The War on Children: New Documentary Exposes How the Left is Sexualizing Your Kids

By Nancy Flory Published on March 19, 2024

The War on Children, a new documentary by filmmakers Robby and Landon Starbuck, reveals the left’s not-so-hidden agenda to sexualize kids through exposure to sexually deviant behavior produced online, through social media, drag queen performances, schools, advertising, and elsewhere.

At nearly two and a half hours of run time, the film may be long, but it’s worth the time, especially for parents. The War on Children may be seen at, rumble, MoviesPlus, and X.

Controlling Your Kids’ Minds

Robby and Landon Starbuck interview experts about the sexualization of America’s kids on everything from advertising to social media to library books. The left’s efforts to control kids’ minds on LGBTQ+ issues are absolutely everywhere. Brett Craig, formerly chief creative officer with Duetsch, said the left is intentionally trying to sexualize children. “I think they’re trying to introduce radical gender theory, radical gender ideology, to your child,” he said. “They’re using commercials and merchandise and what they’re selling to get your kid to believe that.”

Craig suggests parents use their money as a way to cast a vote. If a company or a business invests in wokeness or supports trans ideology, do not shop there. “If we don’t speak up, it’s over real fast from here,” he said. “I don’t think it’s going to take long now.”

Social Contagion

That is true, especially with what the Starbucks call “social contagion.” According to the National Library of Medicine, social contagion is defined as “the spread of behaviors, attitudes, and affect through crowds and other types of social aggregates from one member to another. Adolescents are prone to social contagion because they may be especially susceptible to peer influence and social media.” The normalization of transgender and LGBTQ+ ideology has been spread through social contagion via social media, say the Starbucks. And the damage is vast: 25% of American high school students now identify themselves as something other than “straight.” And in a recent Gallup poll, over 28% of Gen Z women say they are lesbian. The agenda to normalize the sexualization of children is well underway. 

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The Starbucks talked with a detransitioner โ€” a young woman who identified as a male and had surgery, then later began living as a female again. She told them she’d first heard about “transitioning” through social media. It had a profound impact on her, and she pursued the surgery. Although those on the left claim that minors are not getting surgery to “transition,” that statement is not true. The young woman had surgery a month after her thirteenth birthday. 

Another woman whose daughter identified as a male tearfully told her story to the Starbucks. Her daughter was a minor when she decided to begin living life as a male. Her school got involved and called Children’s Protective Services on the girl’s mother because she did not want her daughter to identify as male. Eventually, the daughter was taken away from her home and sent to foster care, but her gender dysphoria and depression did not go away. She still suffered, and one day stepped in front of a moving train to end her pain. Her mother still does not understand why her daughter’s school got involved. 

Although the Starbucks tried to interview those with differing opinions, the potential interviewees who advocate for transitioning children either declined up front or walked out during the interview. 

Speak Up, Parents!

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) sat down with the Starbucks to discuss the unnecessary surgeries being done on minors with gender dysphoria. “We’re leaning towards an absurd and horrific time,” he said. “[T]his is leading to a time in which there’s going to be war between families, there’s war in our culture. This is a bad time and I never thought we’d get there in our lifetime. This is where we’ve come.”

After all the interviews about the sexualization of America’s children, the Starbucks came to one conclusion: American parents have to speak up.

“The conversations are going to be uncomfortable,” said Robby. “You may lose a friend or a client, but speaking up is how this ends. Some may even ask you, ‘Why do you care? These aren’t your kids. Let them do what they want.’ But this line of thinking ignores the reality that our kids are going to have to grow up alongside these issues and sometimes inside a locker room with them.”


Nancy Flory, Ph.D., is a senior editor at The Stream. You can follow her @NancyFlory3, and follow The Stream @Streamdotorg.

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