The Mysterious Disappearance of Former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman

As the FBI continues its widespread investigation into the foundation, Braverman's vanishing act has the internet wondering and the mainstream media curiously uninterested.

By Rachel Alexander Published on December 29, 2016

UPDATE: January 18, 2017 – Eric Braverman appears to have surfaced.

UPDATE: January 10, 2017 – The question remains, where is Eric Braverman? As I covered 11 days ago, below, no one has been able to get in contact with the former Clinton Foundation CEO since October 22nd. That’s when Wikileaks released an email in which John Podesta named him as a possible mole within the Clinton Foundation. The mainstream media continues to ignore the story.

And is he really missing? I just spoke with his father, Stanley Braverman, who told me, “It’s nonsense, ma’am, it’s not true,” before hanging up on me. Note how easy it would be for his dad to disprove it. Instead, he just denied it and hung up.

Snopes reports, “New Haven, New York City and Washington D.C. police have no record of a missing person with his name, nor is Braverman listed on NamUs, a national database of missing persons maintained by the Justice Department.”

Emails from The Stream to Braverman, Yale University, where he teaches one course, the FBI, and his “husband” Neil Brown received no substantive response. The Free Thought Project had no luck getting information from the university.

In Custody? Laying Low? Seeking Asylum?

Braverman had been hired by Chelsea Clinton to clean up corruption within the foundation, but was forced out by longtime Clinton insiders. The right-wing blogosphere has speculated that the FBI has him in protective FBI custody to protect him from the Clintons or that he’s lying low at the Clintons’ request, in order to avoid being subpoenaed to testify against the organization. Others speculate that he has sought asylum in the Russian embassy.

While the rightwing blogosphere is boiling over with theories, the mainstream media isn’t covering the story.

While the rightwing blogosphere is boiling over with theories, the mainstream media isn’t covering the story. CNN is running around the clock coverage of the congressional investigation into Russia allegedly hacking into Podesta’s emails and the DNC’s emails, but has not mentioned the possibility Braverman might have leaked Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said a disgruntled Democratic insider gave him the emails, not the Russians. 

Braverman isn’t the only one at the Clinton Foundation who Podesta thought could be a mole. In an email exchange with an ally, Podesta said, “could be doug or ira,” referring to Doug Bales and Ira Magaziner.

Still Missing

Since my previous article came out, the only mention of Braverman’s disappearance by the mainstream media has been Politico’s derisive reference to the story as fake news. At least Snopes revised their entry on the story, changing the status from “fake” to “unknown,” with a link to my article.

The date to watch is Thursday, January 19th. That’s the Yale class Braverman teaches, “Innovation in Government and Society,” begins. We’ll know whether he is missing or not depending on whether he shows up to teach. But don’t expect to see a New York Times journalist there. They’re too busy covering the congressional hearings about the claim that the Russians hacked the emails and gave them to Wikileaks.

December 29, 2016 – Eric Braverman, the Clinton Foundation CEO from 2013 until 2015,  has apparently been missing since October. His absence has fueled speculations in the blogosphere but so far has been ignored by the media. 

Some speculate, with good reason, that Braverman may have gone into hiding after an email mentioning his name was released by Wikileaks on October 22 of this year. In the March 2015 email exchange, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden told Clinton campaign manager and confidant John Podesta there was a mole within the Clinton Foundation. Podesta in his reply told Tanden the mole was Braverman.

Braverman had abruptly resigned from the Clinton Foundation shortly before this email exchange took place. And then, after the email exchange was made public by Wikileaks, Braverman vanished from the public eye.

This seems like a story that someone might want to report.

The last evidence of Braverman’s public activity was October 12, when he posted his last tweet on Twitter. (Usually he tweets about once a month. His “husband,” Neil Brown, hasn’t tweeted since August, although he rarely tweets.) I left a voicemail on Braverman’s personal phone and sent him an email, but received no response. He is still listed as a lecturer at Yale University and, contrary to some reports, there is a record of his lectures going back several years. I contacted the press office and Braverman’s department at Yale and received no response.

Braverman, the Podesta Leaks and the Clinton Foundation

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, told The Daily Mail that Podesta’s emails were leaked to the organization by a disgruntled insider, not the Russians. Consequently, there are suspicions it may have been Braverman. (Though some of the Podesta emails are dated after Braverman’s tenure with the foundation, if he had Podesta’s password, he could still have accessed his email after leaving.)

Re: Tweet from @JoeNBC
Date: 2015-03-08 19:48
Subject: Re: Tweet from @JoeNBC

Politico ran a long story about Braverman’s ouster in 2015. Based on email correspondence released by Wikileaks, Braverman was apparently hired by Chelsea Clinton to clean up the corruption in the foundation, but then forced out of the foundation by longtime Clinton loyalists; sources say Podesta made him a target. 

In 2011, Podesta’s leaked emails show that Chelsea was aggressively calling for an internal investigation. For example, former President Bill Clinton had raised over $1 billion though the foundation to rebuild 100 villages in India, but only $53 million was spent on the project. Also, Braverman resigned at the time Hillary was arranging one of her notorious “pay to play” deals with foreign leaders: a $12 million contribution from the king of Morocco in exchange for giving a speech. 

