Resolute: Hunter Admits Joe is ‘The Big Guy’ as Presidential Rivals Head to the Border

"Nice to see you again, Big Guy! Hope Hunter didn't spend it all in one place!"!""

By Al Perrotta Published on March 1, 2024

Trump and Biden head to the border, while Hunter confirms Joe is “The Big Guy.” It’s 249 days until Election Day 2024, and we are Resolute.

Hunter Testimony Transcript: Joe Biden is “The Big Guy”

There you have it. Hunter Biden confirmed to the House impeachment inquiry Wednesday that Joe Biden, President of the United States, is “The Big Guy.” A 2017 email from former business partner James Gilliar showed The Big Guy was penciled in to get a 10% cut “held by (Hunter)” of a deal they were working with the CCP-connected Chinese energy company CEFC China Energy.

Hunter tried brushing it off, insisting his father never did get a cut, that it must have been a “pie in the sky” idea from Gilliar to rope Joe in after he became a private citizen.

Oh, but the talks with CEFC began when Joe was VP. In fact, The Big Guy gave Hunter a lift on Air Force Two so he could meet with Communist Party-linked CEFC officials. Making sure the paydays happened after Joe left was part of the plan to shield The Big Guy.

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Hunter also admitted he sent the infamous WhatsApp message to a Chinese businessman shaking him down, threatening wreck and ruin, while “sitting here with my father” if he didn’t quickly cough up the money Biden Inc. had been promised.

Hunter’s hilarious explanation: He was high or drunk at the time. And sent the message to the wrong person. Yet that wrong person ends up wiring $5 million the next day.

Who hasn’t drunk dialed a wrong number and the person on the other end forks over millions in cash?

Hunter claimed The Big Guy wasn’t with him. Even photos from his laptop prove Hunter was at Joe’s house that day. We might know by now if Joe was there, but the DOJ stopped IRS investigators from pursuing anything pointing toward the president, including cellphone geolocation data.

Two Presidents, One Border to Discuss the “Newcomers.”

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden visited the southern border Thursday. Biden wandered the relatively quiet area of Brownsville, TX, at the same time Trump was at border crisis epicenter Eagle Pass with Gov. Greg Abbott.

Biden did not mention Laken Riley during his remarks. But he did harp on “climate change.” Because blaming the weather for the border crisis makes more sense than blaming his own border policies. And the Green New Deal is far more important than dead Georgia nursing students.

This was only Biden’s second trip to the border as president, and came as the White House debuted a new word to describe the 7-plus million illegal immigrants they’ve let run wild in the country: “Newcomers.”  Makes the invasion of our nation should like a community social. “Welcome, newcomers! We have milk and cookies to the left. Murder weapons to the right!”

“Newcomers” is even worse than DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ “Irregular migration.”

Trump Appeals Decision by Lowly Illinois Judge to Boot Him from Ballot

Donald Trump has appealed a unilateral decision by Illinois Circuit Court Judge Tracie Porter booting Trump off the state’s Republican primary ballot. Or more accurately declaring that votes for Trump should not be counted, since his name is already on the ballot. Porter cited Trump’s “insurrection” and the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court booting Trump there, a case that is currently being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In oral arguments last month, the High Court seemed highly skeptical of the effort to use the 14th Amendment to block Trump from the 2024 election. The only question is whether SCOTUS will be unanimous in its decision.

Despite an imminent ruling from the High Court and the Illinois Board of Elections unanimously dismissed a bid to misuse the 14th Amendment just last month — Porter made her grab at fifteen minutes of fame.

Adding to the absurdity/ The woman was most recently a traffic judge.

What’s Trump’s crime? Driving with tinted windows? Because nobody’s charged him, let alone convicted him of insurrection.

Supreme Court Decides to Hear Presidential Immunity Case. Lefties Melt Down.  

The decision by the Supreme Court to heart Trump’s claims of presidential immunity has sent the Left into convulsions. As if deciding important Constitutional questions weren’t the Supreme Court’s job.

Why the hysterics? Because hearing the case pushes Special Counsel Jack Smith’s J6 case deeper into the year, perhaps past Election Day, even if Trump loses. Defeating the whole point of the exercise, which is to keep Trump from returning to office. With the Fulton County case blowing up by the hour … in fact, a final hearing on the Willis-Wade saga is today … and Alvin Bragg’s case in New York a complete joke, the lawfare effort against Trump now rests on Jack Smith’s cases. The Supreme Court threatens that. So the Supreme Court is again a “MAGA-extreme” devil that must be exorcised. 

The threats against the Court since they announced they’ll take the case are as fearsome as they were after Roe was trashed. However, since it’s Friday, let’s look at two of the less ominous reactions.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is personally keeping the tin foil industry afloat. She declared with all earnestness that if the Court rules against Trump on immunity and he wins re-election, Trump will never leave office. Ever. Ever, Ever, Ever!

Look at the bright side, Rachel. At least the Secret Service will be safe from dog bites.

We also have to note Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction on The View. Whoopi warned that if the Court rules for Trump that means Joe Biden would have the power to “throw every Republican in jail.” (The implication being that Trump would throw all his enemies in jail.)

“Let’s look at a scenario where the Supreme Court says yes, he has all those rights. He is immune from everything. You know what Joe Biden could do since he is presently president? Wooooo!” Golberg said. “He could throw every Republican in jail. I mean, he could!”

The View audience started to applaud, thinking that’s what Whoopi wanted.  “No, No,” interrupted Whoopi. “This is not a good thing.”

True, Whoopi. But here’s the thing. (Leaning forward for creepy Biden-esque whisper) He’s already throwing Republicans in jail.

Have a great weekend and stay Resolute.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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