ve said Trump can ignore the Left and the Right, but insist he absolutely has to listen to conservative Christians. Why? The Left and others insist that conservative Christians are a fringe minority who should be ignored. Why shouldn’t Trump take that advice should Christians simply start parroting what the Left is saying?

          • Concerned Christian

            Did you read this article:

            God and Donald Trump: An Answer to Prayer?

            “Robison, who serves on the president’s faith advisory board and remains a friend and confidant of Trump’s,”

            Robison and conservative Christians, on this board, have the ability to talk with Trump in a way that neither the left or the right does. So yes i can say that conservative Christians are turning a blind eye to his behavior.

          • Andrew Mason

            Think I read it. I still don’t see it as productive for conservative Christians to publicly bully Trump. For his advisors to privately advise, sure, but unless it is something especially heinous a softly softly approach seems reasonable.

    • JellybeanzForPresident

      Maybe if the boy was spanked. I can bet he wasn’t spanked after he hurt his sister.

      • Concerned Christian

        that would be a very wrong assumption! 🙂

  • The surge in trans regret was.. 6 people. Worldwide.
    That doesn’t mean they should be ignored, quite the contrary. It’s because there are so few of them that there’s almost nowhere for them to turn to for help.
    Measured figures show a rate of such regret as less than 1%, but given the number of surgeries worldwide, there still have to be a dozen or more such cases every year.

  • Regarding biological differences:

    Sexual Hormones and the Brain: An Essential Alliance for Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation Garcia-Falgueras A, Swaab DF Endocr Dev. 2010;17:22-35

    The fetal brain develops during the intrauterine period in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. In this way, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in extreme cases in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation

    • Mathew Palmer

      What justify’s , defines and allows a person to identify as a “she” or “he” male or female
      is the subtotal of ALL their biological makeup to ALLOW that descriptive pronoun / definition .
      A persons subjective thoughts “alone” on ones gender
      does NOT give precedence over that person’s biology when defining /categorizing that persons gender/sex. The persons self identified gender , is just a tiny part /characteristic of the whole subtotal of that persons “being” / biology . The overwhelming majority of transgender people are biologically indistinguishable from a normal “cis” person.
      you can not use “intersex” conditions to justify and allow transgenderism as they are completely different.
      The only so called evidence for Transgenderism is “brain scan comparison tests” which…….
      (1) Results are subjective to interpretation
      (2) countless unaccounted for variables missing from every study
      (3) 100% of “trans” people are NOT required to get a MRI brain scan comparison test to diagnose they truly have the condition,
      (4) Psychiatrist & psychologist diagnose it through just talking, not from clinical tests by MD doctors
      Sorry there is just no “real” evidence that supports transgenderism is
      literally the “wrong brain in the wrong body” scenario
      But there is ample evidence it is “JUST” a mental disorder , like many other “trans” disorders.
      And it is illogical to allow transition IF it is merely a delusional mental disorder about ones gender/sex

      • “you can not use “intersex” conditions to justify and allow transgenderism as they are completely different.”

        Transsexuality as an Intersex Condition Milton Diamond, Ph.D.
        Proceedings, 2009 APA Conference stream 10

        • Mathew Palmer

          ,,you said….
          Milton Diamond, Ph.D.
          Proceedings, 2009 APA Conference stream 10??

          That DOES NOT prove anything!!
          and is a redefining of what Intersex conditions are!!
          Intersex and transgenderism are completely different!!
          intersex people have physical conditions you can test for,
          MRI scans, bone structure, blood tests, hormone tests,DNA test,
          can easily determine IF a person is intersex!
          While 99% of transgender people are
          “physically” 100% either genetic male or genetic female
          with zero abnormality to speak of,and merely have a mental condition that they “think” they are the opposite sex.
          Notice the MASSIVE DIFFERENCE now between a
          inter-sex person and a transgender person?
          Sorry you can not make the comparison!!

          transgenerism is a “mental” disorder ,
          intersex is a “physical” genetic deformity

          • Many Intersex syndromes have nothing to do with genetics,

            As for MRI scans and the autopsies of brains of Trans people

            Male–to–female transsexuals have female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus. Kruiver et al J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2000) 85:2034–2041

            The present findings of somatostatin neuronal sex differences in the
            BSTc and its sex reversal in the transsexual brain clearly support the
            paradigm that in transsexuals sexual differentiation of the brain and
            genitals may go into opposite directions

            A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality. by Zhou et al Nature (1995) 378:68–70.

            Our study is the first to show a female brain structure in genetically male transsexuals

            White matter
            microstructure in female to male transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal
            treatment. A diffusion tensor imaging study. – Rametti et al, J Psychiatr Res. 2010 Jun 8.

