Tim Kaine Defies the Bible and Makes a Mockery of the Church

Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va. speaks during a campaign rally in Wilmington, N.C., Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016.

By Arina Grossu Published on October 3, 2016

No matter how hard Democratic vice-presidential hopeful Tim Kaine tries to pass off his invented religion as “Catholic,” he will fail. That is because Kaine’s views are not actually Catholic or in any meaningful sense even Christian.

For 2,000 years, Christians have agreed on the sanctity of human life. Kaine’s own church teaches that abortion is always and everywhere a grave evil (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2270-2275). There is absolutely no wiggle room here. Yet Tim Kaine, who campaigns as a Catholic, supports legalized abortion and touts a 100 percent rating on Planned Parenthood’s scorecard, America’s number one baby killer. He is also endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America for his 100 percent pro-abortion voting record.

The Bible is equally clear about homosexual acts, which the Catholic Church teaches are “intrinsically disordered,” “contrary to the natural law,” and “under no circumstances [to] be approved” (CCC 2357). In the same breath, the Church distinguishes between the homosexual acts and the persons with homosexual attraction. About the persons with homosexual attraction, the Church says, “They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” (CCC 2358).

Loving God and loving our neighbor is the Great Commandment upon which “all the law and the prophets” depend (Mt. 22:36-40). The church has always taught to love the person, but hate the sin. This commandment applies to each and every one of us and to all sins under the sun “since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). While we are called to love our neighbor, encouraging our neighbor to commit grave sin is the most unloving thing we can do.

Like Jesus, we must show authentic and unconditional charity to the person who is in sin while rejecting the sinful actions that threaten his soul. We must do this humbly, knowing full-well that we are miserable fellow sinners, in desperate need of God’s saving grace. Charity and truth, both attributes of God himself, work together. They’re not in tension.

Distorting Truth for Political Gain

For political gain, Tim Kaine has distorted and defied Pope Francis’ words, the Church’s teaching, and Holy Scripture itself. Kaine spoke on Sept. 10 at the high-powered LGBT Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington D.C. where he self-identified as a “devout Catholic.”

In the speech, he admitted that the Catholic Church is opposed to same-sex marriage. However, he held out to the audience the fantasy that the Church will change her 2,000-year teaching to fit the liberal zeitgeist. He then proceeded to distort Genesis 1 and Pope Francis’ comments to match his own ideology. He said that such change may occur “because my church also teaches me about a creator in the first chapter of Genesis, who surveys the entire world including mankind and [says], ‘It is very good,'” referencing Genesis 1:31. “Pope Francis famously said, ‘Who am I to judge?’ And to that I want to add: Who am I to challenge God for the beautiful diversity of the human family? I think we’re supposed to celebrate it, not challenge it.”

Kaine conveniently snipped off the Scripture passages that came before and after. In Genesis, God created them “male and female” (Gen. 1:27) and commanded them to “be fruitful and multiply” (Gen. 1:28) which is only possible within the sexual union of one man and one woman. Adam confirms that Eve is “bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” (Gen 2:23-24).

The Bible is Clear — And Kaine is Wrong

Could it be any clearer that Holy Scripture affirms that sexual relations and marriage is between one man and one woman? To see the full picture, here are just some of the Holy Scripture passages that directly speak about the grave evil of homosexual acts:

  • “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable” (Lev. 18:22).
  • “For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error” (Rom. 1:26-27).
  • “But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband” (1 Cor. 7:2).
  • “Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

Nor can Kaine really hide behind Pope Francis’ words, which do not mean what the secular press pretends. As the pope explained his comment (“Who am I to judge?”):

If a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing, who am I to judge that person? … I was paraphrasing by heart the Catechism of the Catholic Church where it says that these people should be treated with delicacy and not be marginalized. … I prefer that homosexuals come to confession, that they stay close to the Lord, and that we pray all together. … You can advise them to pray, show goodwill, show them the way, and accompany them along it.

Confession — that is where Catholics go to repent their sins and gain the grace to avoid them in future. Does that sound like a papal stamp of approval? Pope Francis is calling on us to accompany them in kindness, charity, and truth — most importantly through our own example — yet not to become complicit by praising the sins that damage them.

Truth and Charity: Not Mutually Exclusive

Correcting Kaine’s misleading statements, his own bishop, Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond, responded that “the Catholic Church’s 2,000-year-old teaching to the truth about what constitutes marriage remains unchanged and resolute. As Catholics, we believe, all humans warrant dignity and deserve love and respect, and unjust discrimination is always wrong … Marriage is the only institution uniting one man and one woman with each other and with any child from their union. Redefining marriage furthers no one’s rights, least of all those of children, who should not purposely be deprived of the right to be nurtured and loved by a mother and a father.”