#Where’s Eric: Did Braverman Request Asylum From the Russians?

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 2.08.48 PM

A Russian blogger reported that Eric Braverman requested asylum with the Russian embassy on October 23.

So far Braverman’s apparent disappearance has only been discussed by bloggers and fringe websites, which often mix the fact that he has gone silent with other unconfirmed claims. For instance, the site reported that Braverman requested asylum in Russia on October 23. The information apparently came from a Russian blogger, who reported it in a rambling blog post on LiveLeak. 

That’s pretty thin evidence. Moreover, is known for posting questionable news stories. The left-leaning, myth-debunking site Snopes labeled the news site’s account of Braverman as false, but based its judgment on the fact that website publishes false stories. Aside from this circular argument, Snopes provides no independent evidence for its judgment. I contacted the Russian embassy and received no response. So at the moment, the claim that Braverman requested asylum from the Russians is an unconfirmed rumor.

#Where’sEric: Could Braverman be in FBI Protective Custody?

There are also rumors that Braverman is in FBI protective custody, perhaps in exchange for testifying against the Clintons. Sources within the FBI have said it is likely there will be indictments handed down over the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play schemes. Senior FBI officials told CNN that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation had never ended and is still ongoing. According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, that probe now involves as many as five FBI bureaus across the country: New York, Little Rock, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami. 

Would the FBI have hustled Braverman to safety once it was known Podesta had pegged him as a mole? This theory seems plausible, given what we know. But there is still no independent evidence of it.

All Questions, No Answers

If Braverman is in hiding to protect his life, is it because he leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks, and/or is he preparing to testify against the Clintons? The one thing we know is that Braverman has disappeared from the public eye, and that neither he, his “husband” Neil Brown, nor his family, nor his Yale employers, has made a single public statement to dispel the speculations.


The hashtag #WheresEric has been started on Twitter. Follow Rachel on Twitter at Rach_IC.

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  • Gary

    LOL! The list of people the Clinton’s don’t want available to comment is long. And old. This stuff is commonplace in the Clinton’s existence.

  • Paul

    He’s vacationing with Jimmy Hoffa

  • Chip Crawford

    Okay. Now, how about the DNC staffer (forgot name) who was found shot dead in the street near his home in Washington, D.C. in the early hours of the morning, not long after the initial Wikileaks that revealed the Sanders treatment. It’s not the same person. This staffer one is better looking, but young, and it happened in the spring or early summer. Not long after that, Julian Assange offered a 5 figure reward for information concerning his death. There was a little flurry some later about investigating it, but that’s all.

    • Ashley West

      Seth committed Arkancide. Poor man associated with very bad people.

      • Chip Crawford

        No Arkansas connection there. Odd gun selfie that shoots yourself in the back, maybe?

        • Lanceman

          The ‘Arkansas’ connection is the head of the enterprise, one William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, my former governor, from Hope, Arkansas.

    • RunTrumpRun

      man who subpoenaed Clinton & found dying in his bathroom and a lawyer who weirdly dropped a barbell on his own neck right before taking a deposition !!! coincidence I reckon.

  • BTP

    How much would it take for me to go on permanent vacation in Tahiti or someplace? On the other hand, Walt White decided to cut costs by murdering a dozen associates rather than keep paying them. On the other other hand, who would trust Comey if you thought your life was in danger from the Clintons? Isn’t he the very last person you would run to for help?

    Thus: he is holed up in Mar-a-Lago in a nice-but-not-luxurious room. Comped.

    • Paul Burgett


  • Dean Bruckner

    Clinton body count, I’m thinking. Many god protect him so he can repent and testify to the truth.

  • Paul Burgett

    The Clinton body count rises.

  • Ashley West

    He committed Arkancide.

    • galocke

      I call it Fostercide, but that’s just me.

  • faithntrust

    Doesn’t Chelsea Clinton realize that her parents ARE the corruption within the foundation?

    • Rachel Alexander

      Weirdly, I think she did. Not like she was perfect.

    • RunTrumpRun

      When Outside Audit was finished she was furious this “Doug Band” had acquired so much of her “Daddy’s money”! Not a word about 6% only going to their “charities”. The Poor are big money makers.

    • galocke

      She’s in line to inherit the entire empire. So you think she’s likely to raise a ruckus?

    • Paul

      Sure she does, all the more reason to find some lackys to take the falls.

  • UlaireToldea

    Perhaps he has came down with a bad case of the Arkansas Flue?

  • Bocomo taxpayer

    I don’t think he’s dead because his family would be squawking. Either in custody of FBI or in hiding is the more likely. He must be in contact with his family though or they would be raising cane. Once again though, if the MSM would do their job, they would be asking the family, Yale, RKR, Neil Brown and “the Clinton foundation where he is. If he is just laying low, then they are idiots for allowing this speculation to continue, but this also is unlikely because this man was a partner in McKinsey & Company and Brown is high up in KKR who had the KKR global initiative which is tied to the Clinton global initiative. If I were Braverman I’d be very concerned for my safety right now.

