The Brew: Fall Back! Fall Back! (An Hour)

By Al Perrotta Published on November 3, 2023

Happy Friday!

Before we get Brewing, just a reminder that this is the weekend to turn your clocks back an hour. Get that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning. Quick show of hands: Who’s forgotten to reset the clock during one of these time changes and ended up at church an hour early or an hour late?

You might think you’re still dreaming when you read this first story.

Does This Make Any Sense? Answering the Rise in Antisemitism With a National Strategy On … Islamophobia?

In the face of the massacre of innocent Israelis, the dramatic rise of open antisemitism and streets and campuses filled with people celebrating Hamas’ atrocities, what does the White House do? They send out Kamala Harris to announce the first “National Strategy to Combat Islamophobia.”

The blood is barely dry on the cribs in kibbutzes, Jewish students here in America fear to tread on their own campuses, and this is what the White House offers?

I ask our Jewish friends, “Is that a punch in the gut?”

So why? With no clear idea of who’s actually running things in the White House it’s really hard to know. There could be a contingent in the Administration that’s perfectly happy with Jews being pushed into the sea and Israel wiped off the map. After all how many anti-Jewish radical leftists staff the White House? Think we could find out? Nah, we can’t even find out who left a bag of cocaine.

However, another possibility exists. Joe Biden is nothing if not a cynical political animal. Right now, Biden is being told by Muslim leaders in swing states that his failure to push for a cease-fire in Israel is going to cost him Muslim voters in 2024. The past 48 hours have been filled with those stories: Reuters, NBC News, Associated Press, on and on. Biden desperately needs the Muslim vote in swing states like Michigan.

Is suddenly dropping some “National Strategy on Islamophobia” a stab at appeasement? Has a calculation been made that the Muslim vote is more crucial than the Jewish vote? Are we dealing less with “Islamophobia” and more with “LoseElectionphobia?”

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Meanwhile, the editor of the Harvard Law Review Ibrahim Bharmal was just identified as one of the assailants who physically and verbally assaulted a Jewish student during a recent protest at Harvard. The Washington Free Beacon captured the video of the altercation.

Bridgeport, Connecticut Mayoral Primary Overturned in Ballot Stuffing Scandal

A Democratic Superior Court judge in Connecticut has overturned the Democratic mayoral primary election after video emerged of a Democratic city official repeatedly stuffing the ballot box. A date for a new primary is to be determined. Challenger John Gomes challenged the September 12 results in court which showed current Mayor Joe Ganim winning, claiming mail-in ballot fraud. In September Gomes posted a video of a woman, identified as Wanda Geter-Pataky, the Vice Chairwoman of the Town Clerk and a vocal Ganim supporter, dumping ballots on multiple occasions.

“Video surveillance proving that the mayoral election was unequivocally stolen through corruption within City Hall by tampering with absentee ballots,” Gomes said on his Facebook page. “This is an undeniable act of voter suppression and a huge civil rights violation. It’s time to restore lasting credibility to our city’s democracy. Once and for ALL. Enough is enough!”

Superior Court judge William Clark agreed.

The court finds the plaintiff has met its burden of proof and established violations in the placing of absentee ballot into drop boxes by partisans who were not designated to handle such ballots and that the volume of ballots so mishandled is such that it calls the result of the primary election in serious doubt and leaves the court unable to determine the legitimate result of the primary.

Gomes caught ‘em red-handed, as Dinesh D’Souza did in the 2020 Election with 2000 Mules. And yet, Trump is being criminally charged in Georgia for trying to do just what Gomes did in Bridgeport.

What Does “Wellness” and Racism Have to Do With Math?

The Pittsburgh Public School Board is blowing $50,000 on a consultant to teach teachers how to wring racism out of math lessons. Yeah, for about the cost of 120 10th Generation iPads, Quetzal will help teachers replace “White supremacy cultural practices” in math instruction.

The workshops will confront, according to the school board

oppressive practices in math instruction with practices that center the wellness of students of color and to provide opportunities for math departments and math teachers to grow their antiracist math praxis collaboratively in pedagogy and instruction.

That gibberish going to help anyone with geometry? Or reverse the trend of math scores plummeting like Newton’s apple? Welcome to public education in 2023.

An odd Friday thought for those who’ve seen Black Panther. You think mathematics teachers in Wakanda are “growing their antiracist math praxis?” Or are they rigorously teaching math and invigorating the minds of their students? Maybe this argument could work, since those who believe antiracism is relevant to math probably think Wakanda’s an actual country.

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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