Sloppy Studies Debunked: ‘Conversion Therapy’ in Fact Doesn’t Do Any Harm, and Often Helps

By The Ruth Institute Published on December 20, 2023

Fr./Dr. Paul Sullins discusses the erroneous studies that claim therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction leads to suicide. Sullins explained the methodological flaws used in these studies in the invitation-only press conference held last week: the studies fail to consider separately suicide attempts before and after therapy.

Perhaps some people chose to go to therapy, precisely because they were highly distressed or suicidal in the first place. Obviously, therapy could not have caused suicide attempts that took place before the therapy ever occurred.

When Fr. Sullins took account of the “before” and “after” therapy suicide attempts, the claim that therapy “caused” suicide disappears.

This week’s Dr. J Show features the presentation-only portion of our press conference on YouTube. Learn more from Fr. Sullins by hearing the Q & A session after his presentation by watching on Locals.

A Season for Hope

Advent is a season of hope, but remember to hold onto hope through all seasons.

By Faith Hakesley at Advice From a Survivor.

We tend to use the word “hope” a lot without giving it much thought. “I hope it doesn’t rain.” “I hope I do well on my test.” “I hope you feel better soon.”

The word is thrown around so easily, we sometimes forget the deeper meaning behind it. We forget where the virtue of hope comes from and who is behind it.

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Homosexual Surrogacy Violates the Child’s Rights

Doug Mainwaring at LifeSiteNews quotes Dr. Morse.

A firestorm erupted on social media recently after Fox News personality Guy Benson and his “husband,” Adam Wise, announced the arrival of a son obtained through surrogacy.

Conservative elites were quick to offer their congratulations, just as they were when Benson announced his “engagement” to Wise in 2018.

A few days later, YouTuber Shane Dawson — a man who has joked about being a pedophile — and Ryland Adams, published a photo of themselves with their just-born twin boys, also obtained through surrogacy. Adding a touch of dark irony to the scene, the two homosexual men stand in front of a sign far in the background: “Family Birth Center.”

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…Because of their unwillingness to marry — the real thing, not the Obergefellian pretension — and to produce children by having natural sexual relations with their wives, their infant sons are motherless victims, and the two “dads” are their victimizers.

It may sound harsh to describe these smiling men in that way, but from their children’s perspective, that is precisely who and what they are.

Their actions, at least so far, demonstrate that they’re incapable of empathizing with their legal sons’ most basic need and right: a genuine, lifelong relationship with their mothers.

Snatched from the only parent they’ve known, they had deprivation etched on each of their tiny hearts, an act inflicting incalculable harm on each of these kids throughout their lives.

These men have replaced the role of their mother with a small army of other women: an egg donor, a surrogate, and likely female family members and other daytime caretakers.

Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute that helps the victims of the Sexual Revolution, has noted that homosexual couples who engage in surrogacy ‘have broken motherhood, the most fundamental human relationship, into a series of functions. They’ve transformed mother, an organic, integrated personal reality, into something artificial, scattered and impersonal.’

A wife could have performed all of these roles and done so brilliantly and lovingly while establishing the lifelong natural maternal bond their sons will forever crave.

Morse summed up the problematic nature of homosexual surrogacy perfectly: ‘The first duty of fatherhood is to love your child’s mother. Indeed, that is the ordinary way of becoming a father in the first place,’ she added.

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