    • RunTrumpRun

      his Mother has posted a reward for any information.

      • Bocomo taxpayer

        Oh, that’s not good. I worry about that boy now.

      • Andre Linoge


  • m-nj

    Hey, thanks for calling out Snopes for their poor debunking practices… the same type of “debunking” they did with the ongoing “pizzagate” issue (also with ties to Podesta, Clinton, and crew). I am not 100% sold on the pizzagate thing, but there is way too much coincidence and odd information to just say it is a bunch of crazy conspiracy nuts looking for attention. And we know huge pedo rings were just busted in the last few months in Canada and Norway (although, oddly, the previously published news stories have been scribbed from the NYT and Washington Times websites… very odd indeed).

  • igotplans2

    A friend of a friend knows Eric personally, and she claims to have seen him at a theater performance a few weeks ago in NYC. She didn’t get a chance to speak to him, but says it was definitely him. Her sense, knowing his patterns, is that he’s just laying low for the sake of his safety, and that neither he nor his family members plan to acknowledge the questions or rumors, with the hope that interest will soon die down.

    • josco

      That seems naive. Interest will only increase.
      Does he think his safety will increase as time goes on? That he can emerge b/c Clintons won’t be angry anymore?

    • GreyGeek77

      Why “lay low”?
      Is it because the Left is not the tolerant, inclusive, diverse and morally upright it claims to be? Or, is he really in hiding because he doesn’t want to end up like Seth Rich?

  • Anyone see Prof. Donna Brazile, lately?

  • Clarence Moore

    How many people have to die or disappear from the Clinton’s personal and professional lives before there is an investigation started??

    • azsxdcf1

      Really! And where is the outrage? How can we just sit back and argue about homos (as above)? Where is teh outrage about the term “Arkancide?” Where are the TRUE journalists? (thank YOU Stream for writing and publishing this article about this missing man – I didn’t see any mention on the Wall Street J, or the New York Times) How jaded have we become? Where are the POLICE and Law Enforcement?

      • Clarence Moore

        Hopefully Trump will blow it all wide open!

        • Franz Glaus

          we must help him do this.

    • josco

      Hopefully Trump admin will begin the fight after Jan 20. Sessions isn’t the relativist AG that we currently have.

    • Franz Glaus

      … and who’s going to investigate? The corruption is SYSTEMIC; which is why the Trump election is such a HUGELY important victory.

      • Clarence Moore

        Not going to get an argument from me on that point!! People wonder why FBI Director did not press charges against Hillary but it is clear that Loretta Lynch was not going to pursue an indictment against the Clintons!! When the story on the emails and Benghazi broke, Lynch said she would not allow an indictment against Hillary but later said that she would follow the FBI’s recommendation. Then the day before the FBI findings were announced, Bill sat on a private jet with Lynch and had a 39 minute conversation about “grandchildren”!!!! Yeah, it is systemic!!!

    • John

      That’s right. These 3 letter satanic agencies have been in cahoots with the bush family, the clintons and barry. They need to be dismantled.

  • Thank you all for the hilarious comments… yes, Clinton is blood thirsty. WE CAME… WE KILLED…. who says such things with glee on their face? Someone who loves killing. I worked in intelligence and am covered in blood and I can tell you one thing, I was never gleeful about it afterwards. People like that are terrifying to me. Mad dogs. I did not much care for Trump but the war mongering Clinton scared me enough to stay away from voting this year. The body count behind the Clintons has grown enormous. I learned thought that are two sets of laws, and they are pretty much above the law. Most people of that ilk are people the press never mentions, though…. you would be surprised how many people are in the families and secret societies and intelligence agencies who kind of war behind the scenes are above the law — the cops are one organization within these power groups, though fairly low… but they go along with letting each other get away with about anything. I think this is why pedophilia is accepted by the elite, and sexual slavery, and all the other intolerable acts that we see. Clinton riding on the LOLITA EXPRESS with the pedophile Epstein, who flew too many powerful men out there for anyone to ever prosecute those people who are known to have flown to his private island to have sex with underage boys and girls… that is just the way things are. There is a resistance to all of the oligarchy, though they are concentrated mostly on stopping a huge genocide the elite has planned. I know occasionally things I say can sound a little far fetched, but my loyalty oath, which was forced on me, and I was drafted into intelligence as well… is something I will break only to a certain degree. I know better than to think exposing evil will stop it. I am a firm believer that this government is illegal, and needs to be fought….. but no one gives up power without a real fight. And I have been involved in the very bloody side of revolution and …. people bandy around the word, but they have no idea how terrible a revolution would be in this country… and this is one reason all the groups seem to agree that keeping a lot of things secret is best, so as to not frighten the sheep. If everyone in this country knew what I know, probably ten percent would go mad, twenty percent would head for the hills, probably five percent would actually revolt…. and the rest would try to pretend nothing was happening,

    • faithntrust

      WOW! Just WOW! I would like to know what you know – or would I? No doubt, our nation needs to know.