            CONCLUSIONS: Our results show that the white matter
            microstructure pattern in untreated FtM transsexuals is closer to the
            pattern of subjects who share their gender identity (males) than those
            who share their biological sex (females).

            etc etc

        • Mathew Palmer

          you look like a man in a dress, let me guess you are a tranny?
          typical ha ha ha ha
          i am positive you have never had an MRI brain scan to prove you have female brain structures have you ?
          99% of Trannies never get that test.

          • Actually I have had one, but they were looking at my pituitary primarily, trying to figure out the cause of the natural sex reversal.

            Turned out to be the 3BHSD form of CAH, and an atypical Late Onset nonSW case at that.

            Intersex people are precluded from having a diagnosis of Transsexuality under the ICD-10. The ICD-11 may chamge that, just as the DSM-5 changed from the DSM-IV-TR.

    • Mathew Palmer

      Here is some examples of two highly important missing variables from EVERY Trans brain scan comparison test study ever done……..
      (1) How many CIS men in the study , had female appearing brain structures “Trans”
      YET they still identified as the biological sex they were born as “male” ???
      (2) How many Trans Men in the study , had 100% normal appearing female brain structures YET still identified as the opposite sex /gender they were born as ????

      These two important variables are missing from EVERY study ever done , (there is many others)
      it does not take a genius to realize how damning & revealing the results of those two variables can be .
      They are intentionally ignored for obvious logical reasons, as the results i would completely invalidate the so called
      cause & effect “evidence” of brain scan comparison tests , and flush the whole transgender movement down the toilet as nothing but a delusional mental disorder NOT a medical condition warranting transition and law changes .

      • Specific
        Cerebral Activation due to Visual Erotic Stimuli in Male-to-Female
        Transsexuals Compared with Male and Female Controls: An fMRI Study by Gizewski et al J Sex Med 2009;6:440–448.

        Results. Significantly enhanced activation for men compared with
        women was revealed in brain areas involved in erotic processing, i.e.,
        the thalamus, the amygdala, and the orbitofrontal and insular cortex,
        whereas no specific activation for women was found. When comparing MTF
        transsexuals with male volunteers
        , activation patterns similar to female
        volunteers being compared with male volunteers were revealed.

        There are many other studies of non trans people.

        So in answer to your questions.
        1. None
        2. None.

  • That Guy

    So a skinny girl that looks in a mirror and sees a fat girl has a mental problem but a dude looks in the mirror and sees a chick is normal. this is 1 percent of the population that is not getting the help they need because liberals to normalize things that are abnormal. You can put boobs on a dude but all you end up with is a dude with boobs.

  • ScratInTheHat

    I don’t know where you have been Michael but it has already changed America. This site and many sites that should never have went over to the dark side are already there. Homosexuality is just as much a mental issue as any other fetish but it is coated over as something not so bad on many levels. Never is the issue addressed the way it should be and rejected outright because what was politically acceptable 20 years ago is in the waste basket. Glenn Beck has multiple homosexuals on his program and it’s killing him but he still has to push against the normal because he knows these “good people”! I wouldn’t worry about this because natural law is going to right itself. It always has! The sick thing is that the people that should be holding the line in the media on natural law are not. I can see why. There is too much heat to in that kitchen! In the meantime our kids have to be shielded from this pestilence. We screwed up when we accepted the idea to stay out of the bedroom! Now they drag their bedroom down the middle of the street! Well now we see why Christ condemned what we all really know should be condemned. It is because it destroys the comity of a culture and its community. Keep dreaming the libertarian dream that you can knock all the walls out of the house and it will still stand. I’ll take my stand with the people that still think that natural law rules.

  • Andrew Mason

    Respectfully, I disagree that transgender activism can never reshape Western society. You seem to be assuming that only a handful of activists are pushing the program. What happens when state or national governments impose it as mandatory K-12 education? Consider the People’s Republic of Victoria where the (un)safe schools program will be mandatory in all state secondary schools from 2018. Students are taught homosexual, transgender, and gender fluid ideology. While presented as an anti-bullying program, students who don’t embrace the agenda e.g. Christians, can expect to be bullied and may be forced out of state education and into independent schooling, assuming their parents can afford the fees. Students who are less clear on their identity, or right and wrong, can end up horribly confused and damaged by such programs. Then there’s the militancy such programs can promote. While biological differences are real, activists insist that such differences are merely cosmetic and can be modified to reflect a person’s real identity – whatever ‘gender’ they decide is the reality. While gender should be derived from biological realities, just as a healthy weight should be derived from biological realities (your height, breadth, physical fitness, plus the scales), activists insist the reality is whatever an individual perceives it to be, not what reality dictates – there is no anorexia, nor any obesity, merely different concepts of healthy.

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