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Alan Eason is the webmaster of The Stream. He has served as Internet Director for The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, Prison Fellowship, and Landmark Newspapers’ Capital Gazette Communications in Maryland. While in Annapolis he directed online publishing for four Mid-Atlantic newspapers and served as an adviser to Washingtonian Magazine’s Internet staff. He has also been a digital media and marketing adviser for The Washington Times. His online publishing experience began as a co-founder of one of East Tennessee’s first Web development businesses in 1995. In his sideline as a video journalist, Alan was producer for Chuck Colson’s “Two-Minute Warning” online video commentary and executive producer and writer for the “Worldview from the Colson Center” television series, which aired on DirecTV, NRB network and affiliates. Currently he is producing a mini-documentary on events surrounding the  passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2009-10 and a second mini-doc on the Farm-to-Fork movement in suburban Virginia. Alan has a master’s in journalism from Georgetown University and did graduate work in German literary criticism at the University of Tennessee. At the college level he taught first year German (UT) and more recently, new media journalism.  Previously he was involved in ministry work and publishing in both western and eastern Europe. He lived in Austria and Germany for eight years.

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Politics, Society, US | 2 months ago

Two Farewell Addresses: Barack Obama and George Washington

There was a clever twist in Obama’s farewell address. He keyed off George Washington’s farewell address from 1796, quoting from it and also mentioning the Constitution several times (a key topic in Washington’s farewell). The allusions were present, but the similarity stops there….

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