  • Christopher Hull

    Why are you putting “husband” in quotes? Either he is married or he has a fiancee or a boyfriend. Are you homophobic?

    • UlaireToldea

      Maybe because only a woman can have a husband?

      • Christopher Hull

        But that isn’t true. Your statement is not true. I’m not sure you understand that so one more time: Your statement is legally and factually not true. All FIFTY states have same sex marriage as the law of the land. So you are wrong. A better question SHOULD be that IF we actually believe in a right to privacy why should the govt have any role in who we marry? As a free person you SHOULD be free to marry the person, of legal age to sign a contract to anyone you so choose. The govt should have no role in that. So no, you cannot marry your dog because your dog cannot give consent. You may choose to have sex with your brother, may live with them as husband and wife BUT people so inclined will do so with or without govt approval. Group marriages will happen with or without govt approval. My, or your, opinion of those things is irrelevant. HOWEVER, IF govt is going to recognize marriage for tax purposes, inheritance purposes, benefits (domestic partners who put their partner on their work insurance have to count that as income married people do not), etc then it should provide reasonable accommodation to those who also want that contractual framework of protection for their property rights. You seem to be confusing your concept of religious marriage with the legal framework of civil marriage. ALL people deserve legal protection of their property and rights. If you do not protect the civil rights of one group you guarantee that at some point YOUR rights will be taken away/abused.

        • josco

          Did you cite “It’s the law of the land” before SCOTUS decided to go legislative on us? It’s really not “law,” it’s judicial overreach
          But anyway, the matter at hand….

          • Jarath Hemphill

            Let’s see…the SCOTUS job is to examine said legislation made by the legislative body and determine whether it passes Constitutional muster. Seems you don’t really understand of what you speak…

          • GreyGeek77

            Deed Scott decision?

        • UlaireToldea

          Slavery was once the law of the land, does that mean slavery is right? Furthermore, many states such as the state I live in had constitutional amendments to preserve the traditional definition of marriage, so obviously the country is rather split on this issue. Why not let the states and people decide whether they want same-sex marriage or not? Why do you need five justices to decide for everyone? In order to establish whether the government should equally with same-sex marriage, we should answer this: are the two relationships equal? If they are, then they should both be treated as equal. If they are not, then it is justified to treat them differently.

        • Gino Schafer

          A marriage is between a man and a woman. A man cannot have a husband, only a woman can. Calling two people of the same sex with a piece of paper a married does not make it so. Neither does passing a law changing the meaning of a word.

          A gelding is a horse with no balls. Calling a gelded horse a stallion does not make it a stallion. Passing a law sating that a gelded horse is a stallion still does not make it a stallion.

      • gigi4747

        Lol, short and to the point.

    • Lanceman

      Because no truly sane society would sanction something so utterly illogical as same sex ‘marriage’.

      Homosexuality is nothing more than a fetish. Like Like a sexual foot fetish. Some men have a fetish for sexual stimulation from other men. It’s no more difficult than that.
      If I ‘love’ my brother, I should be able to ‘marry’ him. Who are you to stand in the way of love?

      Oh, and I seriously doubt that anyone is afraid of homosexuals. We merely find the act or the in-your-face promotion of it disgusting. I am a serial fornicator. But I do not brag about it, advocate for it or even consider society should recognize it as normal.

      • Christopher Hull

        You idea of “logic” and “illogical” makes no logical sense. What should make sense is that ALL people, regardless of orientation are treated equally before the law. Which would mean if you wanted to enter into a “religious marriage” that should be between you, the person you marry, and your faith. However, once you make marriage secular and tie it it to government provided benefits and privileges it reduces marriage to a legal contract. Your intentional “misunderstanding” of homosexuality shows your lack of any serious thought about this so either develop something better than a circular logic argument (my religion says gay marriage is bad so gay marriage is bad and should be illegal) or keep your prejudices to yourself.

        • Lanceman

          They ostensibly are treated equally before the law, you moronic as shole. You think your kind deserves special rights.

          See, this is why I’m torn on the Muslim question. Allowing a major influx of them would eradicate your kind and put the kibosh on mouth-running female SJWs. Like introducing ladybugs to an aphid infestation (You’re the aphids, by the way).
          As a heterosexual male, I could conceivably adapt. You’d be gone in short order.

          Government doesn’t provide ‘benefits’ It seizes money from me to redistribute to whiny clowns like you. Again. Something no sane society would allow. de Tocqeuville understood.

