Serbian Artist Paints Austere Icon of the Holy Martyrs of Libya

Remembering the 20 Coptic Christians and their African Christian brother who died for their faith in Jesus Christ.

By Anika Smith Published on October 12, 2015

Serbian Orthodox artist Nikola Sarić has painted an icon of the 21 men martyred by ISIS on the beach at Sirtre, Libya, in February this year. It works as an icon should, showing both the seen and unseen realities. Here the Christians are all lined up on their knees before hooded ISIS terrorists with knives drawn. Here also we see Jesus welcoming them into His kingdom as they share in His death and suffering.

The men are depicted with their eyes looking to Christ, except for one who looks at us.



It is a painting that invites prayer.

Sarić’s statement on the piece, translated from Serbian:

The Holy Martyrs of Libya are 21 Christians, who were murdered by IS (ISIS) terrorists in February 2015. Before they had denied to renounce their faith though threatened with death for 40 days. The coptic Orthodox church acknowledged them new martyrs.

This icon is displayed in the exhibition at Brenkhausen Monastery in Höxter, Germany. The plan is to sell it and to support the bereaved families of the martyrs.

If you’re interested in buying the painting and supporting the families of the martyrs, Sarić’s website invites you to contact the monastery directly through the link above.

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