Tim Kaine has no right to treat Church teachings and the Bible like a buffet in a cafeteria, picking the teachings he finds convenient.

The call of the Christian in every generation is to communicate both truth and charity. Truth without charity is a “noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” (1 Cor. 13:1), and charity without truth is plain sentimentality. May we all live out the call to continual personal conversion, as well as the call to charity in truth and truth in charity.


Arina O. Grossu, M.A. is the director for the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council Action, where she focuses on sanctity of human life issues, ranging from conception to natural death.

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  • Dean Bruckner

    Tim Kaine should be getting his own millstone selected and fitted rather than face the fearsome judgment that awaits him and all evildoers like him.

  • Joe

    Maybe he’s devout ‘cuz he donates (probably not tithe) to his church?

  • Deacon Keith Fournier

    Well done Arina! Thank you for your courage and clarity. We are living in a new missionary age of the Church and I am so happy to see strong, faithful women like you and Jennifer Hartline speaking with such boldness and conviction into both the Church and the public square. Tim Kaine is a dissident, not a devout Catholic. We need to pray for him as we expose his errant claims. Your work gives me great hope.
    God bless you
    Deacon Keith Fournier

    • Arina Grossu

      You are one of my heroes. Your note made my day!

  • Shaune Scott

    Thank you so much for this article!

  • I’m Protestant. I greatly respect the stance of the Roman Catholic Church on these crucial moral issues. What I will never understand is why these obviously pagan, apostate politicians were not excommunicated long ago. Why isn’t support for abortion and sodomy grounds for immediate discipline? Where are the Bishops with guts? Help me understand.

    • Mary Fran

      We faithful Catholics wonder the very same thing.

      • Lyn LaTessa-Thonn Ott

        I would love to know the answer to that as well!

  • Hmmm…

    He lost his freedom to choose anything the moment he signed on with the HRC machine. “There’ll be a load of compromisin’ on the road to my horizon …”

  • Dianna Alford

    Why are we mixing religion with politics?

    • Mary Fran

      Because our religion is to influence EVERY aspect of our lives, including politics.

    • Earl Pearl Haskins

      Are things getting better? When the moral standard of God is eliminated, THIS is the increasingly evil society were left with.

    • Brother Flood

      Noah Webster on the Right and Responsibility to Vote

      “When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, “just men who will rule in the fear of God.” The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in
      office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and
      elect bad men to make and administer the laws”.

      Noah Webster, 1758-1843, Advisor to the
      Founding Fathers, statesman, educator, lexicographer and author of Webster’s
      Dictionary. History of the United States (New Haven: Durrie & Peck, 1832),
      pp. 336-337, 349.

    • Queen Mum

      Politics is our freedom to choose which candidate we believe will best perform the job. If a candidate doesn’t believe that taking innocent life is wrong, that belief it will affect his ability to protect the rest of his citizens. ALL lives matter.

  • Christian Cowboy

    There are many who choose to rewrite God’s Word to fit the situation or support their cause. Just remember – after the rewrite it is no longer God’s Word and has no power in the words.

  • Earl Pearl Haskins

    So what? This should come as no surprise to ANYONE. Even Hillary has recently proclaimed that “Religious beliefs have to be changed.” How dare she expect that SHE, being SO wise, can over-rule the word of God. If God say’s “For I, the LORD, do not change;” – Malachi 3:6, then by extension, neither does His word. If He inspired man to write of His plan for mankind in the form of the Bible, then until He sends the modern day prophets He chooses to REVISE His plan, the Bible doesn’t change!

  • Earl Pearl Haskins

    This should surprise NO ONE! Even Hillary as recently stated that
    “Religious beliefs have to be changed.” How dare she think that she,
    being SO wise, can overrule the word of God? If God doesn’t change
    (Malachi 3:6), then by extension, neither does His word. If God can
    inspire man to write what is now the Bible, then where are the modern
    day prophets He chooses to give us the latest changes? “Woe to those
    who call evil good, and good evil;” – Isaiah 5:20. If it was evil then,
    what will make it righteous now?

  • VisPacem

    Kaine, like everyone who surrounds and supports H.R. Clinton, is a moral nihilist, one who does not even cast a shadow of a true human being because there is no substance within him.

  • Hmmm…

    Acts 4:29 And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word,

  • Thetruthsetfree

    I’m also Protestant. You can add to your list of verses Jude 6,7 (these verses compare the fate of the fallen angels with Sodomites):

    “He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness into the judgement of the great day – even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, in like manner giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”

    We should minister to these people with the goal being their redemption, not encourage them to remain in their fallen state, the end result of which will be eternal separation from God.

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