          • Christopher Hull

            If you are reduced to swearing it is because you know my logic is better than your logic. Plus your leading sentence is provably not true. Sally Ride, the astronaut, had to spend tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees during her life to secure the property rights, inheritance rights, etc of the woman she spent her life with. Money that a heterosexual would not have to spend because civil marriage confers those rights automatically when the contract of marriage is executed. IF you had bothered to read my initial statement what I would prefer is that govt not be involved in marriage at all and we all be treated as individuals before our govt. Also your belief that converting the nation to radical Islam would be a positive solution shows your level of intellect and your belief that you “could adapt” shows your lack of understanding of how that would work, what it would mean, AND your lack of patriotism. The whole point of out govt is/was to protect our individual rights from tyranny. IF your rights are denied then mine are also. Your limited understanding of taxation and where your money also goes when taxed is sad. Finally you know nothing about de Tocqueville so please don’t use him as a source unless you’ve actually read him OR Wolin’s work on him.

        • josco

          You’re allowed to believe what you want about homosexuality.
          But ad hominem attacks with terminology that is inflammatory and inaccurate doesn’t further your cause. “Homophobic” implies no one would oppose gay marriage if not themselves fearful–presumably because they’re on that [discredited] Kinsey spectrum of gayness and they FEAR their own impulses…

          but let’s talk about Eric Braverman, which is the subject at hand.

          • Christopher Hull

            I asked the writer to clarify why they used quotes around a word that doesn’t need quotes. I did not say they were homophobic but it is a reasonable question. They either don’t understand what the word means or were belittling that persons legal relationship. They are either ignorant of the language, ignorant of the subjects relationship status, or prejudiced against that person. WHICH detracts from the point of the article as you correctly point out. What is the point of writing a good important article if you undermine that work with your own bias? Once again they either don’t understand the language OR they consider their personal bias more important than the facts they are reporting on. So your issue is more with the author than me since we seem to be in agreement.

        • Melanie14

          “Sh*t on your whole mortifying, imaginary, and symbolic theater!”

          – Gilles Deleuze, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

        • Melanie14

          “The entire history of the graphic flux goes from the flood of sperm in the tyrant’s cradle to the wave of sh*t in his sewer tomb – “all writing is so much pig sh*t” (Artaud), all writing is this simulation, sperm and excrement.”

          Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus, pg 211

      • Jarath Hemphill

        It is rather funny…you put everything in terms of normal and not normal. Then say we are putting it in your faces when we express our out of the norm sexuality. Either you want to label folks by the sexuality or you don’t. Make up your mind. Oh and I could care less about what disgusts you, just like you should care less what disgusts me…but when you turn it into a public discourse by claiming something is less legitimate then it’s a problem.

        • FranklinWasRight

          Humans flying in airplanes is not “normal.” Nature did not intend for us to fly. I don’t think it is morally wrong for us to fly, but don’t say it’s “normal.”

          The same standard can be applied to any number of common human behaviors.

          • lolana

            animals also have engaged in homosexual behaviors. don’t you science at all. geez

      • Franz Glaus


    • AnnieCEsq

      Because it’s not s term most of us recognize or are comfortable with for a man’s spouse – it’s that simple. And we have the right to think that w/o being labeled.

      • Christopher Hull

        Really? You don’t recognize the term “husband”? There are rules for the English language. If a person has a male husband that is the word used. If a person has a wife then that term is used. Quotation marks are not only not needed but, in this case, are apparently INTENDED to degrade this persons legal status. Furthermore, as I pointed out putting the word in quotes makes the article less clear. Is the man married or not? Is his husband not male? Are they engaged and the writer used the word husband instead of fiancee? Either the writer doesn’t understand how to use punctuation OR the English language OR they are homophobic. I made no claim as to which of those things is true but being against a private citizen using a civil right to marry is wrong regardless of your “comfort” level. I grew up Southern Baptist. I was raised to be uncomfortable around Catholics and Mormons. Should I put quotation marks around their “faith” since I was raised to believe they were members of cults rather than actual religious sects?

        • WJM

          Where were you last night, lover boy? With your husband again?

          You stood me up.

          The next time that happens I will chop my balls off for attention, then injected myself with
          pregnant horse urine, and stuff my franken-snatch with a d*ldo to
          prevent it from healing shut (because human biology is “transphobic”

        • dicksuckingmoslemprez

          You’re a God forsaken queer

          • Melanie14

            best comment of the thread

            Imagine having to live with this effing freak, always lecturing everyone how gd superior he is

      • WJM

        “most of us”??? –speak for yourself. And, ps, you are in the minority.

        • Ace McGillacutty

          Maybe the minority in your state, but not mine… and certainly not the entire world.

        • NoBS NoSpam

          It’s all about the homosexuals, is that it? Screw you and your perversion.

        • meme

          I thought you were gay

    • quovadis2014

      She used “husband” because there’s a question as to whether Eric Braverman and Neil Brown got married because they loved each other or the fact that in a fraud investigation if suspects are married they’re only compelled to give testimony once. 😉

  • The Oatmeal Savage

    Who did the Clintons have whacked today?

  • Kimona

    Another Obama/Clinton person murdered to shut them up.

  • The go-to man on this is George Webb who has been tracking “Where’s Eric Braverman #1-67″daily on Youtube, with a wealth of knowledge about what’s going on at Clinton Foundation.

