The Start of Advent Met With Start of New Frenzy Over ‘Mild’ Omicron COVID Variant … and the Megalomania of Fauci

And let's not forget ... "Happy Hanukkah"!

By Al Perrotta Published on November 29, 2021

Welcome to Monday and the second day of Advent. The first of our special “Born on Christmas Day” Morning Brew series went up this morning. Think of this one as your second cup.

A lot went on while we were gorging, gift-hunting and giving thanks. 

“New” Omicron COVID Variant Starts Now-Predictable Frenzy

You know those vaccines they’re trying to force you to take? Seems a new COVID variant named Omicron may well laugh at those vaccines, and has given the shutdown/mandate groupies an early holiday treat.

Joe Biden on Friday announced a travel ban on eight African countries where Omicron has been showing up. Which is funny, since in 2020 this same Joe Biden was declaring Trump’s travel bans racist. And ineffective.

(How’s that plan working, Joe?)

So was Kamala Harris.

So was Nancy Pelosi.

Will any of them apologize to Trump? Does Joy Behar have any actual joy?

Meanwhile, why’s it called Omicron? Variants of a virus follow the Greek alphabet. But for some reason, no one can imagine why (he says sarcastically) the World Health Organization skipped over the Greek letter that was supposed to be next: “Xi.” A variant of the Chinese virus sharing the name of the Chinese president? That would have been priceless.

And why did I put “new” in quotes. Although you’re hearing this variant has popped up the last few days in South Africa, it was actually identified way back in July.

Dr. Michael Brown saw the dire headlines this weekend, and has an urgent reminder: “With Word of New COVID Variants, God’s Message is the Same: ‘Fear Not’”

So do we need to be planning? Do we need to “cancel Christmas”? According to the South African Medical Association, the Omicron variant is “unusual but mild.” But that hasn’t stopped oppression-lovers from leaping into action.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Declared a State of Emergency, and Ordered a Temporary Halt on Elective Surgeries

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

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Take New York’s new Governor Kathy Hochul. She’s immediately sprung into “shut things down” mode, declaring a state of emergency. She’s also ordered a temporary halt to elective surgeries over concerns hospitals will be overrun. Well, maybe hospitals will be overrun because you’ve been trying to force vaccinations on doctors and nurses who are quitting or being fired rather than take the jab … which apparently is ineffective against this variant.

… on the plus side, Hochul hasn’t stuffed any COVID patients into nursing homes.

Speaking of euthanasia and COVID …

German Euthanasia Clinics Are Forcing Patients to be Vaccinated Before Being Put Down

No, it’s not the Babylon Bee. Or a horror movie.

The German Euthanasia Association is now requiring patients be vaccinated before they are can off themselves at a euthanasia clinic. (Euthanasia is legal in Germany.)

As Outkick reports, the change was mandated November 19th by the euthanasia association called Verein Sterbehilfe (literally “Society Death-help.”) With zero hint of irony.

How long before they force people already dead to get booster shots? Just in case they become zombies.

Tony Fauci, Megalomaniac

Tony Fauci’s head’s so big it could have been a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Biden’s point man on COVID isn’t a scientist. He is not a leading scientist. He is not the government’s top scientist. He is science itself.  To paraphrase the Barry Manilow song, “I am science and I write the rules.”

Yesterday, Fauci and his thin skin decided to shred those who do not treat his opinion on anything as gospel truth. No, they are not legitimate scientists and doctors with legitimate questions about a relatively new virus and assorted variants and potential treatments. No, Fauci told Face the Nation, they are “anti-science.” They are really criticizing science because I represent science.” 

Sen. Rand Paul was stunned at the hubris.

Let’s ask a question: Given that Fauci:

  1. is the government’s top virology bureaucrat
  2. is responsible for the fortunes of any virologist who has any interaction with the government
  3. believes himself Science Incarnate

What are the chances that any valid research contrary to his personal whims and financial interests ever makes it through NIH? 

Let’s put it another way: In the generation since “I AM Science” has been in charge, how many people have died because voices that contradicted his were not heard? 

Hillary Clinton Thinks You’re a Moron

Hillary Clinton said last week the American people just don’t get Joe Biden’s “extraordinary accomplishments.”

Well, you know those Deplorables. Sure, inflation’s strangling ‘em, illegal immigrants are overrunning ‘em, there are more COVID deaths this year than when their guy was in power, the shelves are becoming bare and there’s likely a shortage of Christmas trees, but they’re are simply too thick to appreciate all the glorious things being done by Uncle Joe.

How can we apologize for our cluelessness, Hillary?

Hillary’s latest knock on the intelligence of the average American comes in the wake of Joe Biden suggesting Americans are too ignorant to even understand the term “supply chain.”

Wanted: Fat Guy in Red Suit to Help Spread Holiday Cheer

America is facing a Santa shortage this year. Yep, our Jolly Ol’ St. Nicks are calling in sick. Or more accurately, not willing to work this year mostly because of continued COVID fears.

C’mon. Least you can do is Zoom in from the North Pole.

At the same time, according to Brittany Skipper, owner of San Diego-based Royal Entertainers, demand for Santas has jumped 120%.

“We need a little Christmas” indeed.

Advent is Underway!

Advent began yesterday. John Stonestreet offered an elegant reminder of “The Reason for the Advent Season.”

Later today, our well-caffeinated senior editors speak out. John Zmirak explains that Fomenting Race War Is Un-Christian, and Other Stuff I Shouldn’t Have to Point Out.

David Mills says Keep Giving Thanks, You Ungrateful Wretch, because thanksgiving shouldn’t end after Thanksgiving.

And Tom Gilson analyzes one source of a very modern problem in ‘Virtue’ Gone Haywire: How False Humility Has Torn Us Apart.

And Finally …. Happy Hanukah!!!!!!!!

Hanukkah — the Jewish “Festival of Lights” — began Sunday evening. Hanukkah Shaneash!




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