After Super Tuesday — a Real George Washington Needs to Step Down

Who really loves America?

By Alan Eason Published on March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday is over and the grim truth is: Donald Trump stands alone with the appeal to his personal power to get things done. But there are reasons to doubt Trump’s fitness to be commander-in-chief, and his commitment to life, limited government and other crucial conservative principles. Those who respect the Constitution and want to restore a fully functioning Republic — they are splitting the vote three ways: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. There’s only one thing to be done. Two of them need to step up and make a sacrifice by stepping aside. Ben Carson appears to be showing the way. Two others need to follow.

If one of them runs with the support of the others, he could win the GOP nomination and the country. If they remain split, Donald Trump is the Republican candidate and Hillary is likely the next president of the United States. Polls show either Cruz or Rubio outpolls Clinton in a theoretical national matchup. Trump loses to Clinton. So we have to ask: What would George Washington do?

Who Loves America?

It all reminds me of a story from the Bible (1 Kings 3:16-28). Two women were brought before King Solomon, known for his wisdom. They were fighting over a baby. They each claimed that they gave birth around the same time but that the other woman’s child died during the night and their child was left alive. Each claimed (and probably believed) that they would be the best mother to the child left alive. How could anyone decide? They had no DNA tests. It was purely a case of “she said-she said.”

Solomon called for a sword and said that they should cut the child in half and give half of the baby to each mother. One of the women thought that was fine. But the other woman cried out, “No! Give the child to the other woman, but don’t kill it!”  She really cared about the child, and would rather have the child grow up with another mother than slain before her eyes.

She gave up her claim. The child was more important to her than being its mother. Solomon declared, “Give the child to the woman who just said that. She is the real mother!”

George Washington loved America. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and John Kasich love America. All are likely convinced that a Donald Trump presidency — not to mention a Hillary Clinton presidency — could be disastrous for the America they love. But might not the real test of that love be who is willing to step aside and help the remaining candidate win so that America might get a real chance?

It would take a monumental act of self-denial for either Cruz or Rubio to do this, since they both have a realistic claim to have the best chance after Trump. It would take a huge trust in God. But I predict that such an act would galvanize the American people. It would shock (and instruct) the Republican party. It would strike fear into the heart of the Democrats. Here is a man concerned more for the good of the nation than his own ambition. His support and endorsement would carry great weight with the American people because of this.

It would show a humility unseen in a candidate for president in many years and win for him unprecedented respect from a grateful nation. Both Cruz and Rubio are young. Either would have a good chance of serving as president some time down the road, if he could only help ensure that the republic endures long enough to allow that to happen.

What Would George Washington Do?

I have studied George Washington’s life and character since youth. I have no doubt he would do this. No, he did not have to turn down a chance at the presidency of the United States. The office was practically fashioned around his character by a grateful nation.

But he often had to repulse efforts of others who wanted to give him more power to control the Congress and the nation. He even spurned an effort to crown him king — then forbade the idea ever to be brought up again. At the end of his time in office he astounded the world by peacefully and amicably turning the presidency over to John Adams (rulers of nations did not do that in those days).

George Washington lived by the Constitution whose creation his great military leadership had made possible. Many believe he carried America through an incredibly dangerous birth and infancy simply by the power of his character and his virtue — especially his selflessness and his humility.

He didn’t have to step back. He probably could have held on to power. But he didn’t and that act of humility gave us the country we enjoy today. That’s what we’re asking Kasich and Cruz or Rubio to do today. Do what the father of our country did. Give up your ambition so the country will have a better, freer future.

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