    • WJM

      This is so f*cking idiotic. He is teaching at Yale. Perhaps the writer might want to consider furthering her own education. Someone not tweeting is not the same as “missing.” Someone not responding to an uncredentialed “journalist” is not the same as “missing.” If you want to find Professor Braverman, his spring class will be meeting on Thursday nights and Friday mornings starting the week after MLK day. Check the f-ing course catalog and if you have REAL questions then show up on campus and ASK THEM. And F*** George Webb and his conspiracy theories.

      • Why is that fact that he is listed in the catalogue for a Spring class any evidence that he is not missing. Wasn’t he supposed to have been there a few weeks ago? Was he?

        • WJM

          When you agree to start a new class the week of January 17th, you’ve have prepared for it and you’ve scheduled it and the school has assigned credits for it, and your supervisor has approved it, and your description has been added to the course list, and the registrar office has assigned students. It’s quite the operation. Or do you think they picked his name out of a hat and hope he shows up? Do you know how much people pay for an education at Yale? Your version wouldn’t go over too well. 🙂

          • Are you simply attacking my reasoning, in which case I must ask when the catalogue was created. Or have you actually heard from him lately? Even if he’s merely ‘laying low’, clearly many folks may speculate as to why.

          • void psychosis

            Why are you so g*dd*m happy you liberal freak?

            “The entire history of the graphic flux goes from the flood of sperm in the tyrant’s cradle to the wave of sh*t in his sewer tomb – “all writing is so much pig sh*t” (Artaud), all writing is this simulation, sperm and excrement.”

            Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus, pg 211

          • softunderbelly

            I don’t think that class catalogs are printed session to session. I would suspect that this catalog was created and printed sometime during the summer for distribution in August (the beginning on the new school year) with carry over classes for the Spring session printed at the same time. Remember, a lecturer would have to apply for the job, be vetted, accept and MOVE to Yale (or wherever) and be ready to teach. This does not happen from semester to semester. So, it is very possible to be listed for a class and then not being able to attend. We’ll see in two weeks.

          • Happy2017

            Didn’t mean to confuse things with the word catalogue- it’s all online. You sign up for classes online, etc. There are no printing deadline concerns.

      • WJM

        Here’s a little more about me so you’ll know that I’m qualified to speak on the so-called disappearance of Eric Braverman.

        I’m a Yale student of Professor Eric Braverman. I’m also a mentally-ill man who chopped my balls off for attention, then injected myself with pregnant horse urine, and stuffed my franken-snatch with a d*ldo to prevent it from healing shut (because human biology is “transphobic”). I justified this decision on extremely-tenuous “scientific research” where any dissenting psychologist or medical expert is fired/blacklisted if they were ever to question it.

        I suffer from clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and/or schizophrenia.

        After transitioning, I will probably kill myself upon discovering that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Or if I don’t kill myself I’ll eventually de-transition back to my real gender and obtain the real psychiatric help I need, all while being ostracized and marked as a traitor by “tolerant” LGBT groups.

        No, Eric Braverman hasn’t disappeared, he contacted me last night to wish me a Happy New Year!

        “Look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me
        look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at meeeeeeeeee!”


      • auntgiddy

        Here’s the online course description…interesting…non?:

        “Every public leader must make choices that challenge his/her code of ethics. Sometimes, a chance of life or death is literally at stake. How and when should a leader decide to let some people die or explicitly ask people to die to give others a chance to live? Other times, while life or death may not be at stake, still a leader must decide difficult issues: when to partner with unsavory characters, when to admit failure, when to release information or make choices transparent. This interdisciplinary seminar on Ethical Choices in Public Leadership will draw upon perspectives from law, management, and public policy in exploring how leaders develop their principles, respond when their principles fail or conflict, and make real-world choices when, in fact, there are no good choices. Permission of the instructor required. Attendance of first session is mandatory…”

        Wonder if Mr. Braverman has first hand knowledge of “life and death ethical decisions”? Eh…

  • Abbie Normal

    Nice job Rachel Alexander. Back in the old days, the mainstream media would’ve been reporting on this. Thanks for good work.

    • WJM

      The mainstream media knows the difference between not answering Rachel’s phone call and “missing.” See my tweet below. His next class starts in 3 weeks. Stop embarrassing yourselves with lunatic conspiracy theories! lol

      • FranklinWasRight

        She said he had disappeared from “public.” It is a distinction, whether you want to admit it or not.

        • WJM

          Who are you kidding? The article describes him as “missing,” talks about his “disappearance,” speculates that he’s “in hiding”…all because he hasn’t been posting on twitter and the Yale press office didn’t return some lady’s phone call (if we take her word for it that she even made the call). He’s been working at Yale. This is their winter break. Braverman’s next class is in their spring course catalog—from that you can surmise that he is in touch with his employers. This article is complete nonsense.

          • void psychosis

            What’s so Happy about 2017? It started off with a terrorist attack in Istanbul, killing 39 and wounding 70

            Oh right, I forgot, you’re an American who probably can’t find Istanbul on the map

            “Sh*t on your whole mortifying, imaginary, and symbolic theater!”

