The Brew: Reboots, Radicals and Righting the Wrong Done a Ranger

By Al Perrotta Published on April 10, 2023

Happy Monday!

We hope everyone had a glorious Resurrection Sunday.

He is Risen indeed.

And doesn’t that make the world seem brighter, despite the dysfunction. 

Texas Gov. Vows to “Move Swiftly” to Pardon Army Ranger Convicted of Murder in Clear Case of Self-Defense

At this point, the phrase “Soros-funded prosecutor” translates to “saboteur of justice” … or worse. An Army Ranger was convicted of murder Friday in Austin, thanks to the connivings of such a prosecutor. Sgt. Daniel Perry was in his car, trapped amid a BLM riot, with rioters pounding on his car when a BLM soldier named Garret Foster raised and pointed an AK-47 directly at him. In self-defense, Perry fired. That’s not just me calling it self-defense. So did the Austin police.

Not only did Soro’s D.A. file Jose Garza charges against the soldier anyway, a detective on the case, David Fugitt, declared in a sworn affidavit that Garza ordered exculpatory evidence removed from his testimony to the grand jury.

On Saturday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to “move swiftly” to right this wrong and pardon the Army Ranger. Abbott said the state’s “stand your ground” laws “cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney.”

Kamala Harris Makes Surprise Trip to Meet Tennessee’s Radical Protesting Legislators

In yet another bit of radical inanity, the left and media are turning two Tennessee legislators who led a violent gun control protest inside the state capitol into Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela. The democratically-elected legislature voted to expel Reps. Justin Pearson and Justin Jones for their role in the near-riot in the wake of the massacre of six people at a Christian school.

A third legislator, Gloria Johnson, was spared expulsion because she was merely present, not actively involved. However, since Johnson’s white and the other two are black, naturally the cry of “racism” fills the air — Johnson herself joining in the chorus. And the legislature punishing their own, according to AP is a “new front in the battle for the future of democracy.”

See how that works? A troubled, radicalized transgender exacts vengeance on her old school by killing six Christians, including three children. And yet within days, the victims are forgotten, the motive and the killer’s manifesto buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa, and the story becomes about guns and race … and, for good measure, the very future of democracy.  

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When Trump supporters walk through open doors in the U.S. Capitol, escorted by Capitol police and take selfies, having no idea they’ve broken any rules, that’s an existential threat to democracy. When Democratic lawmakers storm into a state Capitol, fire up the mob, refuse to leave when commanded, that’s not a threat to democracy. Oh, but when their democratically-elected peers punish them for violating the body’s code of conduct and refusing to apologize, they’re a threat to democracy.

And guess who raced to Tennessee? Kamala Harris. The execution of three Christian children doesn’t raise her goat. But a state legislature policing its own crib does. She met with the so-called “Tennessee Three.” (Even the phrase “Tennessee Three” is designed to evoke the Civil Rights movement. Such a cheap rhetorical trick and an abuse of those who truly suffered during that righteous struggle.)

How far gone is the media? On Friday — Good Friday — a talking head on MSNBC compared the Tennessee expulsions to when “three were crucified.” What Rev. Mark Thompson seemed to forget is two of the three crucified were hardened criminals. Some reverend. Spewing the complete opposite of reverent.

Think the Transgender Cult Isn’t After Christianity? L.A’s LGBT Center Holds Drag Queen March on Easter

Less than two weeks after a transgender shot up a Christian school, L.A.’s LGBT Center held a drag queen march on the holiest day of the Christian calendar. Over 1000 people were expected to participate.

Think the Left Doesn’t Condone Violence? San Francisco State Calls Protests Where Riley Gaines Was Assaulted and Held Hostage “Peaceful.”

San Francisco State University’s VP of Student Affairs Jamillah Moore sent an email to students congratulating them for their “peaceful” protest against swimmer Riley Gaines. Gaines had given a speech in support of keeping man out of women’s sports. The response was hardly peaceful. She was assaulted by a man in a dress, screamed at, forced to lock herself in a room for three hours to escape the hysterical mob … a mob that incidentally wasn’t going to let her escape unless she paid them. In other words, they kidnapped her. 

Moore does not even mention the hostility directed at Gaines. Or the violence. Read the letter and see who Moore thinks is the victim. 

White House Vows to Fight Federal Judge’s Ruling Nixing FDA’s Approval of Abortion Drug

Declaring the FDA chose politics over safety, a federal judge ruled Friday that the FDA wrongly approved the abortion pill now used in over 50% of abortions. As a result mifepristone will be removed from the FDA’s list of approved drugs to initiate chemical abortions. The ruling goes into effect at the end of the week, barring a successful appeal.

The White House vows to fight the ruling. “Everything is on the table,” Death and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told CNN Sunday — including ignoring the ruling. “We want the courts to overturn this reckless decision.” Because allowing girls and women to order pills through the mail that could kill them and will definitely kill their child certainly isn’t reckless.

Alliance Defending Freedom, which argued the case, has a nice summary here.

In further good news in the fight to protect life, Idaho has now criminalized taking a child across state lines for an abortion without parental permission. A growing business dubbed “abortion trafficking.”

Trans Activists Hysterical Over HBO Max Plans to Reboot Harry Potter

You’d think people so keen on switching genders would have no problem switching a channel. But no. Trans activists are protesting HBO Max’s desire to do a new Harry Potter series. The sorcery they don’t mind, nor the glorification of witchcraft. You know why they’re upset. Because Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is a strong defender of womanhood and has become Public Enemy #1 of transgender activists.

No deal has even been reached to do the series, and yet people like trans journalist Zoe Rose Bryant are on the war path. Ranted Bryant, “I’d just rather we not continue to give billions to a woman who has made it her life mission to invalidate the existence of trans women & endanger our lives with her unrelentingly hateful rhetoric.”

You know, it is kind of ironic for Rowling to be the subject of a witch hunt.

Meanwhile, a quick relook at her pinned tweet reminds us why Rowling is such a threat to the activists.

And while we’re talking reboots … 

Some Great News for Star Wars Fans: Rey Returning for New Movie

Looks like The Rise of Skywalker wasn’t the last time we’ll see the heroine of the last Star Wars trilogy. Daisy Riley is returning in a new Star Wars movie as Rey, Variety is reporting. The plot will involve Rey rebuilding the Jedi as she faces a new threat.

Like, how can you have a real relationship when you’re fresh off saving the galaxy? I mean, imagine that first blind date. “So, what do you do?” “Oh, I defeated the Dark Side of the Force rescuing countless billions from certain evil ruin. Sure, it meant killing my grandfather and the loss of my soul mate, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And you?”

Have a blessed Monday!

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