Sorry, Dave Marcus: Biden and the Left Will Try to Jail You or Kill You

By Mark Judge Published on February 13, 2024

I’d just finished confessing to a documentary film crew about how close I came to suicide. That came after a coordinated persecution by fanatical abortion advocates and socialists willing to falsely accuse an innocent, eminent judge of attempted rape, advocates who tried to use me to frame him. I took a breath, and checked my phone, only to find that Dave Marcus had just sent out a tweet defending President Biden.

“I have a lot of issues with Joe Biden” Marcus wrote. “But he is my president. And I know he won’t jail or kill me for opposing him. Putin does. And you useful idiots praising him are, well, idiots.”

Marcus is wrong. Biden and the American Stasi only care about power. Your life means nothing to them. If they need to toss you in jail or drive you to suicide to keep power, so be it.

“You’re Accused of Unspecified Misconduct at Some Point in the 80s. How Do You Plead?”

The film crew was in my hometown of Washington, D.C., doing a movie about my book The Devil’s Triangle. It’s about how the left tried to destroy me and Brett Kavanaugh after his 2018 nomination to the Supreme Court. I don’t want to say anything about the film other than they were here for a while, and a lot of the focus is on Christine Blasey Ford. She’s the woman who alleged that Brett sexually assaulted her in high school in 1982 while I was in the room. Blasey could not say where this supposedly happened. Or for a long time, even when. Everyone she cited as a witness — including her own close friend — denied it ever happened.

These events are the subject of a film now being shot. I didn’t really want to get into how traumatic the entire thing was, and how it made me contemplate suicide. Yet somehow during the course of the interview I blurted it out: the admission that I’d started thinking about which buildings were high enough that I could jump off them. Or the option of taking the Fentanyl Express to permanent dreamland.

As I note in The Devil’s Triangle, the mysteriously funded Team Blasey Ford was doing opposition research on me for weeks before the Kavanaugh hearing. They used extortion and threats. The constant delays and Big Media lies by “respected” journalists shredded my nerves. Longtime editors and old acquaintances suddenly froze me out, as if I were contaminated or contagious. My obscure autobiography of high school alcoholism, Wasted, was getting mined as a story bible for a fiction that slandered an old friend of mine, who’d done nothing wrong.

The Stasi Is Happy to Drive You to Kill Yourself

I understand why so many victims of the East German Stasi under communism took their own lives. They shame and blackmail you, ruin your mental health and finances, and tear apart old loves and friendships. The German Stasi were evil, and they have an American analog. Marcus should know that. As a journalist he should know about what our institutions did to American combat hero Jake Gardner in 2020.

As The Stream (and Ann Coulter, almost alone) reported, Gardner was defending his business and his elderly dad against a violent felon who used the BLM riots in Omaha as a pretext to loot his business and assault the Gardners. As a last resort, Gardner shot the felon who was trying to choke him out. The whole event was recorded on video, and the local prosecutor ruled it a clear case of self-defense.

Jake Gardner, RIP.

Then the woke mob started picketing the prosecutor’s house, and after weeks of harassment he handed off the case to a far-left agitator “special prosecutor,” who charged Gardner (absurdly) of first-degree, premeditated murder. Media made up stuff about Gardner being a “white nationalist” hate criminal. His landlord evicted him. GoFundMe canceled his legal defense fund. In the end, Gardner killed himself. He’s now buried at Arlington National Cemetery, a combat hero destroyed by the nation he fought for.

Go read Jake’s obituary here, by his best friend, who has to keep his name secret so he won’t get targeted next. Or read this powerful essay about how social media shaming drives innocent victims to suicide. This is how the Machine now operates, my friends. It killed Gardner and it almost killed me.

Which would have suited Team Blasey Ford just fine, as I told the interviewer with the film crew. “My suicide would have been good news to them.” Had I jumped off the Washington Monument, Brett would not have made it onto the court, and maybe Roe v. Wade would still have been safe.

The Right People Must Be Driven to Jump Off Bridges

Kamala Harris is known as “the queen of opposition research.” She has encouraged urban riots. She and Joe Biden do not care if you live or die. They will be happy to send you to jail without due process and for no reason. Suicide doesn’t matter as long as the right people jump. During the Blasey Ford nightmare, Brett and I were denied due process and declared guilty. Mitch McConnell wants to keep the January 6 videos secret, even if they contain exculpatory evidence of Americans now facing jail time, to protect “the narrative of the Capitol Police.” Several January 6 defendants have already committed suicide, in the face of all this. Is this so different from how Putin runs Russia?

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I responded to Dave Marcus on social media, providing a link to my book and asking if he would consider reading it and reviewing it. Crickets so far. Marcus is a good journalist. But he also represents that wing of conservatism that, like the left, does not like to hear evidence that contradicts their assumptions. National Review, where Marcus used to write, has not reviewed The Devil’s Triangle, not even to critique it. How is that not simple journalistic malpractice?

One of the things that got the producers of the film interested was a tweet sent out a few weeks ago by a serious journalist, Brit Hume. Linking to an article written about me and the nightmare of 2018, Hume wrote the following: “This never should have happened in America. But it did.”


Mark Judge is a writer and filmmaker in Washington, D.C. His new book is The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stasi.

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