  • EmSch

    Rachel, this is a ridiculous article. It’s just speculation and the fact that you’re trying to start a hashtag gives you away: You don’t want the truth, you want to go viral. If you wanted answers, you would go to his workplace. Yale is not a closed campus.

    • Feels Bad, Man

      Call Yale and tell them to take his face off a milk carton. He’s been there with Elvis and Bigfoot.

      • TKL

        Next class is “Innovation in Government and Society,” class # 21744-01. Apparently, Rachel Alexander doesn’t know how to check a course catalog. Should be easy enough to find him when the semester starts in a few weeks. That is, if there are actual questions for him beyond “Why aren’t you and your husband tweeting more often?”

        • Feels Bad, Man

          Your homework assignment is to report back to us when the man who has been missing since October shows up for his class.

          • WJM

            …or maybe we could leave the on-campus stalking to the woman making $$ off this demonstrably false conspiracy theory? How about it, Rachel?

          • Feels Bad, Man

            You ignore that the man hasn’t been seen in months.

          • Franz Glaus

            Don’t bother the “skeptics” with the facts.

          • Happy2017

            Of course he has been seen. Is there an active missing persons case? No.

        • Al Perrotta

          We have checked with Yale repeatedly and reached out to Braverman personally, including via one nationally-known academic who’s not likely to get blown off. We are absolutely cool with the notion, and have expressed as much, that the guy’s chilling someplace and all is well. Unfortunately, Yale’s reaction has not been in keeping with “Chill out, he’ll be here next semester.” Show me the Facebook pic of Braverman partying up New Year’s Eve. L’Chiam! But let’s not pretend for a second that it’s not unusual for the CEO for the Clinton Foundation forced out by Clinton insiders disappears from public eye after being outed as a rat by Clinton’s top advisor, a man who at the time of the WikiLeak was — according to polling and widespread assumption — two weeks away from an election that would make his partner in crime the most powerful woman in the world.

  • blakeNaustin

    There is little doubt what happened. Bill & Hillary have killed off another political problem. These two have done far too much to spend the rest of their lives in prison. They should be executed for their many crimes. The far left media conveniently ignores it.

    • TKL

      Blake, he’s teaching at Yale. No worries about a murder going unreported.

      • CatsEyeView

        You know this for a fact?

  • Jarath Hemphill

    Just want to point out how disturbing it is that you put husband in quotes…

    • FranklinWasRight

      Way more disturbing than a politically connected man who is involved in a scandal disappearing, right?

      • WJM

        He didn’t disappear Franklin. He’s lecturing at Yale. He’s just not posting on twitter. Yale is not in session right now, which is probably why this writer didn’t get a call back on December 29th.

        • Tom Tom

          We’ll see if he shows up for classes. I would bet he won’t show.

    • Tom Tom

      Its his “husband” because the Bible says it ain’t his “husband.”

    • Actually, many people find it disturbing without quotes. Disturbing is really no big deal tho.

  • W. Roberts

    Most likely Eric Braverman sleeps with the fishes. And if so this isn’t remotely funny. The entire Podesta emails that alludes to pedophilia ring that through the Clinton Foundation snapped up untold numbers of orphaned children from around the world for sex parties with adults such as Jeff Epstein, Podestas, James Alefantis and no doubt the Clintons and Obama himself. Not the first time this stuff has come to light … and squashed utterly by those high up in the Reagan White House.

    • sophiepeaches

      Why is NO ONE covering that? I paid little attention to it, then got curious, so watched a YouTube video entitled #Pizzagate. I have heard it has been removed, don’t know. What they allege is stunning and the facts are undeniable. (Pedophile logos on their signs, logos change after leaks come out, Podesta’s emails in obvious code, sick, sick art on walls and owned by both Podestas’, but not a peep anywhere.)

      • W. Roberts

        I am glad you’ve become aware to what appears to be the crime of all centuries and none are remotely taken to task. Facebook banned me for taking about it. Apparently they’re into the joys of crimes against children, babies and infants. Follow David Seaman and Brittany Pettibone and George Webb on YouTube, the latter has really pieced all the parts together well.

  • Haley Evans

    Is there seriously a debate going on in the comments right now re: the fact that a word is put in quotations? FFS we all know what happens to anyone who goes against the Clinton Machine. Dude hasn’t been seen in MONTHS – just like Assange – THIS is the issue- not the use or misuse of punctuation. Good God.

  • Tom Tom

    If he did actually release the emails to wikileaks, he should have had a plan in advance. Going to the
    politicized FBI would be a mistake. I hope he’s ok.

    Snowden had it right.

  • The Deplorable EtoculusDei

    He’s dead.

    • sancarlo

      Absolutely. What would this be in the Clintonista dossier? Number 65 or something? The Clintons do not tolerate failure any more than Al Capone did.

      • clicker2

        Funny thing is, Hillary is the biggest failure of all! Globalist witch!

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    He went into hiding after Seth Rich was murdered. Connection? Or prediction?

  • LoneStarDead72

    My god I hope he is okay. How Hemingway-esque a name….Braverman….Never was there a Braverman to be found.
    Pun intended.
    These people are so evil….do you all see what they do in our names?

  • gigi4747

    I like that you put “husband” in quotation marks.

    • swimologist


  • Paddy Bauler

    Hmmm, this could be interesting. If he’s alive what else does he have on lying hillary, or podesta.

  • Pyrran

    He’s face down in a ditch somewhere. Dems don’t take prisoners.

  • See? Cover ups kinda WORK for hildog!! (She Learned from Nixon! )

  • Osamao

    Clintons and dead bodies?……………..What’s the news here?

  • Carli

    prob hiding in a shallow grave.

  • John

    Very sad. I think more people were actually happy that satanic commie witch and rapist slick willy are not going back in the white house than Trump actually winning the election.

  • Donold

    clock is ticking, any eric sightings yet?

  • DemocracyRules

    Think like a totalitarian. When the news is censored, the best info comes from what is left out. All ex-communists know this. The absence of MSM mentions of Braverman’s disappearance is prima facie evidence that (1) the MSM knows something, (2) they are withholding the info for political reasons.

    The absence of comment by his ex-husband is very informative. If my relevant other disappeared, I would shout down the city to find them. The ex-husband knows where Braverman is, and he is not grieving. Ergo, Braverman lives.

    So we can conclude that Braverman has reason to hide, and it almost certainly involves malfeasance by the Clintons. The worst Clinton malfeasance is #pizzagate. It’s huge, and it stretches all the way to New Zealand. The Prime Minister there just resigned for reasons unspecified. He was entangled with the Clintons, pouring at least $12 million in NZ revenue into their foundation. And he has his own secret scandal called #Cherry-gate. It resembles #pizzagate.

    My guess is Braverman is in India. Pondecherry, perhaps, or the West coast of India.

  • Kimona

    Another coverup murder during Obama’s watch. Say hi to Joan Rivers, the Seal Team Six, Justice Scalia and all the others. Scalia was murdered to make way for Clinton to appoint another leftist. When it came out that an autopsy was scheduled then quickly changed the next day to no, he doesn’t need one was all I needed to know he was murdered.

  • Nathan

    Why do you put the word husband in quotes? Is that some sort of judgment on gay marriage? I suggest you remove them.

    • meme

      I suggest that she keep them

    • Utility Account

      The use of quotes – when we’re not sure who does the pitching and who does the catching.

      • Nathan

        That’s stupid. It’s none of your business, is it?

    • clicker2

      Poor Nathan… Confused about what a marriage is…

      • Nathan

        You seem to be he one who is confused. Check with the Supreme Court for verification.

        • stymie82

          The mind that alters-alters all.

  • Donold

    Because Nathan, they could not figure out who the “wife” is (was) in this “marriage.”

  • Arlene Thomas

    Stopped reading the second I saw the word “snopes.” Want to talk FAKE. Start there.

  • Rixar13

    The mainstream media continues to ignore the story.

  • dott

    So….. did he show up teach his Fall 2016 semester class at Yale? Is he still scheduled for the Spring 2017 class?

    • Montecristo

      His lectures start 27 Jan

  • Spychiatrist

    Play with fire….get burned.

    Let that be a lesson to you liberals that think you’re going to dance with the Devils and think you’re going to get to lead.

    • Utility Account

      not all liberals are criminals. some are just libtards who drank the koolaid – they could have easily been koolaid drinkers at Jonestown. Just goes to show you some people are tards no matter what.

  • Candy Joelle Varvel

    Need date correction… January 2017. Not 2016.

  • Ryan Walton

    UPDATE: January 10, 2016 – The question remains, where is Eric Braverman? is the date wrong? kind of throws us off.

  • Donold

    today’s the day

  • Donold

    well Rachel, did he show?

  • Linda

    Of course he’s still alive, and has taken on a new job in philanthropy. You conspiracy theorists must be so disappointed.

  • Donold

    Ok Linda, which philanthropy organization? still missing.. ms alexander, care to respond since it’s your article.

  • Renee

    Someone has been retweeting stuff on his account since Jan 18th.

  • trustandobeyalways

    check youtube series braverman, haiti and me…exposes and delineates the clinton foundation human organ harvesting and money laundering,..which is why he ‘disappeared’ in the first place

  • trustandobeyalways

    has anyone actually seen him in the last month?

  • Ellis Baxter

    Great report …

  • 100

    Braverman is safe in asylum in Israel according to George Webb and Mossad.

    • Zain Haider

      lol george webb

      • 100

        Crowdsource the lunatics !
        Whose spoofing the files???

  • Bob K

    So, did he teach his class in January? Has he been seen? Re-tweeting doesn’t prove anything.

  • Brenda

    Maybe another one bit the dust.

  • Ken Ernest

    Isn’t he in silicon valley at a VC firm.

  • Gidge713

    Hope he is in protective custody, anyone knowing anything about the Clintons and ready to talk about it, gets missing, found dead or mysterious accident.

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